junk-foodDiabetes is a chronic illness and it can be controlled by making few changes in your lifestyle, particularly in dietary habits. It is very indispensable for a diabetes sufferers to be aware about what foods to consume and what to void. Since the foodstuff enriched with sugar and fat worsens the condition.

People with diabetes should not just maintain distance from sugar rich foods but should also keep control over other food consumption, particularly foods packed with carbohydrates. Foods loaded with cholesterol are also believed to be harmful for people affected with diabetes, and therefore is better to averted. Some recent studies have disclosed that even intake of some fruits and veggie is responsible for aggravating the diabetes. Similarly, strictly say no to junk food and fizzy beverages to cure diabetes completely.

• Foods loaded with sugar:-
Foods that hold an abundant source of sugar such as chocolates, cookies, white sugar, donuts, pastries, ice creams, artificial sweeteners and cookies can be very dangerous for diabetes sufferers. The list of foods packed with carbohydrates is said to be main culprit in this sugar imbalance disease. Food items enriched with glucose and fructose like fruit juice and table sugar also give rise to worsen the condition. Since these food leads to elevated blood sugar level. Considering to disadvantages of these foods, people with diabetes should strictly obviated these food items. If completely stopping intake of sugar is finding difficult then at least reduce intake of it to a great extent. But this should be done only after taking advice from a physician. This is one of the excellent solutions to keep diabetes in check.

• Fruits and vegetables:-
Within fruits, diabetes sufferers are suggested to avert certain fruits which are loaded with glucose or sucrose content or consume them in reasonable amount. Though, fruits intake is said to be good for diabetes but not all fruits. As, some fruits even increase the risk. Eating fruits like strawberries, dates and mangoes can lead to increase in the blood sugar level, which can be risky to health. Veggies packed with starch element such as squash and potato should also be averted. You can give preference to fruits that holds an abundant source of fiber like raspberries, pears, starchy veggie, apples, beans, carrots and beet root instead of eating sugar rich foodstuff.

• Fried foods:-
Fried food, particularly those fried with maximum use of hydrogenated oil are considered to be unhealthy for people with diabetes. As these foodstuff is responsible for spike in bad cholesterol in the body. Tran’s fat is abundantly present in these food items. If you cannot avoid eating fried food then make use of olive oil or canola oil for frying the food. But overuse of these oil is also not good, hence use in moderation. As these oils is less damaging comparing to hydrogenated oil for the body. It would better if you could opt healthy cooking options like streamed, baked or boiled foods. These options are perfect for people affected with diabetes.

• Foods packed with cholesterol:-
Several studies indicate that diabetes disease cuts down the amount of HDL cholesterol (Good cholesterol) and promote the amount of LDL cholesterol (Bad cholesterol) in the body. Due to this situation, people already affected with diabetes become prone to innumerable heart disease. Since the possibilities are high that bad cholesterol leads to plaque formation on the artery walls. In such condition, foods that hold an excellent source of high cholesterol like red meat, shrimp, cheese, poultry, high-fat dairy products, egg yolk, butter causes harm to the health and therefore are better to be obviated.

• Alcoholic drink:-
Because of its propensity to elevated blood sugar level, Alcohol in large amount can create some severe issues to an individual going through diabetes. People who are taking alcohol without taking any food are at are at increased risk of suffering through hypoglycemia. The issue of concern is liver stores the glucose ejected within the body. Any harm to the live due to too much alcohol consumption, may make person difficult to obtain control over glucose level in the body. Taking alcohol in reasonable amount is fine only when if diabetes is fully under control.

• Fruit juices:-
One research has proven that drinking one glass of fruit juice on a daily basis enhances the threat of diabetes substantially. As a result, it would prove extremely helpful if you avert fruit juice and take fruit simply. The best advantage of consuming fruit for diabetes sufferers is they get sufficient amount of fiber required for healthy body through consumption of fruit. In addition, keep in mind fruits juices contain an immense source of carbohydrates, and therefore are best to averted. If will be fine if person prefer fruit juice once in a while but that must also be in reasonable amount and has to be an integral part of good-designed diet.

Other food stuff which must be obviated by a diabetes sufferers consist of foods laden with sodium like soy sauce, refined flour items like pizzas, pastas, and salad dressing like mayonnaise and mustard. These foods are said to be biggest enemies of diabetes as they give an open invitation to diabetes. As remarked earlier, junk food is completely unexpected for a people affected with any type of diabetes. A person with diabetes can take any other food in reasonable amount after taking approval from a physician, but junk food is absolutely no.

After knowing that these food items are not good for health, most people find difficult to avert them. In such circumstance, knowing about the ill-effects of eating these foods can aid you to keep distance from them.

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