eyedropsTimolol is a prescribed eye drops to treat glaucoma complications. An excessive pressure over the eyes leads, to glaucoma problem. Timolol belongs to a category of drugs known as beta-blocker. It acts like a non-choosy B-obstructing mediator, which chunk both B1 and B2 adrenergic receptors. Timolol is found more effective than propranolol. It helps stabilizing the heart pumping level, which cut down the hypertension and protect from reappearance of myocardial infarction; it chiefly used to treat eye complication called chronic open angle glaucoma. The condition causes when the optic nerves placed backside of the eyes gets damaged. An excessive stress inside the eyes enhance the glaucoma problem in which Timolol eye drops works fabulously, to trim down the pressure of the eyes. An insufficient existence of fluid in the body leads to dehydrated eyes, which brings an excessive pressure inside the eyes results glaucoma issue. It has been found that an insufficient existence of fluid in the body causes enormous eye disorders. A prolong gazing over the computer, late night sleeping or dim light studying brings excessive pressure over the eyes, which leads to glaucoma problem. This condition stood one of the leading factors, to cause glaucoma complications. It’s called a severe complication, but if treated may get cured soon. One must not bear the pain more than a day; try timolol eye drops, to get rid of the difficulties.

Dosage of Timolol
One must seek the help of the doctor for appropriate dosage. You can also get some help from the pasted leaflets, but for certain precaution taking help of the doctor would be better. The dosages of this eye drops must be prescribed by the doctor and should be followed according to the prescribed manner, to get the condition mend soon. Its one drop is recommended at the initial stage, which must be applied minimum twice in a day. There must be a gap of four to five hours between both the dosages. If, in case the dose fail to give an efficient response try increasing its level by the help, of the doctor. Keep applying the dosage until the pressure within the eyes get reduce or permanently cured. Follow the procedure completely and stop when the doctors suggest. Avoid missing and doubling the dosage; since, it may harm the eyes. Pour the drops properly in the middle of the eyes and keep it close for 3 minutes, so that it could get spread properly.

Remove out the lens while dropping the solution; do not pour the drop over the fixed lens. Place the lens again after sometime. Try avoiding eye blinking for some minutes. Do not rub the eyes or avoid getting finger contact with the eyes; since, it may contaminate the solution and could enhance the complication. Do wash your eyes properly before applying the drops so that the existing stains may get wipe out. Avoid rushing for the work immediately after appliance. Further, consult the doctor if you have got treated with eye surgery. This solution is restricted to the pregnant and lactating woman; since, it may harm the baby. In this case, woman must seek the help of the doctor. Further, people who are already using certain eye drops must avoid using two drugs solution jointly; since, it enhances the risk of side-effects. A sufferer of asthma, high or low blood pressure, shortness of breath, diabetes, thyroid, etc. must seek the help of the doctor before using this solution. Keep the bottle away from the contact of the water. Try taking precaution from dust and air pollution area, keep wearing the goggles always, while travelling or driving, just to keep the eye sights safe and secure. It has been found that people who drive and travel most, gets stain accumulation inside the eyes, which enhances the risk of eye complication that also comprises eye sight damages. Maintaining sufficient amount of fluid in the body reduces the risk of eye disorders. It has been found that people who eat vitamin A and C rich foods are at less risk, to get an eye disorders.

Do reveal the doctor if in case you are using the solution called atenolo, carteolol, esmolol, labetalol, metoprolol, nadolol, propranolol, sotalol, timolol, etc. these are the essential aspects, which should be informed, to the doctor.

It’s not surely to get the side-effects, well, it depends how the person is using the solution. Sometimes, an excessive dosage becomes barrier for the eyes function, which leads to certain side-effects. The side-effects may go severe or normal; one needs not to worry about this. Nasal blockage, lips, throat, lips and eye swelling; excessive redness, itchiness of the eyes, indicates some minor problem; whereas, rapid heartbeats, high blood pressure, weight gain, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, etc. leads to some severe side-effects, which needs an immediate help, of the doctor. People, who face certain side-effects, must disclose this to the doctor before getting the condition severe.

Storage is an essential part of the medicine; one must store the medicines in such a place that it should not get spoiled. Timolol is a soluble eye drop, which can be stored in the room temperature and also in the refrigerator, but do not let it get freeze. Keep noticing the expiry date of the medicine just to avoid consuming an outdated drug; since, it might found fatal for the health.

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