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Height is an essential physical factor that plays a crucial role in determining the overall look and personality of an individual. Many of us have desire to be tall. If we are of average height as compared to other, we crave to be slightly taller. Many professions like air hostess, modeling, acting, navy, and army demand a height that is more than 5 feet and 5 inches. Many people are ambitious to enter these fields but sometimes their dream remains in thought only due to their short height. A good height is vital as it is responsible for many other factors like self-esteem as well as confidence. But it does not mean that we are discouraging the capabilities of short height person. As they suffer from lack of confidence and other aspects of lives due to their short height. We cannot deny the fact that many taller and good personality people are always given first priority in good profession as well as are targeted and remains limelight in many occasions as compared to short height people. Many people think that height cannot be increased after puberty. However it is not a true fact. Research has found that height can be increase even after puberty that is till at the age of 30 years.

Poor nutrition, deficiency of hormone, genes, body composition, metabolism, and lack of physical activity, incorrect posture, low birth weight, mental condition during childhood or teenage period and other illness are some of the leading factors which are associated with small height. Besides that, there is one fact that we should consider that the height growth depends on both sides (Parents) of family member. Many of us prefer height growth pills as well as widely advertised expensive products. This is not the correct method of growing tall and it is time and money wasting. However height can be increased with the help of proper diet, healthy life style, sleeping patterns and exercise. How these natural remedies are beneficial and can enhance your ability to increased height is listed below.

Tips to increase height naturally:-

1)   Consume more nutritious and balance diet:-

Studies indicate that a healthy diet play a key role in increasing height. A balance diet gives you the essential nutrient required by body for proper growth and physical development of your body. Avoid food containing Tran’s fat, saturated fat and hydrogenated oil, carbonated drinks, excessive sugar loaded foods as they can adversely affect your height growth. You should ensure that you are consuming all vitamin and mineral-rich foods as this can help for proper growth of height.

  • Get enough vitamin D and lean proteins: – Vitamin D promotes hormones growth, growth of teeth and healthy bones. Hence, include diet rich in vitamin D such as cheese, tofu, egg white, legumes and lean meat. Besides that, include diet contains high amount of protein such as fish, soy and white poultry meat as it boost muscle growth and bones.
  • Take diet rich in zinc: – significant amount of zinc consumption is necessary for children as it prevent their stunted growth. The food which contains rich source of zinc includes chocolate, oysters, eggs, pumpkin, squash seeds, peanuts and asparagus etc.
  • Get enough mineral, vitamins and carbohydrates: – For a balanced diet don’t forget to include minerals, vitamins and carbohydrates as they are necessary for proper growth of body.
  • Add plenty of calcium-rich food: – Give more preference to high calcium foods like beans, cabbage, cauliflower, cheese, nuts, spinach and yogurt. Because these calcium-rich foods ensures proper development of bones.

2)   Get sound sleep:-

Studies indicate that our body grows or regenerate tissues when we take rest or sleep. Hence, we cannot deny the fact that proper sleep or rest is essential in a growing body. It is said that human growth hormone is produced naturally in our bodies during sound sleep. Inadequate sleep is responsible for reduction of HGH amount and may lead to several health ailments. Hence, it is vital to have at least 8 to 11 hours of proper sleep every night in order to reach the goal of maximum height. Along with adequate sleep the sleeping position is also considered the effective factor to grow taller. Here are some habits of sleeping which will definitely help to grow taller:

  • Try to sleep in a straight position as much as possible and do not make the habit of using pillow. But, if you want to use then use a very thin one.
  • Try maximum to sleep on back.

3)   Yoga for Increasing height:-

Yoga is considered the most rejuvenating form of exercise since ancient times. Research has proven that yoga and proper breathing techniques plays a vital role in increasing height naturally. It is believed that when we inhale deeply during yoga exercises we release the stress. In fact, it helps in relieving the tension and promotes the growth of body. It provides flexibility to your body with its various stretching, balancing and breathing postures. There are large numbers of yoga postures which will definitely help to increase your height naturally.

  • Trikonasna: – It is known as the triangle position. It increases body flexibility, stretches the spine, corrects alignment of shoulders and improves balance. Hence, consider beneficial for growth of height. It keeps several health disorders such as indigestion, acidity, gastritis at bay.
  • Sukhasna: – It is known as simple form of yoga which improves the concentration level and gives relief from daily work stress. Besides that, give relief from back pain and reduces anxiety.
  • Bhujangasana: – It is known as cobra pose which is very simple exercise and ensures growth of height.
  • Chakrasana: – It is commonly known as the wheel pose which improves the flexibility of spine and hip joints. It is quite effective in reducing the waist size and helps to grow taller.
  • Tadasana: – It is like a mountain pose that stretches spine and increases height. It helps to improve the menstrual cycle and cures indigestion as well.
  • Surya Namaskar: – It usually comprises with 12 different postures and performed in a chronological manner. When perform in sequential, then proved to be extremely beneficial for overall health. Since it keeps health ailments at bay and helps in relaxing the tensed blood vessels and calms the mind.

4)   Requires strong immune system:-

Certain childhood diseases can contribute to stunted growth. This can reduce by regular immunization and taking plenty of vitamins C in diet such as orange, grapefruit and lemon. You can enhance your immune system by consuming whole and fresh foods, legumes, whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids and food rich in antioxidant as well. On the other hand, it is essential to avoid processed and hydrogenated foods. Therefore by following these instructions will definitely help to maintain a healthy immune system.

5)   Stay away from growth stunting factors:-

Addiction of drugs and alcohol is extremely dangerous at a young age. Since consumption of these unhygienic products contribute to stunted growth and malnutrition. Besides that it is important to stay away from excessive caffeine intake and taking steroids as it obstruct bone growth in young children and therefore affecting their height.

6)   Other Natural remedies:-

  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Soak in some early morning sunlight.
  • Loose excess fat.
  • Give attention to maintain correct posture from childhood.
  • Build confidence.


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