obesityDespite of incorporating healthy eating habits and exercising daily weight gain can be a problem disturbing majority of women. But inexplicable increase in weight can be stimulated owing to numerous reasons which many are ignorant about. The common cause for gain in weight is eating too much calories that can be burned off. But no need to concern about this issue at all because one can acquire control over gain in weight by altering her eating habits and by doing exercise a little more. But fast weight gain is a circumstance in which a person obtains a huge weight in a very short duration. Now this can be a frightening problem as one fails to realize the root causes of the mysterious weight gain. It could also be due to some diseases which are often neglected until now.

There are lots of reasons behind increase in weight which should be measured. The person should take approval from a doctor to determine the definite cause.

• Eating excessively:-
Eating too much is the simplest reason responsible for sudden weight gain. Inappropriate eating habits or a diet enriched with fat can also contribute to fast weight gain. One can be confronting hyperphagia, an illness including an unusually augmented craving, which takes place because harm induced to the hypothalamus.
A healthy balanced diet and a proper fitness routine can assist in evading weight gain as a result of eating excessively.

• Aging:-
Aging can stimulate a significant decline in the rate of metabolism owing to decreased activity. Due to increase in ages most of your body parts turns less active and thus cuts fewer calories off. This in turn ultimately leads to gain in the body weight.

While growing older staying active becomes a little hard but daily workout together with a diet that aids you to furnish the altering nutritional necessity of your body is fundamental to avoid the unnecessary weight gain.

• Blood sugar disproportion:-
Eating simple carbohydrates in your daily diet can augment the blood sugar level. This indicates the insulin to cut down the heightened sugar level which in turn builds the body desire for significant carbohydrates to make the blood sugar stabilize. This cycle, if extended induces fast weight gain.
You can acquire control over blood sugar by consuming at regular intervals which finally assist you stay off the additional pounds gained.

• Hormonal inequality:-
Gain in weight is also directly linked with hormonal changes. Hormones such as progesterone, estrogen and insulin play a dominant role in keeping weight in check.
An appropriate hormonal treatment under the observation of an expert doctor can work wonder.

• Depression:-
Too much tension and depression can also result in an impulsive gain in body weight. In the attempt to manage tension, people incline to eat excessively and increase weight. The cycle persists and it turns hard to get back to usual.

Daily exercise discharges the ‘feel good’ hormone and aids keep you energetic throughout the day. Sufficient sleep also plays a key role in keeping you stress free.

Along with the causes noted above, there can be numerous other reasons such as food sensitives, hypothyroidism and emotional eating can also give rise to fast and unexpected weight gain.

Every women desire to have a wonderful figure to exhibit. This the leading reason due to which most of women fails to run their regular tasks; sometimes because of their daily visit to the gym for a harsh fitness routine. But on an average, women who cross their 40 find difficult to blot out those additional kilos they obtain at numerous places on their body. There may be innumerable reasons for the fast increase in weight in women relying on age, metabolism, hormonal inequality, etc.

• During maternity:-
Increase in weight during maternity is believed to be obvious. It proves useful for the developing unborn child. But, do not forget that unexpected weight gain in maternity can also stimulate trouble for the mother as well as her fetus. It can also increase risk of difficulty in the delivery of the fetus. In addition, the possibilities are high that it can contribute to countless issues including gestational diabetes, chronic leg, back pain and tiredness. It can also enhance risk of fetus being overweight.

• During menopause:-
Gain in weight is a very usual fact related with menopause. Around 90 percent of women begin obtaining weight around their stomach rather than the hips during their menopause. There is no need to concern about as this is fairly probable at this phase. According to studies, it is sure consequence of the altering hormonal balance during and after menopause.

• During menstruation:-
Weight gain during menstrual cycle is because of several factors such as eating excessively, food desire, hormonal alternations, and water retention.

• Mitochondrial dysfunction
• Insomnia (Inadequacy of sleep)
• Inherited disposition
• Leptin (one powerful hormone that keeps starvation under control) resistance
• Over burden of work (contributing to tension and hormonal instability)
• Inactive lifestyle
• Shortage of proper workout
• Gastrointestinal issues
• Intake of food which fails to give you a feeling of completeness
• Excessive intake of beverages such as soda, sweetened soft drinks
• Addition of alcohol
• Too much eating of fructose rich corn syrup by beverages, sweets and desserts
• Too much fasting (contributing to decelerated rate of metabolism)
• Women who stop smoking inclines to eat extensively
• If your friends eat drastically, you also incline to eat significantly
• Some women combat tension or depression by consuming beloved food in huge amount

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