AndropauseAndropause is also referred as male menopause and is usually take place because of insufficiency of testosterone in the male body. With increase in ages, the hormones in men start diminishing which goes on till he reaches in to the eighties. This condition mainly takes place in men when they reach their late 40s to early 50s. Unlike menopause, the signs of andropause that takes place because of inadequacy of testosterone are not limited to elderly or middle-aged men. Studies indicate that, even younger men in their 20s or 30s are susceptible to this condition.

Since you born till you die the hormonal composition in your body continues altering. In elderly people the sex hormones clearly reduce. These hormones play a crucial role in managing the physical and sexual changes in your body as you go through phases of old age, puberty and adulthood. Among women progesterone and estrogen whereas in males testosterone.

In females, menopause takes place with visible changes that end their menstruation. In men, these changes are seemed as sings of old age. This a true fact because sex hormones are uppermost during youth and naturally diminish in old age, hence badly affects sexual health.

The symptoms are same to those undergone by women suffering through menopause. But according the reports, these symptoms vanished once testosterone was unnaturally administered to the male. The fall in the level of testosterone in the men give rise to development of symptoms like loss of bone weight, memory loss, depression, lack of concentration, muscle weakness, regular mood swings, depression, lack of sex drive, male impotence, exhaustion, lack of stamina, diminished frequency of morning erection, poor sperm count, premature ejaculation, Augmented fat in the body, testicular dysfunction, osteoporosis and so on.

Generally andropause is recognized when any warning sign of testosterone inadequacy exhibits. The level of testosterone in the blood cuts down and improvement in those warning signs appears when testosterone replacement is done. There are numerous risk factors that can develop the insufficiency of testosterone but is very necessary to find out its actual cause so that you can decide and fallow further treatment.

Apart from these, there are certain psychological challenges that a man has to suffer in his aging phase of andropause. All through his life, there are numerous psychological problems that man deals to battle with and these challenges are mostly observed during the phase of males Andropause. This consists of his personality, emotions, Bravery, nature, boyish behaviors, mind, sexual orientation, and output while working.

This happens because of lack of testosterone in the blood of men and is the leading cause behind Andropause in men. Consequently the tissues in the body which is invoked by testosterone obtain some quantity of it and this is considered to be main reason responsible for development of other physical health condition and likely the mental changes in an individual such as fatigue, depression and mood swings.

If a man is going through from andropause, he is tested by a physician to discard any diseases, because disease like type 2 diabetes and hardening of arteries also give an open invitation to development of the andropause symptoms. A number of blood tests are needed to be carried out to determine the testosterone level in the body. If low testosterone level is found, then no need to concern because these days several treatment options are available. Most of men have positively responded to hormonal replacement therapies that were administered to them to enhance their testosterone levels. According to studies, after 1999, the demand for testosterone therapy has increased considerably. Lots of men are giving preference to testosterone therapy. But you should not ignore the fact that these treatments are known to have some side effects as well on the body. If you are affected with prostate cancer, had treatment for it or have family history of prostate cancer is strictly recommended to stay away from such testosterone-enhancing therapies as they may trigger or aggravate the cancer. The list of other side effects consists of prostate enlargement, hair loss, hair thinning, infertility and sleep apnea. Other treatment such as opting healthy lifestyle, incorporating a nutritious diet to enhance energy level and best exercise regime that is suitable for man’s age is also equally necessary. Even taking psychiatric help in order to overcome mood swings and depression is also necessary. In addition, it is wise to avert taking medication that may further interrupt the chemicals changes in the body. Take adequate sleep as well because the amount of sleep has been associated to the level of testosterone in the body. Also do not neglect one fact that people having abdominal fat around their belly go through from andropause sooner comparing to slimmer people. This becomes possible because fat has the ability to convert testosterone into estrogen, so consequently reduction in testosterone occurs sooner. Similar to menopause strikes some women at a late phase; you may also delay the occurrence of menopause in your body by opting a healthy lifestyle for a healthy body.

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