generic medicationPenegra is said to be highly oral prescribed ED enhancement medication. After Penegra consumption, men affected with ED, experience immense pleasure. Penegra is potent anti-impotence pill that ensure sure relief from erotic disorders. FDA approval is biggest evidence of its best quality and potency. This anti-ED pill helps men to obtain their lost confidence substantially, which is considered extremely vital to ensure successful sexual act. Penegra provide quick desire results once it enters into the bloodstream. The only necessary thing is, this pill must be consumed one hour before sexual stimulation. The main element of Penegra is Sildenafil citrate. The best part is this medication is available at affordable rates. Just man need to be sexually stimulated, once the medication is consumed for obtaining deep pleasure because penegra is not an aphrodisiac.

Penegra medication provides desire result as fast as possible once it gets dissolved in bloodstream. Penegra combat all those causes that are major obstacle in occurrence of ED and offer great relief to men. Erectile dysfunction or male impotence is one such phase in men’s life where they fail to erect penis even when sexually stimulated on bed. In spite using all energy they experience short term erection or some time no erection as well. In simple words this condition is referred as erectile dysfunction. Inadequate blood supply to penis is leading reason behind this problem. When male reproductive organ notices shortage of blood, men finds it difficult to erect penis. Sufficient amount of blood is prime necessity for acquiring solid and rigid erection.

The major cause of deficient blood supply to the penis is PDE-5 enzyme. Enzyme PDE-5 occurs in male body by exchanging CGMP enzyme. PDE-5 enzyme develops nearby penile area and makes it muscle too much tough, which ultimately contributes to poor blood supply to the penis. Stiff muscles of penis are responsible for enlargement of venis and narrowing of arteries. In short, this less supply of blood in the penis finally results ED in men.

Once penegra is consumed, it works on an enzyme PDE-5 and conquers its production. Later, also releases CGMP enzyme in the body. This enzyme is needed badly to ensure proper blood supply to the penis. This anti-impotence pill ejects nitric oxide in blood, which in turn makes penis muscle elastic, enlarges arteries and diminishes veins. Because of all these reasons, blood supply becomes normal in body and assists men in obtaining rigid erection. In this way, Penegra treat ED efficiently. Penis also gets back to normal condition, once the sexual act get complete. All this tasks take time of around one hour. This is because, Penegra is suggested to consume one hour before indulging in sexual act. Penegra wok wonderfully and due to this it is famous across the world.

Penegra should be taken, if it is prescribed and not on own. Hence, dosage should be taken exactly as per prescription. Not even few changes not expected with regard to prescribed dose. Incorporating Penegra without doctor’s permission may prove harmful to your health. Since penengra comes in numerous strengths like 25, 50 or 100mg, dosage varies person to person and according to its severity of condition. Take penegra pill only with water and not with grape fruit, grape juice or alcohol. Penegra must be consumed as a whole and braking, chewing is not permitted. One pill per day is enough to overcome ED troubles. Taking more than one gives an open invitation to so many side effects. If this anti-ED pill is taken with or without food, both can fine as there is no such hard and fast rule. But just heavy fatty meal must be obviated as they lessen the efficacy of the medication.

While obtaining erection with penegra men must be sexually excited at time of consuming pill. Never become habitual to consumption of Penegra as it will make you dependent. In addition, later you will find difficult to acquire erection on own.

Medication and side effects is just inescapable. If you notice any change or side effects after taking penegra take medical help instantly. Your doctor is the ideal person to guide you whether this medication is safe or unsafe for you. Majorly observe side effects associated with Penegra include acid indigestion, nasal congestion, diarrhea, urinary tract infection, poor vision, flushing and many more. Apart from these, severe side effects are also linked with penegra. The list of which includes high/low blood pressure, stroke, heart attack, irregular heartbeats and so on. It is not necessary that side effects occurred because of Penegra will persist with your body for longer period, if it does happen then contact your physician instantly.

Precaution are must be followed as it is the first step of ensuring safe and secured treatment. The important precaution of Penegra is taking it with physician consent only. Taking it without approval give rise to number of health hazards. Before beginning with Penegra treatment, tell your doctor about your overall medical history. Your physician also must be aware if you following any other prescribe non-prescribe medication. These both are most vital precaution which patient should carefully followed. Men allergic to any component of this pill are suggested to stay away from Penegra. Void intake of nitrate along with Penegra as it contributes to many health complications. Penegra consumption is completely fine with or without food. Only heavy fatty meals are prohibited as it delays effect of the medication. Operating any machinery after few hours of consuming Penegra also not permitted because it induces dizziness and lead to accident. Men above 65 are suggested to take penegra with extra caution and strictly with doctor’s permission. Penegra does not assure you protection against sexually transmitted diseases. So, taking much caution against them is completely patient’s responsibility.

Penegra should be stored in 15-30 degree Celsius room temperature. Neither exceeds nor below temperature is good for storing Penegra because the possibilities of drug spoilage will increase due to this. Store it properly in airtight container and then place the container in dark, cool place. Penegra is meant only for men, so keep it away from reach of children, women and breastfeeding mothers.

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