3711d5f46297d1371f3befc63c03a821A healthy diet is an outcome of optimum health. To be dynamic, vigor, flexible, strong in life one need to add a diet, which is rich in vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. A healthy diet is liable to promote vigorous and active organs. To boost the longevity of the organs consuming nutrients, vitamins and mineral rich diet is mandatory. Besides, all one should avoid practicing an unhealthy habit; since, it’s found liable to break down the longevity of the organs. Smoking, drinking alcohol or practicing several other drugs found harmful for the health, which cut down the life longevity of the person. Person following certain habits are likely to taste the death soon. Malnutrition is the main factor to cause unhealthy body. The underdeveloped or developing country mostly faces the issue of malnutrition. Lack of meal turns the body weak and inflexible, in such condition people gets more risk of health disorders and illnesses. Person holding a weak body are more likely to face bacterial attack; contagious disease mostly attack the weak health people and resist for a longer period. Tuberculosis is found one of the leading contagious diseases in today’s world. The disease found severe and sometimes normal, but found fatal for the people in extreme cases. Well, today the world found suffering from enormous diseases, but prevention would be one of the steps to keep such disease at bay. Your healthy diet is the best prevention measure to make you stay away from certain diseases. Stay healthy to stay away from health disorders. Well, here are some healthy guidance tips, which a person must hold to promote optimum health. Consuming such rich components may help you maintained charming and optimum health.

List Of Vitamins

Vitamin A
Vitamins A play a great role in promoting healthy vision, blood formation, cell formation, bone development, cell strength and segregation. Lymphocytes (white blood cell) require vitamin A to beat the disease. It plays a great role to promote healthy immune system. It acts like a safe guider, which prevents the body from several viral attacks.

Vitamin B6
Vitamin B6 works promoting 100 of enzymes and turning vital tryptophan into niacin. It aids making red blood cell metabolism, turning immune and nervous system efficient in work. Vitamin B6 aids facilitate the oxygen circulation and hemoglobin formation. It aids hold untainted blood, which enhances the longevity of the organs.

Vitamin B12
Vitamin B12 also termed as cobalamin found helpful in forming red blood cell, facilitating neurological function and DNA fusion. It’s a mixture of cobalt, which turned as cobalamin or vitamin B12. It’s an essential component; since, DNA, RNA, protein, hormones, and lipid are formed and retained by the elements called niacin.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C also termed as L-ascorbic acid and instant water soluble vitamin that naturally exists in the foods and fruits. It aids forming collagen, which is responsible to promote our skin healthy and supple and also build nutrients, which aids healing the wounds. Vitamin C is essential to keep the body hydrated and bacterial justify.

Vitamin D
Vitamin D is a cohort of calcium, which holds same work promoting healthy and vigorous bone. Vitamin D and calcium aids building healthy teeth and strong bones. It also promotes the longevity of the red and white blood cells.

Vitamin E
Vitamin E comprises several antioxidants effect; this aids preventing the body from free radicals and thrashing the existence of unhealthy cells. It also saves the healthy cells from getting spoiled.

Vitamin K
Vitamin K facilitates the promotion of bone and blood cells. It collectively works with other minerals and vitamins to promote optimum health. It also found helpful for treating osteoporosis, arthritis and several bone related disorders.

List of Minerals
Calcium is the most copious mineral found alleged in the blood; it aids promote healthy, flexible and strong bones. Almost 99% of calcium gets consumed by the bones and teeth and remaining 1% gets dissolved in the blood.

An iron is stated as most significant mineral to facilitate the function bones, blood, and whole body system. An existence of iron is mandatory to get rid of anemia disorder. To promote the longevity of the organs, one needs to consume iron rich food. It’s a great immune booster.

Selenium is another vital elements; its appropriate existence in the body is necessary to promote the function of the thyroid. Sometime, it works like an antioxidants way.

Chromium is another required mineral to promote perfect body function. Its existence must be in medium not more not less.

Magnesium plays a great role in promoting optimum health. One must consume a magnesium rich diet. Magnesium aids treating osteoporosis, migraines, insomnia, etc. One can manage to maintain god cardiac health, stabilized blood pressure, active brain function and many more. People, suffering from diabetes must eat magnesium rich stuff; since, it aids beat the diabetes symptoms.

As like other zinc too found most significant elements for the health. One needs to maintain sufficient amount of zinc in the body; since, its deficiency results unhealthy bones and inactive immune function. It plays a great role to promote cells development, DNA and proteins in the body. It prevents the blood from bacterial attack.

Folate copied the face of vitamin B; it aids separating and developing the blood cells. It support to form new cell and mends old cells. Folate is a basic module of DNA and RNA. Holding sufficient amount of folate reduces the risk of anemia. A woman must consume folate rich food during pregnancy; since, it aids develop healthy baby. Folate plays a great role in developing hemoglobin level.

Omega 3 fatty acids
Omega 3 fatty acids is another source of promoting healthy mind, bones, organs, etc. its intake promotes healthy organs, healthy skin, healthy immune system, etc.
Adding such rich foods in the diet aids promote longevity of the organs, which indirectly results long living life.

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