Herbs that control hypertensionHypertension is a condition that is frequently thought to be a lifestyle disorders. In most instances, hypertension progresses slowly through the years, and do not have a particular cause. The risk factors comprises family history, age, tension, obesity, maternity, huge consumption of sodium, shortage of bodily activity, alcohol intake, addiction of tobacco, insufficiency of vitamin D and potassium, etc. Hypertension is an extremely normal disorder in senior citizens, but these days, children are also susceptible to this condition. This happens because of their inactive lifestyle and improper diet.

With regular onset of this disorder, majority of people are shifting towards herbal medicine and other stress relieving techniques. Here are some herbs, which are noticed to be powerful for keeping hypertension under control.

List of Herbs That control High Blood Pressure


This herb is extensively utilized in the Indian cuisine and has countless medicinal properties. The curcumin, key component of turmeric has numerous antioxidant properties that assist to control LDL cholesterol, and ensures smooth blood flow by making blood vessels powerful. Turmeric is also said to be beneficial for liver metabolism.


Ginger is an integral element of an Asian cuisine. It is excellent for improving blood circulation and for comforting muscles around the blood vessels. This herb is also utilized to keep nausea and other digestive problems at bay.


Also referred as mayblossom, it is kind of a herb which has been utilized to heal hypertension since long. It is considered that, this herb lifts up blood flow by bringing down the arteries. Hawthorn cuts down the peril of solidifying of coronary arteries and makes heart muscles strong. It is wise to prefer hawthorn in the form of herbal tea.


Garlic has huge significance in cooking and has achieved great value as culinary herbs, but it has several health advantages as well. It is thought to be useful for controlling hypertension and for boosting cardiovascular health. It is also superior for reducing the LDL cholesterol level and contains vast antibacterial properties. Recent studies have disclosed that garlic supplements play a dominant role in controlling hypertension. But, use such supplements only under medical supervision. It may give rise to some side effects, if gulp with some prescribe medication.

Ginkgo Biloba:-

This herb is of Chinese origin and is highly utilize for medicinal purpose since long period. It is observed to efficacious for bringing down high blood pressure, as it reduces arteries and promote blood circulation. This supports augmented blood flow to the brain, thereby increasing the memory strength.

Olive leaf:-

Olive leaf extract is said to be effective for monitoring high blood pressure. It can also assist to normalize abnormal heartbeat or arrhythmia.


Basil is a pleasant tasting herb that works miraculous in a variety of foods. It also facilitate cut down your blood pressure. Extract of basil works wonder in lowering blood pressure. Including fresh basil in your regimen is simple and definitely helpful. You can make use of basil leaves while preparing various dishes such as salads, pastas, casseroles and soups.


It is another effective herb highly used in the foods of south Asia. In order to lower blood pressure adding this herb in diet is best solution. You can add cardamom seeds or the powder in soups, stews, backed goods and spice rubs for obtaining optimistic health advantages.

Celery seeds:-

Maximum use of celery seed is done while making casseroles, stews, flavor soups and other savory dishes. This powerful herb has been long used to normalize blood pressure. Even its seeds as well juice is also said to be effective to keep blood pressure under control.

Cat’s claw:-

This herbal medicine cures high blood pressure and neurological health issues. Research has shown that it reduces blood pressure by working on calcium channels in your cells. You can receive cat’s claw in supplement sources too from numerous health food stores.

French Lavender:-

Since long time lavender oil has been utilized as a perfume element and also to cause relaxation. The herb is good option to acquire control over blood pressure. Handful of people utilizes lavender for culinary purpose. But, no issues if you utilize the flowers in baked goods and make use of leaves in the similar way you would utilize rosemary.


Cinnamon is another delicious herb that that brings down your blood pressure numbers significantly. Intake of cinnamon daily has been exhibited to reduce blood pressure in diabetes sufferers. Add cinnamon in your oatmeal, coffee and breakfast cereal.

There are innumerable herbs utilize for healing high blood pressure. The list comprises mistletoe, lime blossom, saffron, hibiscus, rauwolfia, asparagus, maitake mushroom, saffron and so on. To make sure the efficaciousness of herbs, they should be incorporated in dictated proportion. You must give priority to purchasing best quality herbs and consume exactly as per recommend by your medical expert. It is always wise to look for the suggestion of your physician prior beginning any herbal treatment for reducing hypertension. Opting a healthy lifestyle, with a balanced diet and daily workout may also work miraculous for averting and normalizing high blood pressure.

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