Male and Female Infertility Causes, symptoms and diagnosis

Biologically, Infertility is known as an inability of couples in which they are unable to conceive after a prolonged unprotected sexual intercourse. In other words, unprotected sexual relationship more than 12 months without pregnancy is medically known as infertility. If you are trying hard from the last 12 months and not getting any results then you need to approach a fertility specialist. Aging plays a crucial role for the infertility among both men and women. It is proven that aging reduce the chances of fertility mostly in women. Including aging, there are various conditions that reduce the chances of male or female infertility. Now it is necessary to identify the root causes of infertility which can be associated with men or women’s health.

According to the CDC investigation, 20% cases of fertility problems occurred due to problems in men and 40 to 50 percent infertility cases are associated with problems in women. After these numbers, it is proven that 30 to 40% infertile cases belongs to both men and women problems. There are numbers of factors associated with the fertility problems and may vary from man to man or woman to women. Now I am going to explain about the infertility causes in both men and women.

Male Infertility Causes

Problems associated with sperm quality, quantity, motility and transportation increase the risk of developing male infertility. In simple words, the inability of male sperm to fertilize the female egg is the reason of male infertility. Fever sperm or low production of sperm in the testes is the biggest reason of infertility among men.

Infertility among men is associated with the sperm production problems and these problems occurred due to genetic issue, undescended testes, infection, varicocele, radiation damage etc. Apart from that, blockage of the sperm transport is also affecting the male fertility. As per WHO report, sexual dysfunctions like erection difficulties, failure of ejaculation, untimely ejaculation, prostate surgery, spinal injury and excessive use of the medications also leads to infertile problems among men. It is found that male infertility also associated with the imbalance of hormones and sperm antibodies.

Other factors

Smoking addiction, alcoholism, unhealthy lifestyle, exposure of toxins and tight undergarments can affect testicles and sperm quality. Health complications like uncontrolled diabetes, kidney diseases, hormonal imbalance and hypertension can also increase the risk of developing sexual dysfunctions including infertility.

 Female Infertility Causes

The inability of a woman to become pregnant is the main indication of infertility. The women infertility is mostly associated with various conditions such as irregular periods, abnormal uterus, fibroids, fallopian tubes etc. Almost 25% of women infertility is associated with the ovulation disorders. Damage of the fallopian tubes, PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), hypothalamic dysfunction, too much prolactin, ovary insufficiency and abnormal growth of the uterus are the main reasons that increase the risk of female infertility.

Other factors

Including medical causes, women may experience fertile problems due to unhealthy lifestyle, smoking addiction, overweight, underweight, extreme stress and use of drugs.

Diagnosis of infertility

In few cases, infertility can easily reversible with the help of lifestyle changes, fertility drugs, surgery and vitro fertilization. The physical examination is the first step to know about the exact causes for the male or female infertility.

In Men’s Case

The problem linked with the sperm motility, quality and low sperm count is easily identified with the semen analysis. If problem associated with hormonal imbalance then your doctor may ask you for the blood test. Your physician may suggest you for an ultrasound to know about the condition like retrograde ejaculation.

In Women’s Case

Ovulation problems are highly triggered the in infertility, so your doctor may check your ovulation along with a blood test. If the infertility is not associated with the ovulation then he/she further lookout other complications such as blocked fallopian tubes and enlarged uterus. To know better about these conditions your physician can suggest you X-ray, laparoscopy or ultrasound. It takes some time to identify exact causes for infertility in men and women, so just chill and wait for the results.

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Male and Female Infertility Causes, symptoms and diagnosis