fosamaxMost of women across the world are at a higher risk of developing bone disorder called osteoporosis. Bone becomes too much weak and fragile in this medical condition. Growing age is the biggest risk factors behind occurrence of this bone disorder. Fosamax is considered to be boon for women suffering from low bone density after menopause. This tablet comes under group of bisphosphonates and is specially intended to cope with problem of osteoporosis. Besides osteoporosis, it also works wonderfully in treating number of health disorders like bone cancer, paget’s disorder and other bone related problems. Alendronated is key component of this medicine and is also available in liquid form. Fosamax tablet protect your bone from weakening by declining the action of cells that lead to break down of bones in the body. In addition, it also enhances essential mineral that is necessary to overcome all osteoporosis associated fractures. Not only women with osteoporosis but those women who are at a risk of developing osteoporosis can consume Fosamax tablet. It is proven extremely beneficial for women.

Take tablet of Fosamax strictly under medical direction only. Taking without consulting of doctor can also prove harmful to your health. Your doctor is the right Peron to guide you about appropriate dosage and dosage schedule, whether to take on daily or weekly basis. Your physician will give you dosage depending on your type of bond disorders. Usually, initially recommended dose for people with osteoporosis is 70 mg weekly and 10mg on daily basis. In case, if you want to keep this disorder at bay 35mg weekly and 5mg daily dose of Fosamax is recommended. In order to cure paget’s disease, 40mg daily dose is recommend for continuous 6 months. Take tablet of fosamax only with water and not with other liquid forms like milk, juice, soda and so on. Take it wholly without chewing, breaking or crushing. Do not forget to take it 30 minutes prior to drinking or eating anything. Obviate it taking before going to sleep. Never take rest for next 30 minutes, one you consume this pill. This instruction is just to ward off the risk of esophagus irritation. One more important thing that while taking Fosamax, sufficient amount calcium and vitamin D is necessary for the body to build bone. Keep in mind this medicine cannot develop bone without these essential mineral. Hence focus on eating calcium rich foods and take adequate vitamin D as well. For faster recovery and safe treatment take this medicine as per prescription only. If sometime if you forgot by mistake to consume, take it as early as once you remember. If there is time of next dose skip the previous one but continue with regular one. If you take miss dose and regular one together, it results in over dosage. Stay away from overdose and it related possible health hazards.

Likewise other medicine there are some side effects also link with use of Fosamax. But, comparing to other medicine side effects of Fosamax is very less. Severe and less severe both types of side effects are related with Fosamax. Everyone who consumes this tablet may not suffer from side effects. Abdominal pain, joint pain, indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, heartburn, bone muscle, gas are some commonly observed and easily vanish side effects. These side effects are common and not bring any worry. But, if remain in long run then it’s better to consult doctor. Severe side effects reported after use of Fosamax includes chest pain, throat pain, serious heartburn, joint pain, severe bone muscle, difficulty while swallowing and tooth problem. Sometime it also develops some allergic reactions like swelling of throat, lips, itching, rashes, hives and many more. Immediately contact your health care provider if you go through any of above severe side effects.

For ensuring long term use of medicine it is always better to store them properly. If you don’t store Fosamax properly, chances of medicine spoilage increase considerably. This is the reason why storing temperature is considered vital. Appropriate storing temperature is must to ensure medicine safety. To store Fosamax, 25 degree Celsius is considered ideal. Make sure that you are not storing packet of Fosamax in too hot or too cold temperature. It must be properly store in an airtight container and the place where you have store box should be cool, dust free and dark. If once taken out for use store it properly again in same airtight container and same temperature. Do not store it in odd places like kitchen sink or bathroom. Store this medicine in such a place which is far away from reach of pet and children. Since, it is not entailed for them. Never make the mistake of sharing this medicine with others as it is need to be taken only under medical direction. Never store Fosamax near around heat, moisture and light. Extreme temperature result in melting it, while moisture bursts it and light affects its effectiveness. Expired packet of fosamx should be ditched in right manner. Keeping outdated tablet of fasamax at home is not safe. Carefully dispose of outdated packet of Fosamax as early as possible when no longer required.

Take Fosamax under medical guidance only as doctor’s consultation is important before starting Fosamax treatment. Your physician must be aware if you have certain problems like difficulty in swallowing, low blood calcium, incapable to sit or stand for continuous half an hour, narrowing of esophagus, kidney disease allergic to certain food and preservatives or dyes. Tell your doctor if you are breastfeeding mother, pregnant or planning to become pregnant before starting with the dose. Inform your doctors clearly if you need to go through any dental procedure. Besides that, also inform your doctor if taking any prescribes, non- prescribe vitamins and other herbal supplement before beginning with Fosamax treatment. This is so because this medicine interacts with other medicine and lead to severe complications. If allergic with any ingredient present in Fosamax stop making use of it or use with your physician’s advice. Taking medicine before going to bed and resting immediately after taking pill is not permitted because it contributes to severe complication like esophagus irritation.

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