FOODS THAT PROMOTES TESTOSTERONETestosterone is cited as male sex hormone but is also present in women in tiny proportion. Studies have shown those sufficient testosterones are fundamental to encourage formation of muscles and to keep sexual dysfunction in men at bay. Loss of muscle mass, erectile dysfunction and sluggishness linked with testosterone inadequacy can be dealt naturally by giving preference to foods that aid to lift up testosterone production in the body.


Foods laden with Zinc

Loss of libido has been associated to low zinc level. As a result, to a great degree the body depends on zinc to produce testosterone in an enough amounts. Therefore, in order to re-enchant sex life, one should incorporate those foods which are enriched with zinc. Food items such as lamb, peanuts, oysters, dried watermelon seeds, low fat roasted beef, sesame butter, cocoa powder, roasted pumpkin seeds and chicken are best example of zinc rich foods.

Foods packed with monounsaturated fats

Raised cholesterol level is one of the leading reasons behind men and women lack of testosterone. In fact huge cholesterol level can definitely destruct your sex drive. A healthy ways to cut down LDL cholesterol level is to eat foods that are an excellent source of monounsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats are considered to be healthy fats that play a dominant role to bring down LDL cholesterol. Foods such as Pistachios, fish particularly salmon and tuna, olive oil, walnuts, fish oil, yogurt, and almond are abundant source of monounsaturated fats.

Vitamin B foods

In addition to consuming foods rich in zinc, one should enhance consumption of vitamin B to elevate testosterone naturally. The body also relies on vitamin B to generate testosterone. In addition, it supports assimilation of zinc this is consumed through outer sources. Vitamin B is amply found in Raspberries, bananas, eggs, and watermelon.


According to numerous studies, garlic is said to be a natural sex drive booster and can also increase sexual stamina. Garlic hold libido because it hold an element name allicin, ingestion of which encourage an increase in testosterone levels. Allicin also cause blood circulation in the genital areas, thereby furnishing a fast sexual response.

Foods enriched with vitamin A and E 

To induce the body to raise testosterone, one should consume fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A and E. Poor sex drive has been related with a diet that is lacking in Vitamin A and E. In fact, Vitamin E also called as sex vitamin because of its capability to raise testosterone production. To evade sex drive from declining and to regenerate healthy sexual life have the mentioned foods in your daily regimen. The list of those consists vegetables like tomatoes, carrots, asparagus and spinach. Moreover, also fruits such as papaya, pomegranate, blackberries, figs, mangoes, blueberries and so on.

Foods high in indole-3-carbinol

Indole-3-carbinol is also referred as 13C, a phytochemical that quits the manufacturing of ‘bad estrogen’ and supports transformation of ‘good estrogen’ into testosterone. An enzyme called aromatase is the major enemy behind conversion of testosterone to estrogen. 13C kills aromatase, thereby limiting the transformation of testosterone. Vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts are powerhouse of 13C and these acts as natural testosterone enhancers.


Restricting alcohol consumption is obligatory as too much intake can obstruct production of testosterone. Intake of alcohol in reasonable proportion may not a reason for fear but alcohol abuse particularly of brandy, whiskey and rum may confront low testosterone level.

Daily exercising should also be adopted in your everyday schedule to strengthen testosterone levels. Workout such as deadlifts, bench press and squats are extremely beneficial. In simple words, lifting weights can help in long run in enhancing the releasing of this hormone.

Studies also revealed that not taking sufficient sleep can reduce testosterone production. Testosterone level gets lessened by around 60 percent in people taking sleep simply for four hours at night.

Vast cholesterol from food finally formulates in the blood vessels and limits blood circulation to the genital area. This is because the person becomes prone to male impotence. Hence, one should keep distance from cholesterol rich foods to improve testosterone. Also, avert eating organ meats and cut seeable fat prior cooking poultry products and red meat. Exclude fried foods, sugar rich foods and opt healthy cooking ways like poaching, roasting, boiling, steaming and grilling.

There are endless testosterone enhancer supplements in the market therefore sometimes it becomes hard to choose one. Some side effects are also linked with these testosterone enhancers. Balding and acne are most common side effects related with these supplements. Large prostate and gynecomastia are some of grave and permanent side effects of testosterone supplements. The testosterone supplements play a key role in rendering you energy and power to lift huge weight while doing exercise and will also support augment your sex drive. It is not suggested to consume testosterone supplements if your age is below 21 years and even if you have not taken advice from a doctor prior purchasing any testosterone supplement.

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