List-OF-Iron-Rich-FoodsThe cause of inadequacy of manganese consists of poor diet, raised consumption of other minerals and lots of sweating. Deficiency of manganese badly affects the body’s enzyme system working, thus lead to number of health complications. Manganese is mandatory for appropriate functioning of an enzyme, assimilation of nutrient, wound healing, and formation of bone in the body. The possibilities are high that lack of manganese may give an open invitation to joint pain, poor bone health and fertility issues.

Food items like herbs, saffron, wheat germ, spices, cloves, nuts, bran, mussels, oysters, dark chocolate, clams, roasted pumpkin, cocoa powder, squash seeds, sunflower seeds, chili powder, flax, sesame butter and sesame seeds are laden with manganese. Include these foodstuffs in order to get over your deficiency of manganese. This mineral plays a crucial role in triggering the enzymes of the body, which are indispensable for metabolism of amino acids, cholesterol, fatty acids and carbohydrates. In reality, manganese utilize in the body are focused in inducing the enzyme system.

Poor dietary habits are leading risk factor of this nutrient inadequacy. Manganese is abundantly present in grains and pulses. Huge amount of this vital element is lost during food processing. It is noticed that manganese is eliminated in large amount during sweating. Considering this, another determinant factor for shortage of manganese is too much sweating. To keep it in a fair state, the lost amount must be refilled with help of diet. Along with poor diet and sweating, over consumption of other mineral like iron, magnesium and calcium is also associated with low assimilation rate of manganese.

Most of us are completely unaware about the role of manganese mineral for enzyme activation. According to studies, around 15-20 mg manganese is found in an adult’s body. Among all the body parts, bones hold manganese in largest amount. This effective mineral is also present in the kidney, liver, pituitary glands, pancreas and adrenal glands. Having knowledge about the daily recommended allowance (RDA) of manganese can certainly assist an individual to stay away from inadequacy of the mineral. An adult needs approx 2.3 mg or a little more manganese every day. Diet is one of the excellent solutions to meet daily requirement of this mineral.

1. Keep bones healthy:-
Manganese is indispensable for normal growth of the human bone formation. This assists to promote the mineral density of your spinal bone. It is proven extremely useful for post-menopausal women. Shortage of manganese in women after menopause can enhance the quantity of trace minerals and stimulate small fractures. According to research, manganese aids to prevent osteoporosis and various other diseases.

2. Prevent cancer:-
Manganese is a powerhouse of antioxidant properties that raises its health benefits. This assists to observe the movement of free radicals in your body. Free radicals are responsible for causing harm to human cells and result in cancer and other harmful diseases. Hence, it is essential to include either manganese supplements or its rich food source to stay away from onset of many diseases.

3. Prevent diabetes:-
Manganese is fundamental to keep blood sugar level in control. Thus, it plays a crucial role in keeping diabetes at pay. Manganese can regulate insulin synthesis and emission in the blood to keep blood glucose level in check. This also assists to normalize irregular falls in blood glucose and keep healthy working of a diabetic’s level.

4. Combats epileptic seizures:-
Insufficiency of manganese can give rise to development of epileptic seizures. Manganese supplement aids significantly to control several small and severe epileptic seizures. It works like vasodilator and plays an important role in the anti-epileptic procedure.

5. Metabolism:-
Modulating body’s metabolism is main function of manganese. Manganese-activated enzymes are critically needed to metabolize cholesterol, carbohydrates and amino acids. In fact, they also proved helpful to metabolize vitamins like vitamin E and vitamin B-1. It also aids in normal execution of the liver. Manganese is also proven useful in the metabolism of amino acid and DNA polymerase.

6. Beats osteoporosis:-
Manganese supplement is one of the best solutions to get over osteoporosis and osteoarthritis syndrome. This vital mineral can encourage bone density and mineral density. This can generate and renovate bones in the human body.

7. Ensures proper functioning of thyroid:
Manganese is an important compound for several enzymes like thyroxin. This is extremely important hormone in your thyroid gland. Thus, it is necessary to maintain the proper functioning of your thyroid gland to cuts down the threat of many health problems. This can be beneficial to maintain appropriate weight, metabolism, hunger, and other organ system effectiveness.

8. Gives relief from PMS syndrome:-
Many women often go through premenstrual syndrome (PMS). Thus, manganese can be helpful to bring down the monthly conditions like irritability, headache, depression and mood swings. Women who go through from chronic PMS symptom are suggested to take manganese supplements.

9. Helps in vitamin assimilation:-
Intake of manganese rich food helps in the assimilation of indispensable vitamins like vitamin B, vitamin E and other minerals. It aids in enzymatic reaction needed for assimilation and use of vitamins acquired from the food. Manganese is one such mineral which is significantly needed for enzymatic reactions.

10.Fights sprains and inflammation:-
Manganese is an excellent ways to heal sprain and inflammation by enhancing the superoxide dismutase level. This becomes possible because of immense amount of its antioxidant properties. Insufficiency of superoxide dismutase (SOD) is highly noticed among patient of arthritis. SOD holds great source of anti-inflammatory properties that are needed for people affected with arthritis as that can assist to raise the synthesis and functioning of SOD. This is beneficial to cut down the symptoms of the condition and provides healthier life.

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