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Thick and shiny tresses add more beauty to appearance of every woman. There are innumerable risk factors that lead to hair loss which one cannot predict. Lack of vital nutrient in diet, excessive stress, drugs like steroids, anxiety, prolonged diseases, aging, split ends, hormonal imbalance, addiction of smoking, anemia, genetic, messy scalp, thyroid diseases, different hairstyles, using of hair strengtheners and chemotherapy are some of possible causes which are majorly responsible for hair loss. Latest technology and most of hair fall products promises to control hair fall and some of them prove beneficial also. But instead of emptying wallet, it would always better to opt natural remedies. Most of hair care products are filled with chemical, so damages hair very badly in the long run. Here are some simple and effective home remedies to obtain control over hair fall.

• Coconut milk:-
Coconut milk has abundant source of tissue nourishing properties. By grinding coconut and squeezing juice, coconut milk can be acquired. Massage scalp with coconut milk and acquire control over hair fall to a great extent.

• Aloe vera:-
Application of aloe vera juice is another most potent remedy to beat hair loss. One can even apply pure aloe vera jel on scalp to stop hair loss. Both remedies are best to fight against hair loss occurred by infected, dry or irritated scalp. Aloe vera has the ability to balance the ph level of scalp. Once the head massage is done with aloe vera gel, wait for few hours and rinse hair with help of lukewarm water. For obtaining desire results, follow this remedy twice in a week. One can even make anti-hair fall shampoo by mixing wheat germ oil, coconut milk and aloe vera gel easily at home.

• Oil massage:-
Massaging the scalp on a daily basis with lukewarm oil contribute to the effective blood circulation to scalp. Among several oils, coconut oil is proven extremely beneficial to control hair fall. Besides, lavender oil, jojoba oil and mustard oil are also advised. Jojoba oil is considered to be best because it interchanges the sebum in the scalp and keeps dandruff issues at bay.

• Neem:-
It is one well known herb which offers so many health benefits. Plus, it is also extensively utilized in number of beauty products. It is known to have great source of anti-viral, anti-fungal, antibacterial, antiseptic, sedative and anti-diabetic properties. The astringent property of need plays a key role in keeping lice and dandruff issues at bay. To reduce risk of hair loss, boil neem leaves in water in such a ways that half water will only remain. Later rinse your hair with that neem mixture at least once in a week.

• Gooseberry:-
It is another powerful home remedy to fight against hair loss. Simply boil some dried amla in coconut milk and once oil gets black massage the scalp with same mixture. This oil massage may prove beneficial you to a great extent. Another option is, mix amla with shikakai. The paste made from this mixture has proven effective. People with dry hair are not permitted to make use of shikakai. Combination of lime juice and gooseberry is also one effective solution to treat hair fall. To get instant result, mixed amla with honey and see the results.

• Hibiscus:-
Hibiscus flower is popular for its revitalizing properties, so offers great nourishment to hair. This flower not only prevents premature growth of grey hair but also reduces dandruff issues. Hibiscus also assists to beat hair loss.

• Eggs:-
Being laden with vital nutrients like phosphorus, iron, protein, zinc, iodine and sulphur proven excellent home remedy. For re-growth of hair simply mix egg with olive oil and see the result. Besides, mixture of egg yolk and honey can also be used to treat hair loss issues.

• Curd:-
Curd is one powerful remedy to promote re-growth of hair. Apply mixture of black pepper and curd over hair. Once it gets dry, rinse off thoroughly. Apart from that, you can also apply mixture of curd and honey to your hair. Application of curd with lime juice or honey ensures moisturization to hair. Both remedies may help to achieve your goal of silky, shiny and long hair. As both natural hair mask combats dandruff, which is biggest culprit of hair loss.

• Fenugreek:-
Application of fenugreek to hair is one excellent remedy to avoid risk of hair loss. Fenugreek significantly softens the strands and offers great shine to them. Apply dried paste of fenugreek seeds to acquire great results.

• Coriander leaves:-
Apply thick paste of fresh coriander leaves over scalp and prevent hair loss naturally.

• Curry leaves:-
In order to overcome baldness naturally, curry leaves is one excellent home remedy.

• Green tea:-
Green tea is not only boon for weight loss but also for blessing for hair loss. Mix two bags of green tea into one cup of water, then after 5-10 minutes apply same on your hair. Finally rinse of hair after one hour.

• Liquorice:-
Mix ground liquorice and a pinch of saffron in milk, later apply this fine paste on your hair to avoid risk of hair fall.

• Sage tea and apple cider vinegar:-
Try maximum to rinse off hair with mixture of sage tea and apple cider vinegar as is proven useful remedy. Apple cider vinegar plays a significant role in managing the balance of hair, thus prevents hair loss.

Besides aforesaid home remedies, give preference to food rich in Vitamin E, C, B, A, iron and protein. Try maximum to consume fish, walnuts and flaxseeds. Since, they are best example of fatty acids and prime necessity of healthy, thick hair. Plus, increase consumption of those foods which holds an excellent source of silica, zinc and biotin as the boost hair growth and keeps scalp healthy. Do not rinse hair with warm water as it enhances chances of hair loss. Keep scalp clean, drink ample of water, Obviate use of harsh shampoo and keep hair loss at bay.

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