Chicken pox is kind of a viral disease occurs due to Varicella Zoster virus, also referred as the Herpes Zoster virus. It is transmittable and infectious disease. Children below 12 years of age are highly susceptible to chickenpox. It is noticeable by itchy blister like spots over the entire body and mild fever. No need to worry on onset of chicken pox because it completely curable disease. Although unusual, it is considered to be chronic in adults than in children.

Generally it is observed that elderly people turn prone to chickenpox if they have not experienced it in childhood. Likewise, adults who were not vaccinated with chicken pox vaccine in the past are also at increased risk of developing this viral disease. If an individual already gone through it as a child, he turns invulnerable to the disease and does not deal it again, even if he is exposed to it. But, still most often it is recommended to avoid contact with people affected by chicken pox. Comparing to older people, young adults are highly vulnerable to this infections disease.

The signs of chicken pox are identical to those seen in children. There are a few premature signs that are encountered 1-2 days before the development of itchy blisters. They consists mild fever, head pain, pain in back, dry cough, sore throat etc. After a few days, the chickenpox spots emerge throughout the skin. These red color spots are too much itchy. They seem throughout the body, sometime they even target mouth and scalp region also. Sometimes the spots seem in clusters making a rash. These spots are extremely itchy and stimulate a huge uneasiness to the person.

The general time period of chicken pox virus is about 10-20 days. Chicken pox is majorly infectious from the time spots seem on the person’s body to the time they fade away completely. The general sensation of being unwell and helplessness stay for 1-2 weeks. If any complication takes place, the period of chickenpox being contagious raises.

Shingles is the most usual difficulty of chickenpox and the same virus is responsible behind occurrence of both these conditions. The person who has undergone chickenpox in the past is at higher risk of developing shingles later in his life. The virus inducing both these diseases continue inactive in the person’s body and re-emerges to stimulate shingles. The chances of occurring shingle enhances more after 50 years of age. Secondly, if women confront chickenpox during maternity, there are vast possibilities of formulating congenital defects such as abnormal brain development, shortened limbs and head, etc. in infants. Person having poor immune system can also become prone to other diseases like pneumonia.

• Infected person should take a bath or a wet compress every 3-4 hours with help of cold or lukewarm water, at least for the first few days.
• Make use of dry and clean towel to pat the body dried up.
• Use calamine lotion on itchy areas. Take extra care while applying and do not apply it near the eyes.
• Give priority to eating foods that are soft, bland and cold.
• Do not eat those foods which are extremely salty and acidic.
• Take advice of a health care professional about the medicine and treatment that you are uncertain of.

To protect children from scratching and inducing infection, you can make maximum use of gloves or socks on their hands, besides just trimming their fingernails and keeping them dirt free. You should seek for medical aid if the fever stays for more than 4 days, the blister turns warm, sore, swollen or has flow, facing difficulty looking at bright light, constant cold and breathing problems, temperature enhances beyond 102 Fahrenheit, person with stiff neck, confronts problem while walking, sleepy person and notice remaining awake a task, person with acute headache and so on. To defeat chickenpox is an easy task if appropriate care is taken. Keep the warning signs of this contagious disease in mind so that you can diagnose it at an early stage.

No doubt, it is contagious, hence easily spread from one person to another. Person affected with chickenpox is most transmittable during the first 2-5 days. Person with chickenpox give rise to spread virus through laughing, coughing, sneezing and even talking.

You must visit a physician when you suffer through the general symptoms related with chickenpox. Never wait till all the spots become visible. Most often, chicken pox fade away without any treatment. There is also one excellent option of creams and lotions to get rid of irritation and itchiness on the skin. Oatmeal bath is another effective way to reduce itching. Avoid scratching the spots even if you feel like to do, because further it develops the risk of skin rash significantly. You can use a cool towel on the itchy spots to obtain immediate relief. The doctor may recommend you the accurate medication for bringing down the temperature. Frequently for pregnant women Varicella zoster immune globulin is suggested in order to prevent chickenpox during maternity. If a person confronts other symptoms such as shortness of breath, problem while walking or standing, pus or bleeding blisters, he should see doctors without delaying.

Vaccination is mandatory for children as well as adults. Adults, who were not vaccinated in their childhood or fails to contracted chickenpox, should be vaccinated as early as possible. As chickenpox is contagious, it would better if you keep distance from people affected with chickenpox to prevent spread of disease. Chickenpox is curable disease if the symptoms are recognized early and complications are prevented.

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