actosActos is globally recognized oral pill to help type 2 diabetes. It generally comes in tablet form. Never use this medication to cure the condition of type 1 diabetes or diabetic ketotacidosis. Type 2 diabetes is one kind of severe illnesses which is marked by elevated level of sugar in the blood. Type 2 diabetes takes place when cells of the body fail to react to insulin, also referred as insulin resistance. Due to this condition blood neither enters into cells nor converts into energy. In fact, it enhances possibilities of elevated blood sugar in the body and induces diabetes. This sugar imbalanced disease is also referred as hyperglycemia. This potent pill plays a crucial role in keeping blood sugar level under control.

Do not use Actos if you are going through chronic or uncontrolled heart failure or affected with bladder cancer. Avoid use of this medicine if you are in a condition of diabetic ketoacidosis. Actos can stimulate or aggravate congestive heart failure. Quit using this drug and rush to your physician instantly if you observed difficulty while breathing, swelling or unexpected weight gain. To ensure Actos is secure for you, inform your doctor if you have health issues like fluid retention, a history of liver disease, stroke, heart attack, congestive heart failure, liver disease or bladder cancer. If people affected with these mentioned health ailments take this pill may give rise to severe heart problems. The chances are high that untreated diabetes may cause harm to your heart and other organs. Take advice from your physician about the dangers and advantages of treating diabetes with Actos.

Women may notice bone fracture in the upper arm, foot or hand while incorporating Actos. Take a doctor’s consent if you are fretful about this risk. Also, inform your doctor if you are pregnant or planning to conceive while using thus drug. Initial suggested dose of type 2 diabetes is 15-30 mg. Later the dose raises, declines or stopped relying on its respond to your body. But without taking approval from your health care professional you are not allowed to make alteration in dosage. In fact, you cannot stop its usage without physician approval.

You can take Actos either on an empty stomach or with food. Fix one specific time for taking Actots and take medicine exactly at the same time daily. You must be regular and punctual with the medication if want to experience prompt outcomes. Avoid taking two pills in one day as it leads to serious health hazards. You might familiar that overdose of any medication is bad for health.

There are some less severe ill effects associated with Actos use. They are extremely mild, less powerful and do not stimulate serious health risks. In some cases they vanish without taking medical aid. But, if these signs stay for longer duration then it indicates that medical help is must. Weight gain, headache, tooth issues, muscle pain, running nose, sneezing, cough and cold are harmless side effects. Keep proceeding taking the medication on onset of these symptoms.

Actos stimulate severe side effects too. They can prove dangerous also if treatment is delayed. Hence, take extra care with them. Chronic side effects consist of sudden weight gain, pain in chest, breathlessness, nausea, swelling, pain in stomach, mild fever, constant urination, raised thirst or starvation, dark urine, blurred vision, pale skin, fatigue and so on. If any of these symptoms occurs instantly rush to your doctor. Never take easily to any of these chronic health issues.

Taking Actos with doctor’s suggestion may prove extremely beneficial to all Patients of type 2 diabetes. Consuming it without advice of a physician may induce numerous health troubles. For safe treatment also inform your doctor if consuming any prescription, vitamins, non prescriptions and herbal supplements. Sometime possibilities are high that due to Actos consumption blood sugar level can become incredibly low means below the normal level. It can be decline if you meet symptoms like confusion, irritability, weakness, tremors, hunger, headache, tiredness, giddiness, rapid heartbeat, fainting, coma, sweating and so on. People preferring Actos must always carry a source of sugar with them. Chocolates and sweets contain sugar in rich concentration hence, if blood sugar goes below the normal point it is an excellent solution. If you notice symptom of fast weight gain, immediately contact your health care provider.

Once people started with Actos treatment, they should stay from intake of alcohol. Alcohol acts with the medication and takes blood sugar level below normal level. Hence, keep distance from taking alcohol. It would be better if pregnant or breastfeeding mothers take Actos with doctor’s permission. Since, it is not yet proved that this whether medication is safe or unsafe for both categories. If you have any allergy of preservatives, foods or dyes then in that case firstly visit a doctor and then prefer Actos. Apart from that, if allergic to Actos or any of its key ingredients then also do not take this medicine. It is necessary to tell you physician if you gone through any of surgery.

Accurate temperature is must for survival of Actos. 25 degree Celsius room temperature is believed to be safe enough for storing Actos. Neither too hot nor too cool temperature is suitable for storing Actos. Both contribute to spoil the medication sooner. Keep the actor pills in air tight container and then place it cool and dark area. Keeping outdated pills of Actos at home is very risky because by mistake any individual consumers may suffer through many health complications. Therefore, try best to discard it as soon as possible.

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