Due to constant revolutions occurring in our standard of living there is a  increasing threat of heart interlinked ailments in man, women’s and under age children’s which need to be tackled mandatorily and timely. Also, increasing number of heart patients and complications has inclined a big ground-breaking transform in diet regime. As per professionals abstract, Indian food is the most preferable and tangible food for today’s revolutionized way of life inhabitants. It is very clear that when a waxy substance called “fat“ accumulates in the blood carrying vehicles without any prejudice encourages several intricacy’s ahead. This stipulation undoubtedly supports sources of heart attack in an individual which makes his/her life abnormal onwards. If there’s any danger alarm signifying the signals of “Heart attack” or any heart interlinked impediments then do not wait for a minute straight away seek a medical emergency aid to get assisted in time.

Our Heart is a multitasker lively weapon of our body on which we and our survival counts on absolutely- as expected. Heart is “Central blood supply vehicle” that moves blood in an assorted components and fraction of our body. These blood vehicles are broadly cited as “Arterial Blood vessels” in medical verbal communication. Probably, there are three main arterial blood vessels that furnish blood in our body. Sensibly, right side arterial vessel carries and disseminates blood to the same precise side of the heart. Whereas on the same side, the other two arterial vessels sited at the left side of the heart fluxes blood amidst the left side, accordingly. Furthermore, the down sloping arterial furnishes blood to the frontward side of the heart similarly the other arterial vessel spiraling back furnishes blood to the backward side of the heart. These main tributary arterial vessels get divided ahead and furnish blood to the heart without any muddled. But if you don’t want to submit yourself to certain heart related complications ahead than make sure that the routine of these central vessels should remain undisturbed for survival.  If unfortunately this situation emerge or the routine of the vessels (Arterial blood vessels) get disturbed than it might subsequently fails to carry blood towards heart which might in turn incur various complications as a consequence like dearth of blood and so on. The scarcity of blood may enforce heart to cease it functions in presence of convinced flicks that further turns- into Heart attack as a result. 

At present, there’s a greater than ever number of heart disfigurement/complications spinning around. And our standard of living is responsible for it in every single sphere. Also, gearing weights, uncontrolled stress, other health complications, and lifestyle are other interchange aspects of life that are found blameworthy for it. Similarly, according to a survey women’s are not so prone to this condition compared to men, but now the scenario has changed even women’s above 40 can be victim progressively more. Less frequency in physical activities and one place session jobs are the two most important aspects that are making women’s fall prey to this situation. For example, women who are not active, or who are working under stressful environment and even those who are doing working without moving {sitting in one place- chair} for a longer time can get easily seized by this condition.

Hence, it is of essence to be physically fit to carry on with subsistence. For instant, according to doctor’s presumption it is very important to control our gearing weight according to our height. Each single inch counts for 2 kilos of weight prudently. So if you are 5 inch than your weight should be around 50 kg’s and so on.

Ground sets of heart attack and complexities in an individual:

  • unrestrained Smoking
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Excess drinking
  • Obesity
  • Inactiveness
  • Intense Cholesterol
  • Intolerable Stress and so on

Curative measures to cease this practice and health impediments:

  • Cease your outside eating habits soon- Junk food
  • Put a full stop to your smoking and second hand smoking habits
  • Also cut down the size of mutton and chicken in your meal
  • Manage your Diabetes
  • Eat lots of green fresh veggies and juicy fruits
  • Do regular exercise
  • Try to live Stress free life
  • Keep aye on your Blood pressure
  • Go for regular health check etc

Just be stress free and most importantly control your negative habits if you don’t want to fall prey to this dreadful situation ahead in your lifetime.

Here are some most important indications that indicate heart attack in an individual:

  • Uncontrolled pain in heart
  • Heaviness in chest
  • Feeling of pressure within the heart
  • Breathing complications
  • Senses of pain in Left arm, jaw, back
  • Constant fatigue etc

If all this above mentioned indications are observed than please rush to your nearby close hospital to get medical assistance in betimes. Because it is very important for the sufferer to get medical help in least 4-6 hours of attack. Hence you can save the life of the sufferer person, and this act can save at least 99% of the sufferer so steady-immediate action is very well important from the survival point of view.

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