‘PROPECIA’ A Medical Treatment of Hair Loss Problem

Treatment of Hair Loss Problem Hair loss is today’s most known and common problem faces by an every individual. However, people follow various treatments, to mend the hair problems. Treatment could be natural or medical. The result varies according, to the choice of treatments. Natural therapies for hair loss problem goes long, and delays in result, but are found without side-effects. Further, a medication treatment could give results in a short time, but could cause some side-effects. However, from past many years’ medication treatments are highly in use, to mend hair loss problem, but today’s advanced technologies had solved many of the health problems. Due to advance technology people can undergo for hair transplant, which is better than consuming or applying any medicines, to treat the hair problem. Today, hair transplants or surgeries work largely; even though it is expensive, people are found quite comfortable with this solution.

However, a hair loss problem takes place due to sickness, excessive usage of drugs, family history, excessive shampooing, different hair styles, etc. Mostly, it is seen that family history enhances the chances of hair transplant or hair surgeries. If, your father is bald then you may too face the same risk; hence, hair transplants become a unique option, to solve the problem. However, a normal hair loss problem can be treated, by various medications.

A ‘Propecia’ is a medicine, which is found highly effective and usable, to treat the problem of the hair fall. It is only for men, not for women. Women must consult the doctors for better options, to treat hair loss problems. Further, an intake of Propecia helps to replace and enhance the growth, of the hair. One can consume Propecia medicine, to get rid of hair fall; since, it is efficient and carries a very rare side-effect. Besides this there are many other medicines, which are used to treat the hair disorders, but Propecia stood best amongst all. People mostly go for advertising and branded product, which rarely works well, to treat the hair problem. I would suggest using propecia would be more effective than any other medicine. A half bald men who wanted, to get prevented from full bald, can use Propecia pills, it will help to fill the gap of the bald place and reduce the hair fall problem. The chemical compound present in Propecia facilitates the flow of blood over the scalp efficiently, and opens the closed follicles, which enhance the growth, of the hair. A young handsome man facing hair loss problem must add this medication, to get rid of hair loss problem. One can use Propecia to prevent the hair from getting, worse to worse.

Great effect of Propecia
A circulation of testosterone in blood brook of adult male, usually merge with the enzymes know as 5-alpha reductase that develop more strong sexual hormone, named as Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). However, the DHT deactivates the follicles, and trim down the growth, of the hair. Its effect brings itching, burning, swelling, oiliness over the scalp, which results lock of follicles, gradually. This effect reduces the growth of the hair, and enhances the problem of hair loss. However, an intake of Propecia cuts down the effect and process of DHT within some months, which results unlock of follicles and development of hair. Propecia assist, to cut down the activeness of the DHT, which solves the hair fall issues in men. However, some of the research had examined that consuming propecia mends the hair fall problem by 50%. Many of the bald men are found helpful, to solve their hair loss problem. One must try it once to see the effect.

Usage of Propecia   
However, consulting the doctors before consuming any of the medicines would be more appreciable; since, they know the effect and side-effects of the medicines. They recommend such a way that the people should not get any side- effects. Consuming medicines according, to the doctor’s suggestion give less chance of side-effects.

•    Regularity
You must follow the regularity with the dosage; an excessive, skipping, or double dosage may imbalances the effect of the medicines, which results negative effects in return. Hence, consuming dosage according, to the prescribed manner would be beneficial, to get better and quick result. However, our hormones are so fragile that an excessive intake, may trim down the hormone formation, which results many health disorders. Hence, consuming dosage accordingly, may help to stabilize the hormone formation, which assists to mend the hair disorders.

•    Keep patience
Patience is one of the highly required things, which every person should carry. You need to wait for the outcome; since, none of the medicines have given instant result.  It may take 4 months, 6 months, a year or a two years to reduce the hair fall problem; further, it depends on the texture of an individual’s hair. Hence, one needs to keep patience, to get excellent result. Stick to your prescribed dosage, and don’t quit the medicines because of its late result.

•    Keep hair clean
Only medicines won’t work; one need to keep the hair clean and clear. Nizoral is a shampoo, which should be used during the process of Propecia consumption. This shampoo helps, to reduce the itching, swelling, burning, of the scalp. It should not be used daily. Consult the doctor for its usage, and apply it accordingly.

•    Flaking
Flaking is an indication of Propecia work. However, during the process most of the people found worse changes in the hair, and decide to quit the treatments. When the propecia starts affecting the hair, it locks up the existing growth of the hair, and commences to develop a new hair. These stages of the process are called flaking. However, it may last only for some months after that you will automatically start noticing its good effect.

Negative impact of the Propecia
However, consuming medicines may give negative effect at some extent. Some of the side-effects of consuming propecia are kidney failure, liver disorders, body swelling, etc. Consuming medicine according, to the doctor’s suggestion may bring down the risk of side-effects, at some extent.

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‘PROPECIA’ A Medical Treatment of Hair Loss Problem