Sweating – Good or bad

Sweating is also counted positive in terms, but is it really that much favorable to us? Let’s see, Sweating is probably a good sign of weight management but beside this it can be an adverse personality trait at time if neglected for such certain reason. You know the actuality behind extreme perspiration and stench associated with the same. Let’s have look sweating is always good but the stench associated with it is not, it in present detained your personality and impression erroneously (stinky) in front of others. Plus, it releases all the discretionary elements as of our body like proteins, ammonia, salt and acid drop ultimately. It is so upsetting to appear with stench and stinky smell that indeed mess up our persona in front of others.

While in medical science sweating is termed as one of the routine function and aspect of body that occurs at time. Plus, intemperance sweat can be condition itself or call for another severe health condition that might be intimidating in factual. If you feel like you’re sweating more than usual or other despite of other things being constant and cool than its an alarming situation that means there’s a oblige to seek a medical advice regarding it, instantaneously. Well it also demonstrates one more important thing that you’re body is trying too hard to compose down, logically. And, excess sweating can go on by any reason or circumstances that occur at point in time. 

Below is the list of indication that root and source unnecessary sweating in one at time naturally: –


Yes, the muggy climate can be one of the reasons following your disproportionate sweat and stench. And it just passes on because of high temperature that is not so sufferable and friendly amid our body owing to which small glands there-in our skin turn out to be active and in turn release sweat through pores. Once the sweat is evaporated our skin is at ease and arid but sometime it may transpire into stinky or unusual odor that may despair your persona, consequently.


Any physical exercise or exertion is responsible for turning on and rising our bodies temperature subsequently. Because it hits all the accurate sources of our body internal heating system and thus sweating is part of it. It’s just an additional way of relieving heat from our body and nothing else.


Even food is responsible for influencing our body temperature at time, but not all type food but yes there are few specific food items that can burn out adversely compromising our health and shape. In factual, zesty food ignites the receptor present in your skin which timely responds to heat (temperature) of our body. The food that are intense spicy imbibes stimulation tendency that stimulates the sweat glands beneath your skin. And that’s why you always need to dab your upper head and lips.


Yes, probably certain severe health conditions that every so often health intimidating and are besides are also permanent and annoying by character. And this mainly includes Heart and cardiovascular disorders that are caused due to certain health problems in life are responsible for heavy sweating at one point in time when they get worsen day by day. Or any physical or health decline can trigger-off extreme sweating in an individual due to its occurrence and severity.


Other possibilities may include emotional factors like, stress, emotions, negative feeling, fear, anxiety and so on. Even certain natural health condition like menopause in women is also likely to be in charge for heavy sweating in women’s at time due to hot flashes that go on during menopause. Furthermore certain medication are also responsible for same in both man and women – It just the reaction of the action you do. In short when you tend to consume certain medicine that is not tolerable by your body then you’re involuntarily open with sweating course at point.

Besides, heavy sweating is good but only at certain extent, when it goes beyond normal one than it might be alarming situation. You need to seek a doctor as early on to get assisted in time. And the stench that is thrown out is something negating that disturbs and spoils your personality in social and friend’s splinter group. Just remember one thing don’t let your sweat dry out involuntarily on your skin because when sweat itself evaporates it leave behind a stench (stinky smell) which is not cool and good for your impression and personality amidst other. You can certainly try out this few tips to get rid of excessive stench and sweat at events:

  • The first thing you need to do, is while bathing you can add few drops of dettol or rose, sandal water to your bathing tub in order to get rid of stench throughout the day.
  • In the same way, try to avoid fish in your diet this helps a lot. In short check your fish intake capacity frequently.
  • Prefer more anti oxidant food imbibes cooling property and for example have more tomatoes and fresh vegetables in your food also add grapes to your list. These small petty alterations will certainly sub-serve in your good turn, soon. And last but not the least go for medical level help to review and conclude your problem precisely.
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Sweating – Good or bad