alzehimerAlzheimer is a type of mortal disease that diminishes thinking aptitude and behavior in person. It’s a neurological (nervous) disorder. It takes place because of the fatality/loss of brain cells. The death cells in brain increase gradually and further the brains start shrinking (reducing the size than the actual) at one point and impede blood circulation in cells which cause memory loss (permanently/temporarily), it depend.  The present brain state, rapidly reduce nerve cells and disconnects them. Older people are more probably to have this kind of disease. The majority belongs to Alzheimer patients is 65 (age) and above people. People in the age group of 40-50 can also befall Alzheimer disease. According to a survey done it was cleared that 7% of people belonging to this age group are suffering from this disease. Alzheimer in person worsens as time surpass. The sign doesn’t seem to be noticeable but slowly it becomes worse. As Alzheimer target more older people, it doesn’t mean that it is normal part of growing old.

Signs of Alzheimer /dementia

  1. A person at a snail’s pace fails to remember his belongings .Memory often changes as he become older day by day. Loss of memory disrupts routine life of that person. Persons analyzing aptitude declines swiftly. That person start developing poor judgment skills, losing track of the date/season, difficulty in communication like sudden reduction in volume, misbalancing while walking etc.
  2. Initiate intricacy in routine work or tasks. Fails to plan and execute things like before. Often things (daily) become more intricate than before. They keep and forget thinks once they reach their destination and wouldn’t able to retrace them.
  3. They get confused with time, date, place, and day. What so ever happens in whole day is not their concerned as it doesn’t make any difference to them. As they don’t even remember thinks done fewer minutes ago.
  1. Nuisance in accepting visual images (characters) and relationship. A person suffering from eye sight or vision problem may find it difficulty in reading, evaluating distance, colors/contrast which may cause trouble in motivating.
  2. The person go through Alzheimer can feel so nasty at sometimes; they feel it’s better to quit and take one step back from their social groups. They Shift to loneliness suddenly because of such change in their behavior. They may even forget their favorite’s hobby and sports for the reason that they don’t commit to memory.
  3. Swing mood –They get enclose to mood deviation. The person suffering Alzheimer certainly get close to mood swing disorder, as one moment they are happy suddenly the next moment, transform exactly to the opposite mood. They may easily get a hold of depression, loneliness, confusion, nervousness, distrustful etc.

Threat aspects of Alzheimer /dementia:

  1. Aging: Aging is one of the most renowned traits of Alzheimer. Alzheimer is not a normal part of aging. Usually Alzheimer in person nurture as his age grows; it has a direct effect on human life style. Merely 85 and above age people share this widespread disease. People crossed 60’s are more likely to magnetize this disease.
  2. Hereditary disorder or family history: Alzheimer may be hereditary disease in some cases. If that person’s belongs to the family who have Alzheimer history than he/she is more prone to develop that disease. If that persons parents or sib (sister or brother) have gone through this disease than they might probably ensue this furtive disease.
  3. Gender: Alzheimer doesn’t get grasp women in reality, as it is said earlier that women’s are more probable to live long. Men are more liable to get this disease.
  4. Timid Psychological destruction: People with timid psychological destruction have short annoyance memory loss problem or decline in psychology imbalance can further worsens thing for that person.
  5. Earlier strain (damage/injury) in head: Past head injury or damages of the nervous system can be one of the sturdy reasons for getting nearer to Alzheimer. Head injury in earlier period which was unnoticeable at that time may be liable to root this disease in person.
  6. Heart healthy or coronary disease: Doctors evident that numerous heart related disease can make Alzheimer poorer than before, disease like – High sugar/uncontrolled diabetes, constant fluctuating blood pressure, High level of cholesterol, and poor diet.
  7. Lifestyle: Lifestyle can have impact on Alzheimer. If you were addicted alcohol and smoking long-ago or use to it still, may push you or increase your chances towards the risk of Alzheimer. Since doctors conclusion that excess intake or drinking of both can leads to Alzheimer once you cross 60. Drinking excess alcohol is responsible for losing the rationality and sense of mind as it contains toxic elements.


A person suffering from Alzheimer disease can have plenty of problems in remembering things, loss of words (correct), loss of language, problem in swallowing food and chewing. An Alzheimer person could not express his/her pain because of the memory loss issue, at moment he must be in pain but at the next moment he’ll forget about it mechanically. Actually due lack of sufficient blood supply to the brain nerves and cells, Alzheimer’s faces memory loss. The cells which are disconnected and half lost are not capable of circulating adequate amount of blood in brain which in turns leads to loss of memory. Hence a Alzheimer person with his own not able to let know about his feelings and pains, could not able to follow instructions by his own,  unable to memorized his own medicines and treatment status. Alzheimer is a potent unceasing disease for lifetime. Doctors and research team have not yet got the potential medicinal solution for such a furtive disease. Scientists and Expert team are still in search of phenomenon elucidation for Alzheimer disease.

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