Generally, fish oil is considered healthy as it is packed with vital acids such as docosahexaenoic, eicosapentaenoic and omega-3 fatty acids. These acids, particularly omega-3 are said to be beneficial for maintaining healthy heart. In fact, this supplement is highly recommended for people suffering from heart diseases, bipolar disorders, cancer, asthma and rheumatoid arthritis. Fish oil is basically formed by eliciting oil from tissues of cold water fish. The list of such fish includes trout, lake, cod, salmon, mackerel, flounder, and albacore tuna and so on. Remember, essential nutrient called omega-3 does not form in the body of fish. They obtain these beneficial acids through the food they consume underwater. So, the possibilities of fish eating toxic elelment also arise. In simple words, these toxins in the oil give an open invitation to number of side effects. Since users of fish oil increased, most of companies started manufacturing fish oil supplements. Opt fish oil supplement, if it is prescribed to you and choose only good quality product. Several studies have disclosed that, people who consumed fish oil tablets gone through some problems.

1. High chances of metal poisoning:-
Mercury is known to be severe organ damaging element. In case, if condition of mercurial poisoning is remain unchecked, the chances of heart and liver diseases enhances considerably. The possibilities are high that low quality fish oil hold abundance source of mercury. So, for ensuring healthy heart and liver spend extra money and prefer good quality fish oil supplement.

2. Give rise to heartburn:-
Extra intake of fish oil is responsible for poor digestive system as it triggers risk of heartburns and acid reflux. Give time to your body to become familiar with this supplement. Once your body becomes familiar with this supplement, increase the dose gradually to beat issues related to digestive system.

3. Triggers hemorrhage:-
Excessive consumption of fish oil supplements lead to development of risk of hemorrhage. The condition aggravates more if the fish oil is of bad quality. Dosage below 3 grams is fine but anything above has harmful impact. Due to over dosage the chances are high that you may confront problems like nose bleeding, blood tinted urine and even hemorrhagic stroke. Changes in speech or vision, headache, and weakness in legs or arms are some common symptoms associated with the brain hemorrhage. The condition becomes worse, if any such symptoms occur and one needs to seek medical help immediately.

4. Elevated blood glucose levels:-
People suffering from diabetes should take approval from their physician before using such supplements. As the blood glucose level enhances significantly because of consumption of fish oil. Even use of such supplements is responsible for poor functioning of diabetic drugs.

5. Raises LDL cholesterol level:-
According to studies, people who are incorporating high fat diet are at higher risk of developing high level of cholesterol due to including fish oil in daily diet. So, to stay away from Risk of bad cholesterol people need to reduce their net fat consumption.

6. Result in allergic reactions:-
Intake of fish oil supplements give rise to so many allergic reactions. Extremely sensitive people are at high risk go through allergic reaction due to this dietary supplement. Headache, nausea, swelling in the throat, rashes, skin itching, hives or red facial skin, rashes and difficulty while breathing are some commonly observe side effects linked with use of fish oil supplements.

Other side effects:-
7. People consuming fish oil supplements experience stomach pain, which frequently contribute to diarrhea. Once people opt fish oil, they highly notice oily stools and in some cases experience blood spots in their feces.

8. Fish oil consumption often contributes to excessive bleeding. Those people who consume fish oil excessively observe nose bleeding stroke, and blood in urine. These complications take place because intake of fish oil contributes to a decrease in platelet aggregation.

9. Due to fish oil supplements, the body find difficult to soak up certain vital vitamins like vitamin E, D,K and A. In short, the risk of occurrence of diseases because of lack of these nutrients increases.

10. Eating of fish oil contributes to increase in the level of LDL cholesterol, which is also refereed as bad cholesterol.
Studies indicate that if person affected with any bipolar disorder or depression consumes fish oil supplements suffers through maniacs. In short, there is negative impact of fish oil on people with mental disorders. Fish oil supplements are not recommended for infants, toddlers and kids below 15 ages. According to studies presence of DHA is good for children’s health but at the same time presence of EPA in supplements considered to be harmful for health. As, children’s body is unaware about how to act with this component. Use of fish oil, particularly in unrefined forms is not permitted to pregnant or breastfeeding mothers. Presence of heavy metal and other contaminants in fish oil is one leading reason behind this. As, these elements may lead to cause harm to mother and her fetus. In addition, some women experience uterine bleeding because of blood clot responsible for delaying vital omega-3.

To obviate side effects, at the beginning people should prefer small doses. People will confront aforesaid side effects only at initial stage. In case, if side effects remain for longer period, contact your health care provider immediately. There are some brands of fish oil which produce tablets with poor quality products. Hence, if you replace them with good quality one may help you lot to avoid the side effects. Keep in mind, fish oil supplement are good for health, if taken under proper medical guidance and in prescribed manner. If people experiences side effects then they should stop consuming it immediately.

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