Dandruff hairDandruff is like tiny, white flakes of lifeless skin of the scalp. Though it is an ordinary issue, it should not be overlooked as it can increase risk of chronic scalp infections. There are innumerable factors that are responsible for this, some of which are basic like lots of stress, hormonal instability and inappropriate diet. Other factor that gives an open invitation to develop this condition includes head lice, dry atmospheric conditions, and utilization of improper hair care products.

•Dry dandruff:-
White flakes decrease the scalp and stimulate a persistent itching feeling.
•Oily dandruff:-
Yellow-colored flakes incline to make the hair muggy. If the issue is worsened, the scalp frequently passes out a foul odor.

To defeat scalp issue instantly, make use of right type of shampoo. The usage need to be dissimilar in case of every condition.

• In condition of a mild dandruff issue, you must begin treating your hair appropriately so that the issue does not turn severe. Simple twice a week use of shampoos that are suit for regular usage on dry hair scalp will be more than enough. Such shampoos are packed with moisturizing properties that assist to keep the scalp hydrated and avert accumulation of flakes on the scalp.

• In reasonable cases, utilization of any usual anti-dandruff shampoo everyday or every alternate day will be adequate. To acquire the superior outcomes on applying the shampoo, keep the soap suds on the hair for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off using water completely. Proper washing of the hair is obligatory. In case, if any shampoo is left over, it can exacerbate the issue further. Once you notice that the problem is reducing gradually, you can go back to rinsing your hair just once or two times in a week. This remedy will definitely aid to maintain a healthy scalp in the long run.

• If you are suffering through a serious dandruff incidence try maximum to utilize those shampoos which are laden with medicinal element such as climbazole and ketoconazole. These elements play a crucial role in battling against scalp infection. Initially, begin with making use of shampoo on alternate days for the first one week. For the remaining 3-4 weeks, utilized it two times in a week and then further cuts down the regularity to once a week.

Once hair is wash properly, dry it using a towel and allow the left over moisture desiccate naturally. Evade blow dry your hair. If possible, make use of a brush with soft natural bristles and brush your scalp initially. Later, brush your hair in outward way. In this way, the natural oil relinquished by the scalp after shampooing get spread evenly into the scalp of hair. This aids the hair to maintain its natural shine and healthy look. Otherwise, if the oil is permitted to fixate on the scalp, it can enhance risk of yeast infection.

Shampoos will assist you to get over dandruff immediately. But, it has been noticed that the problem inclines to happen again, once the shampoo treatment is quitted. In addition, long term utilization of these shampoos may stimulate harm to the hair. As a result, some potent natural remedies are recommended which acts like a permanent solution without harming your hair.

• Lemon juice:-
It is one of the potent home remedy for people suffering through dandruff. Mix some slices of lemon into a cup of coconut oil and keep this combination in the excess heat of sun for a week. Use this mixture properly for massaging the scalp on a daily a basis. After application, within a few days only you will observe reasonable amount of drop in dandruff. After around 15 days, it shall have gone away fully.

• Hot oil:-
Initially, try maximum to treat your hair with hot steam for about 10 minutes. Slightly stir up a cup of olive oil or coconut oil, and then massage the scalp lightly with it. After this, cover up the hair with help of soft towel for half an hour. Then wash off the hair with using normal water.

• Fenugreek seeds:-
Most of us are unaware that fenugreek seeds work amazingly in overcoming dandruff. Hence, soak 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds whole night in a small cup of water. The next day, make a smooth paste of these soaked seeds and use it on the whole scalp appropriately. Let it stay for 30 minutes and then rinse it of using a mild shampoo or soap-nut solution. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into a cup of cup of water, and utilize it as the last rinse for your hair. No doubt, you will enjoy dandruff free hair forever after adopting this hair care regime.

• Aloe vera:-
Apply and rub aloe vera gel to the scalp and allow it to leave for around 30 minutes. Later, rinse your hair properly using a shampoo that holds aloe vera.

You can obviate dandruff completely if you incorporate a healthy balanced diet, take a peaceful, sound sleep every day, and exercise daily. Another thing that is extremely imperative to overcome it permanently is to stay away from stress. It has been noticed that this problem takes place extensively in elderly and young people than in children. This is definite, because children are always tension free. Eating of foods enriched with sugar is one of the main reasons behind dandruff growth. Hence, according to experts one should bring down the consumption of sugar to reduce dandruff. One should also exclude oily and greasy foods from their regimen strictly. Vitamin B supplements and foods packed with zinc can also aid in removing dandruff.

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