History of Zika Virus and its prevention

 Zika Virus SyptomsZika virus is transmitted by two mosquito’s species which belongs to the Flaviviridae and Flavivirus family and well known as Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger Mosquitoes) and Aedes aegypti. The name of this virus is exactly same like Zika forest which is in Uganda. The first case of Zika virus was point out in 1947 in Uganda. Mosquitoes that carry dengue, yellow fever, chikungunya virus are the same mosquitoes that transmitted Zika virus. This virus is mostly spread in the day time by the bite of infected mosquitoes (Aegypti and Albopictus). It is possible that Zika virus can be transmitted in the night time but these mosquitoes are more aggressive in day light. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report, it is confirmed that this deadly virus can spread through sex from one infected person to other.

A person who is not travelled in those countries where Zika fever is common can also suffer with this viral disease due to the sexual activities with infected partner. As per the Brazilian Scientist reports, this virus is also found in the samples of saliva and urine of the infected person. There are several cases reported of Zika virus in the major cities of United States like Florida. As per recent News, 17 cases of Zika virus reported in the Florida and 20 cases found in the Palm Beach County. There is a deadly news about this virus that it can passed from a mother to her fetus which may increase the risk of birth defects in new born baby. The health department of United States issued travelling warning for pregnant women to not travel in those countries or areas which are highly affected by Zika virus. Here is the list of places where Zika virus transmission is going on such as South and Central America, Caribbean, Oceania, North America and Africa.

Facts about Zika Virus

There is no drug or medicine to treat Zika virus infection.

Most of the cases of Zika virus are noticed in the tropical regions and climates.

During pregnancy this virus can spread from mother to its fetus.

You need to cover-up your body if you are travelling in tropical regions to reduce the chances of Zika virus.

The majority of Zika virus patients do not experience any symptoms.

Symptoms of Zika

It is a mosquito-borne illness that can cause high fever, joint pain, rashes and redness in the eyes. But most of the victims won’t know about the symptoms of Zika virus. In addition, patient may experience other symptoms like headache and muscle pain.

Transmission of Zika

This virus can be transmitted through: –

Mosquito bites

Blood transfusion (Not sure yet)

During Sexual activities

From Pregnant lady to her fetus (can lead to microcephaly)

Prevention and Medical treatment

First of all there is no medical option or vaccine for the treatment of Zika. You need to protect your family and yourself from the mosquito bites that transmitted Zika virus. And for that you need to wear long sleeved shirts and pants. If you are living in tropical regions then take few steps to control mosquitoes in your areas. You need to avoid outdoor sleeping and use mosquito bed net in the indoor to protect your children and yourself. One more thing, always use condoms during sex to prevent the transmission of Zika virus.

Still there is no vaccine available for the treatment of Zika as per CDC reports. You need to consult with professional physician if you experience mild symptoms. Your GP will test your blood or urine to identify the Zika infection. After the positive results, physician may ask you question based upon recent travelling history. The symptoms of Zika infection are similar like other infections caused by mosquito bites like dengue and yellow fever.

Symptoms Treatment

No vaccine for Zika infection doesn’t mean that you can’t treat its symptoms.

Need to take proper rest

Keep hydrated yourself

Never forget to take prescribed medicines on time

Avoid the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

Consult with physician, if you are already taking medicines of other health complications.

I covered all the information about the Zika virus history, symptoms, prevention and treatment. So it is necessary to talk with family doctor if you are planning to travel Zika infected countries.

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History of Zika Virus and its prevention