stressThere is huge competition in the modern world. All over you need to prove yourself. Plus, burden of expectation as well. The prospects of children are enhancing. Taking care of senior citizens and children has become a major issue, as nobody has sufficient time to spare. Shortage of money and time can develop stress. Since people are becoming more well disposed with machineries, adjusting with family members or nearby people has become huge trouble now. Every individual needs his own space; due to this no one is ready to make adjustment or sacrifices. Constant headache, regular absentmindedness, lessened productivity at work; chest pain is some of potential consequences of too much stress. These could have been abandoned as the ill effects of modern technology and lifestyle which offers countless advantages to human beings. But at the same time one cannot ignore the fact that all these things are also responsible behind developing vast stress contributing to chronic health hazards and behavioral issues. Therefore it has become a leading problem of concern, across the world. You might not realize that stress is affecting your health badly. Have a look at the consequences of stress on psychological as well as physical health.

• Lessened immunity:-
Excessive stress can compel your body to discontinue, resulting in diminished immunity. This is said to be one of the most harmful impact of stress on health.

• Heart diseases:-
Stress of driving, job or any other stress associated to court or family matters, can directly contribute to heart diseases. Heart palpitations, regular blushing, sweating, cold hands and feet are highly noticed; hence earlier attention against them is necessary.

• Sleep troubles:-
Distressed sleep, abnormal sleeping times, huge stress and sleep deprivation are some of symptoms related to insomnia, which enhances risk of several chronic and behavior issues.

• Chest pain:-
This is most usual sign of huge stress, which may contribute to heart issues.

• Stomach upset:-
Regular stomach upset result in stomach ulcers and other severe issues such as constipation, indigestion associated to dysfunction of digestive system. Stress is the leading cause behind this.

• Hypertension:-
Stress can stimulate risk of hypertension, contributing to numerous other issues of health. Trembling of lips, hands can be observed highly owing to vast stress.

• Back pain:-
You might notice that back pain may take place as a result of inactive lifestyle or vigorous exercise but high level of stress is also reason behind back pain. The chances are high that neck ache, foot cramps, or muscle spasms can also takes place because of stress.

• Headache:-
A persistent headache or recurring headaches which can make you respond irritably are the consequences of huge stress. It can largely affect the efficiency at work. Pain or jaw clenching is also highly noticed.

• Lack of attention:-
Poor concentration which can be actually because of high level of stress, may give rise to issues like hurting surrounding people, losing jobs etc. Parent should pay attention whether stress is behind lack of focus in children.

• Often worrying:-
Stressful situation keeps you worrying about each and every minute trouble in daily life. Too much worrying never resolves the issues, in fact develop other problems. Overreaction to tiny nuisances may generate problems.

• Anxiety:-
If anxiety symptoms originating beyond stress are recognized sooner, measure for anxiety heals can be believed good in advance, so as to obviate chronic health issues because of frustration.

• Poor memory:-
You may narrate this to old age, but it is generally observed due to excessive stress.

• Depression:-
Depression is most common indicator of lot of stress. The number of people committing suicide at young age has amazingly enhanced. People going through stress symptoms require instant medical aid.

• Burnout:-
Stress contributes to making you feel completely burnt out.

• Annoyance and temper:-
Stress is responsible for developing anger. Head pain, constant worrying, agitation, might result in unwanted anger effusions, leading in hurting feeling of family or friends, aggression, creating awkward situations, losing control over mind while driving etc.

• Uncertainty:-
High level of stress is reason behind making you feel insecure. In addition, other factors such as shortage of money, job uncertainty, terrorism, shortage of seats found in educational institutes, may generate stress contributing to feeling of insecurity.

• Unhappiness:-
Lots of stress can generate unhappiness, strong feeling of abandonment lead to depression. Children or people might have idea about ‘key to success’, but how to get over failure is possibly never taught.

• Agitation:-
There can be persistent agitation because of huge stress, contributing to some other issues.

• Eating excessively/under eating:-
Lot of stress can make you eat too much or in some instances, under eating is noticed as a sign of intolerable stress. Weight gain or weight loss is frequently because of high level of stress.

• Relationship disputes:-
Huge stress leads to relationship battles, contributing to increased percentage of divorces or battles between parent and children, neighbors, friends, employees and employers etc.

• Constant smoking:-
Frequent smoking is observed in men and women, which is as a result of excessive stress.

• Drugs/ alcohol obsession:-
Addition of drugs and alcohol are associated to increased stress.

• Social withdrawal:-
No wonder, increased stress lead to social withdrawal, again contributing to unhappiness and depression.

• Crying spells:-
When you are under extreme stress, needless crying is experienced. Suicidal thoughts hang around in mind if there is too much stress. As a result, symptoms of stress should never be ignored.

• Poor interest:-
You may lose you interest in look, regularity, personality etc. because of vast stress.

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