Regular Exercising and its benefits

Being in a corporate, housewife or any individual, workout is must. In this today’s fast working phase individuals get stuck into their daily chores. If we look back to our ancestor’s life getting up early in morning around 5.30 to 6.00am was their daily habit but for today’s people it has become impossible because of bad lifecycle pattern. Today we see that more and more people are getting diseases like high-BP, low-BP, diabetes, thyroids, and cholesterol. Even the children’s of small age are diagnosed with death causing diseases like hepatitis-B ,cancer, diabetes and a lot more .Doing exercise  not only help to build a person’s body strong but it also helps to release stress. The cause for a bad health can come from many things like stress from jobs, anxiety, hereditary disorders or bad habits like smoking, drinking, drugs, and extreme consumption of junk foods. Lack of exercise leads to obesity and indirectly to life causing diseases like stroke and heart attack. Good news is that reducing small amount of weight can reduce problems related to such diseases. Every person can live a healthy life just by maintaining a regular good habits like exercising, eating a healthy food diet.

A simple exercise like walk in nature for 15-20 min, swimming, cardio, squats, doing yoga and a lot more home exercise can be carried out by simply taking help from many online courses. Exercising helps to boost individual’s energy level. If the energy level is high the person concentration level also gets increased and he can actively participate in his work. As far as yoga is consider we have many forms of asana that helps our body to rejuvenate. Yoga and meditation can be done at home so for peoples who have less time because of their busy schedule can go for home exercise. Doing yoga increase the flexibility level and also makes the bones and muscles strong. Performing yoga makes an individual’s mind calm and relax. We can see that today’s young generations are even dealing with depression and stress. Depression leads to hormonal imbalance in human body, following a correct medication and exercise can bring the person out of depression.

At least exercise should be carried out after every 3 days. Jumping jack, sit-ups, shoulder movements are stretching exercises which helps to release all stretch nerves in our body. Doing exercise also helps to increase our mental strength changes a person’s mood and attitude. The people suffering from problems related to insomnia or any problems related to sleep can be reduced with help of some yoga.  A simple walk can also be helpful for activating our brain cells. People who don’t like to do regular bore exercises can opt to some fun and activity type exercise like aerobics, cycling, zumba etc.

Many online courses are also available on YouTube and even many websites has a lot of information which even gets you direct help from various dieticians, physiotherapist and nutritionist through counseling. IT has been proved by scientist research that people doing exercise regularly are healthier physically and even mentally. So it’s better to get healthier than to be sick.


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Regular Exercising and its benefits