cancer womenWomen’s all over the world are more often affected by cancer. The cancers that most frequently affect women are Breast, lung, skin, cervical, colorectal, endometrial and ovarian cancer. In 2012 around 145000 women were suffering from breast cancer and approx 70,000 women died of it. Most common cancer that the majority of women’s deal with is breast cancer in their lifetime, it can arise at any age. But at the age of 40 the risk factor increase wisely and more often the risk goes up as woman befalls older. Some women may have greater chances of having breast cancer because of certain specific reasons. Cancer is not one disease, but mixture of several diseases.

Here are some of the symptoms of cancer in women:

  • Breast changes: Lumps emergence, it is the thicker small sized pea somewhere near breast or near the armpits .It’s not very painful one will found irritation tenderness around that area.
  • Changes in the structure of nipples: One of the most crucial sign of breast cancer is noticing changes in nipples. It might turn into reddish in color and get push inward (retracted).
  • Changes in breast size: Another significant sign is changes noticed in breast size or shape. The size of the breast may increase or decrease it may varies from women to women.
  • Changes in the structure and shape (breast): The entire color of breast changes or it specific area of breast may turn into pink or red color.
  • Bloating: Every 2 out of 10 women complaints about Bloating especially at that time of month. Once after the cycle finish still you think you’re bloating constantly constipated than it might trigger the ovarian or uterine cancer. Despite a lighter appetite there is feeling of fullness than this might be another signal of ovarian cancer.
  • Pelvic pain or abnormal periods: Now a day its very common that period may not occur on a very regular basis, but the flow all of a sudden goes up drastically heavier month after month. During this if you start pelvic pain and bleeding heavily than consult your doctor as it may shape up endometrial cancer.
  • Trouble in Swallowing: Trouble in swallowing is not a big thing, but if it often trouble you especially without vomiting or weight loss than it may be the symptoms of throat or stomach cancer.
  • Severe Heart burn: Heart burn can be because of many things too much of oily fried spicy food, excess consumption of alcohol, or even stress. This all are the reason enough to root heart burn. Make changes in your diet to see if the symptoms of burn get better, if it doesn’t than consult your doctor because it might be the symptoms of ovaries, throat or again stomach cancer.
  • Changes in mouth organs: If you found something like bright reddish or white patches inside your mouth or on your lips than it might awake oral cancer.
  • Coughing (long period): Coughing for continuous time is not a good sign rather it is a signal of serious problem. Especially, if you are a regular smoker a cough is the one of the top most reason behind causes of lung cancer. You can feel lack of breathing this cancer or their may blood coming out from your mouth when cough severely. Severe cough is the sign of lung cancer in most of the people.
  • Changes in skin: A changes in color, shape or size of the skin is one of the reasons for skin cancer. There might be chances of emergent of other spots on skin which is very common.
  • Sudden weight loss: Sudden changes in your weight without trying may be a sign of danger condition. As most of the women think to lose excess weight without trying or magically if they could .But drastic changes in weight may be because of stress or of your thyroid, it may further lead to pancreatic cancer or possibly lung /stomach cancer.

Cancer can be cured, but at the earlier stage. Your lifestyle has a huge impact on things which are liable to cause cancer .However; it’s the choices (lifestyle) you make that affect the developing of cancer in you. So if you are really anxious about curing or overcoming of cancer than you must adapt simple enormous changes in your diet as well as in your lifestyle.

First and foremost thing to do is quit smoking, as it directly linked to lung cancer, oral and pancreas cancer. Any kind of tobacco use will make you fall near the finish line of cancer, because tobacco consumption leads to collision means with cancer. Avoiding tobacco is one of the finest ways to cure cancer if having problem in doing so take help of your doctor. Eat plenty of whole grains and fruits which will help you to fight against cancer. Restrict yourself from having high fat foods, fat foods are more probably to increase the weight which in turn again increases the risk of cancer. Maintain a healthy weight. Losing your hair tremendously is one of the reasons for emerging cancer. Talk to your doctor about it go for some tests to find out what exactly it is . Avoid going out during the midday sun; shelter yourself from ultraviolent radiation as much as possible this can help you to prevent from skin cancer. Get immune against Hepatitis B and HPV (Human papilloma virus) which leads to liver and cervical cancer. HPV is a virus transmitted sexually .it can lead to other genital cancer also. Avoid risky behavior or rather have a safe sex. Limit sex partners or use condoms while having sex. The more partners you have sex in your lifetime the closer you get into contact with sexually transmitted infection namely HIV and HPV. HPV is more often likely to develop cervical cancer. Do not share needles which are used for infected drug user person which lead to HIV and Hepatitis B and C that is liable to increase the risk of liver cancer. Regular screening of various type of cancer and self examine helps you to know the risk factor of cancer at the earlier phase besides it ascertain your chances of recovering at an early stage.

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