o-HAPPY-MARRIAGE-facebookAs like Cialis, Apcalis oral jelly holds the same important component. Impotence is one such embarrassing condition which makes man incapable to attain penile erection that is essential for a successful sexual act. Apcalis oral jelly contains Tadalafil in jelly form for treating men suffering from ED. The benefit of using this jelly that comparing to other hard pills it easily gets dissolved into mouth and available in various tasty flavors. It is quiet easy to use as compare to other swallowing ED pill. This is because people give more preference to this jelly than ED pills. Apcalis is the generic version of branded medication called Cialis. After taking Apcalis, patient can enjoy benefits for around 36 hours. Between this period men can indulge in sexual act anytime. This medication promotes blood flow incredibly into the penile muscles and makes liable the person to achieve an erection during sexual intercourse. This medication provides men long lasting erection and cures ED problem substantially. After consuming Apcalis, start showing its result just within 20-30 minutes. Apcalis is one well-known and most reliable medication due to which it is utilized by men all over the world to ensure successful ED treatment. This medication has obtained trust of every ED sufferers just because it gives desire result quickly and treats ED effectively. It is also well known by another name called “Weekend pill”.

To ensure safe treatment, impotent men need to follow all the dosage instruction provided by health care provider. Always take dose carefully according to prescription and do not exceed. Over dosage may result in various side effects and may affect your health severely. Taking Apcalis prove beneficial if taken 20-30 minutes before initialing sexual intercourse. One more important thing this medical must be consume by those men only who are affected with ED problem. Doctors consultation is must before you start with Apcalis treatment. 20mg dose of Apcalis oral jelly is highly prescribed but take only once in a day. Simply take the medication with glass of water and obviate alcohol, grape juice while consuming this medication as it delays the effects and in some cases risk of serious side effects also enhances considerably. If impotent men have any problem like heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, cancer, prostate surgery, liver malfunctions need to take Apcalis oral jelly strictly under medical direction only. Treatment of Apcalis is considered beneficial as it helps men to achieve an erection naturally through sexual arousal or excitement.

    Every individual using this medication may not experience side effects. The side effects linked with use of Apcalis are not long lasting and gets vanish easily after some time. Treatment of Apcalis oral jelly may prove beneficial, if you taking medicine in appropriate prescribed dosage. Headache, diarrhea, back pain, reddening of face, upset stomach, muscle pain, blurred vision, runny nose, light sensitivity, color blindness are some of the commonly observed side effects of Apcalis oral jelly. These side effects need not medical help and are not long lasting. If the side effects mentioned above remain for longer period then consult immediately with doctor as it is an issue of concern. In some cases users of Apcalis may also notice some serious side effects like heart problem, stroke, chest pain, breathlessness, prolonged erection, and allergic reaction like itching rashes and so on. These are some serious form of side effects, if patient notice any of above mentioned needs to stop using this medication under medication guidance.

       For experiencing best result, precautions are necessary to followed. Generally, precautionary measures are nothing but the safety information which every impotent man need to keep in mind before beginning with Apcalis oral jelly treatment. It is necessary to take doctor’s advice before starting with this treatment. As this medication may also cause harm to your health, if taken without consulting with doctors. Therefore, for safety purpose your doctor’s advice is must in order to ensure safe treatment. Tadalafil Citrate is a key component of Apcalis oral jelly. Hence, users of this medication should stay away from nitrate based medicines, once treatment begins. Taking Apcalis along with other nitrate based medicine have possibilities of causing harm to your health. Avoid taking Apcalis along with grape fruit, grape juice or alcohol as they may slow down the effectiveness of the medicine. Simply take the medicine on an empty stomach and do not take after a fatty meal as it may lower the strength of medicine. Dizziness is severe cause related with use of Apcalis oral jelly. Therefore try maximum not to indulge in strenuous physical activity, mind related activity, driving, operating heavy machinery and so on. Keep in mind that this medicine can only help for man suffering from sexual disorder called erectile dysfunction. It is not intended to protect you from any sexually transmitted diseases, life threatening diseases like cancer, HIV and AIDS etc. Apcalis oral jelly must be avoided if one does not desires to indulge in foreplay. Do not totally depend on this medication and avoid regular use. Being habitual to this medication is also not good considering to your health.

      Taking appropriate storage care of Apcalis oral jelly is essential for long term use. Highly suggested temperature for storing this medicine is 15-30 degree Celsius. Storing medicine below and beyond the mentioned temperature may spoil the medicine. Make sure after every time using the medicine again you are storing it properly in an airtight container. Due to this chance of drug spoilage gets reduce consequently. Do not forget to keep the box in cool, dry and moisture free place. Ensure that the place where you have store Apcalis oral jelly is neat and clean. Do not store it in places with excess moisture and direct exposure to light or heat. To maintain potency of medicines avoid storing it in places like refrigerator, kitchen sink and bathroom. It is extremely harmful to store expired packet of this medicine. As a result, carefully discard of outdated packet as early as possible.

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