DEMENTIAFinding out early signs of dementia is not an easy task because these are such symptoms that may takes place in people who do not confront it too. Dementia in itself includes so many conditions and can be defined as a set of these conditions. In reality, the term dementia is utilized to express gradually increasing memory loss that can change the daily life of individual suffering through this problem. Not just memory loss but problem while executing effortless task and a general confusion are also involved while describing this condition. In severe case, people lose their speech as well. Older adults are highly susceptible to this disease. But, these days, younger people are also going through this condition, but in rare cases. Though there are numerous types of dementia but some symptoms are similar in each type. Hence, the common signs are mentioned here. Observing more than one of the following symptoms may definitely assist you to determine the sign that spot the attack of dementia and stop it from aggravating.

Several studies have disclosed that women are more likely to suffer from dementia and its associated conditions as compared to men. However, one may observe that attack of signs and symptoms in women as well, which are similar from those in men. At the first stage, generally the sign and symptoms of dementia are neglected by people. The symptoms get severe, if most often people take them lightly. As mentioned previously, dementia generally takes place in the older citizens and believed to be one of the many outcomes of aging. It is indispensable to be conscious about its early symptoms before this condition aggravates. As, you might aware that this condition is impossible to cure completely, but if its severity increases over time then the condition will become more difficult.

• Confusion:-
People with this medical condition are frequently confused due to their short-term memory loss and disorientation. This is one of common sign linked with senile dementia. Usually they are incapable to determine what their mode of action should be, and frequently finish performing task without thinking of to do so, or realizing what they are in reality doing.

• Short term memory loss:-
It is one of the first and common sign associated with dementia. The incapability to memories common things in day-to-day task like what ate for lunch, what one was doing a few time ago are nothing but common signs frequently noticed at the occurrence of this condition.

• Losing belongings:-
It is another most common sign which is frequently noticed in people suffering through dementia. At the initial stage of dementia, older adult misplace their belongings most often. Locking cupboards and misplacing the keys, removing ring while taking bath and after forgetting the same are best example of this condition.

• Unexpected mood swings:-
It is only majorly notice and common sign in all types of dementia. Confusion and memory loss are two such factors which enable people to become doubtful of others around them. Hence, sometimes they mostly take out their social interest and may not exhibit their emotion. In simple words, these conditions change their personality significantly.

• Disorientation:-
Another sign is that, those affected with this condition frequently find themselves lost in relation to the place they are in or the time. Even sometimes they feel curious how they reached at that specific place, though they have been there all time.

• Lack of decision:-
Lack of decision making power may also be initial sign of dementia. For example, A good cook suffering through dementia may include little or no salt to the food, or may fail to make decision of how much to add, or how much time to cook the food. Even in case of driving, this decision making may be affected.

• Indulging in recurring behavior:
As older adults gradually lose their memory, those showing the signs of dementia may indulge in recurring behavior. Forgetting that they have consumed medicine and taking it again is the best example of repetitive behavior and most adult confront problem of getting engaged in repetitive behavior. Do not take this sign lightly because repeating certain behavior really damages their health very badly.

• Loss of interest:-
The symptoms of dementia include a full loss of interest and imitativeness to execute any task they formerly enjoyed. After a while, they notice loss of drive even in performing basic activity as well. For example, they need to be motivated to consume food and the like.

All the above mentioned early signs of dementia can be neglected easily. Also these signs are not just experienced by elderly people because sometime youngsters also experience the same. If you observe these symptoms more often, then it is mandatory to take advice from a doctor or a psychiatrist to find out and treat the problem. Since dementia is one such disease which takes place because of a quick deterioration of brain cells. This happens due to aging and shortage of oxygen to the brain, or for any other purpose. But, it is vital to treat the condition correctly and as early as possible. The health care professional may recommend you certain test to determine the exact cause of the condition and treat it. The success of treatment generally relies on finding its exact cause.

There are some special things that may help affected people to beat this condition considerably, especially if it discovers at younger age. If the aforesaid signs are recognized, seek for medical help instantly. No doubt, other things may also help to obtain control over this condition. Indulging in tasks that keeps brain dynamic may help you a lot. Plus, incorporating foods that promote brain function may also assist you to keep this condition at bay to a great extent.

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