Personal sanitation is very imperative while performing sexual interaction. Eventually it is an essential part of it, maintaining hygiene concerning sexual health is an important part involving sexual participation. No woman like her man to smell like dustbin or ashtray. Kissing a smoker is approximately like kissing an ashtray. Plus, in addition to it if a person is having a habit of drinking before sexual performance is absolutely a mistaken one. Because excess whiz of alcohol may drag a person out of his intellectual comforts and relocate him to irrational zone, where a person dismiss his thinking and sensing capacity for a while extended for that period, essentially.  

Hence, maintaining proper hygiene is very crucial concerning general health and sex is primary and indivisible part of general health. Similarly, attention to genital hygiene is also evenly important and more appropriate rather it is the most basic of form hygiene amidst all personal hygiene. Personal hygiene is not only a concern part for man but for women’s too. Just like man, women’s should also maintain their personal hygiene involving their vaginal because when women’s vaginal part comes into contact with air it falls prey and start discharging an offensive smell. Furthermore this circumstance can also become thriving place for germs alike dumping ground. Hence, to dodge these situation women should first sanitize her clitoris by separating vaginal lips during bathing with water and soap. It is not necessary to use specified soap for sanitizing the clitoris ordinary bathing soap will be enough to do so. No chemical based soap or sanitizing substance should be used on the genitals part without seeking doctors help and recommendation this can be fateful regarding your skin surrounding it.

Same thing apply to men, just similar to women’s men too has some hygiene problems prior to sex. Alike women, men should also sanitize their organ customarily because if not than a white waxy secretion cited as “Smegma” is produced around the penis area which can further encourage breeding of germs in the same. So men should every day do this without amiss, since the foreskin of the penis is not pulled back and sanitize, than it can smell unpleasantly adding on to germs to prosper on it.

In order to evade this unpleasant embarrassing circumstance ahead both man and women should take care of it early. Just by adapting some mere changes and making some major modification in their lifestyle. Like the inners that they used daily should be changed and sanitized habitually. If possible, the inners should of cotton as it helps to soak more sweat in comparison to other garments. Already used inner should be washed and dry thoroughly in the sun.

For the smoker

Brush your teeth before enforcing any attempt

Use a nice odor mouth wash

Chew a clove, mint flavor chew gum or mouth freshener

Cease smoking soon, as it is very important to do so

For Drinkers

Do not over dose yourself before approaching your partner; this act will make your partner uncomfortable and disinterested for the intercourse.

Similarly, overdosing yourself will drag you out of rationality, and make you draw irrational for a while.

Plus, a drinker loses his interaction capacity when he drinks, which make him drowsier, comparatively.

So do not drink and endeavor sexual association, this will only put you in embarrassing situation besides.

Otherwise, there is nothing to worry, just confine your mind that both of you should keep your mouth and genitals hygienic by adapting and practicing adequate personal hygiene measures. And beside you can have a clean –safe sex as long as you both have no hepatitis B or HIV disease that can be transmitted through genital fluids. Very soon enjoy sanitized sex life throughout the whole intercourse by modifying and practicing certain small things involving you’re routine and personal hygiene yet “ Lately “ but at least “Neatly”. If in future you come across with certain unusual things regarding sexual intercourse or related thing then please seek preservative measures soon by consulting a Sexologist in person and discuss them, frankly and clearly without faltering. As this will help you to get rid of it early and also it’ll aid the counter person to conclude and get to the bottom of the issue as soon as possible.

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