Treat HYPERTHYROIDISMHyperthyroidism is one such medical condition where the thyroid gland in the body releases excessive thyroid hormones. This condition is also referred as a hyperactive thyroid symptom. The thyroid gland plays a key role in overall development and managing a normal rate of metabolism in the body. This is because excess amounts of thyroid secretion give rise to the development of certain side effects.

Not every individual experiences symptoms of this medical condition at the initial stage as they begin slowly. However, most commonly noticed symptoms include weight loss, eating more than usual, difficulty while sleeping, anxiety, Trembling in hands and fingers, rapid or irregular heartbeat, panic disorder, brittle hair, Infrequent menstrual flow, thinning of skin, experiencing hot flashes, Heat intolerance and so on.

Usually, the thyroid gland works properly. Grave’s disease, one autoimmune disorder is highly responsible behind occurrence of this condition. It mostly takes place in women and further continue in families. In condition of Grave’s disease, antibodies induces the thyroid to release an excess amount of hormone. Other possible causes associated with development of hyperthyroidism includes too much iodine, tumors of the ovaries or testes, benign tumors of thyroid or pituitary gland, consumption of huge amount of tetraiodothyronine through medicines or dietary supplements and inflammation of the thyroid gland.

Omit soy products completely from your daily regimen as soy products inhibit the thyroid gland and imbalance hormones. You should also exclude soy oil from your daily diet.
Increase your consumption of iodine rich foods as these foods proven extremely beneficial to fight against thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). Foods like potatoes, cranberries, strawberries, diary products, organic yogurt and sea vegetables like Arame, Hiziki, Kombu, Kelp holds iodine in rich concentration.
Have food rich in healthy fatty acid, particularly omega 3 fatty acids daily in reasonable amounts to overcome this medical condition naturally.
Intake of whole grains such as whole-grain pasta, brown rice, wheat, quinoa and whole-wheat bread are some of whole grains contains an excellent source of vitamin B, hence proven extremely useful in order to cure thyroid naturally.
People affected with hyperthyroidism should strictly stay away from the intake of caffeine beverages. Several researchers have disclosed that people who consume caffeine beverages excessively find difficult to deal with hyperthyroidism. Caffeine beverages raises heart rate and give rise to issues of nervousness, anxiety and also kills food cravings.
Using of Lemon balm may significantly help you to get rid of hyperthyroidism disease naturally. You can include lemon balm in your salads also or can choose the option of lemon tea to cure this health disorder. Lemon balm keeps irritation, nervousness, fatigue and anxiety at bay.
Because of recurrence of hyperthyroidism, the issue of low bone density rises and rate of metabolism also gets reduced. Therefore, maximum includes food rich in calcium in your daily diet. Foods like tofu, sesame seeds, skimmed milk, mustard, kale, yogurt, almond, cheese and herrings contain calcium in large quantity.
Nettle tea, flavonoids, phenolic acid and Bugleweed are natural thyroid supplements helps to cope with hyperthyroidism naturally.
The diet of people suffering from hyperthyroidism must be filled with high proteins, particularly animal proteins like fish, eggs, meat and poultry.
To combat hyperthyroidism naturally several health experts recommend people to include vitamin C, B complex group of vitamins, calcium, phosphorous and vitamin A rich foods in the diet.
Eat fruits like papayas and mangoes as well to cure hyperthyroidism.
People with hyperthyroidism must eat veggies like cauliflower, kale and broccoli as raw salads.

All the food items are mentioned above are believed to inhibit the activity of the gland, and hence obtain control over this medical condition effectively. Besides above mentioned natural remedies, one should avoid smoking, drinking completely along with any kind of Chocolete, caffeine and carbonated drinks.

• Make use of antithyroid medication as they aids in obstructing the thyroid’s capability and produce new thyroid hormones. Keep in mind, that these medications do not ensure permanent damage to the thyroid.
• Remember, a chronic thyroid needs medicines in order to cure it completely. Methimazole and propylthiouracil (PTU) are two main medicines, aids in treating hyperthyroidism efficiently. The list of medication selling popular brands includes Northyx, Thyro shield, SSKI, Tapazole, Iodotope, Pima, Yodefan and Thyroshield. The main purpose of all this medication is to diminish the development of hormones through the thyroid gland. Though all these medicines have some side effects, but once you begin with this treatment you need to take it for a long period of time to stay away from recurring of the symptoms.
• In extreme cases, doctors recommend you the option of surgery. With the help of surgery, removal of the entire gland becomes easy. Besides that, even it removes thyroid nodule also, which is also responsible for the occurrence of this disease.
• Another radioactive iodine therapy is utilized to destroy thyroid cells by exposure to radioactivity (through consuming pills). This method is believed to be simple and becomes extremely efficient only in one dosage.

This medical condition is almost same like hypothyroidism. Just there is a slight difference in symptoms as well as treatment of hypothyroidism. Don’t worry more, if you get affected with hyperthyroidism as it not life threatening. It is totally curable disease, if you follow all the instruction recommend by your health care provider. Along with prescribed medicine, just you need to focus on diet. Early diagnosis and treatment measures mentioned above will definitely help you to get rid of this condition.


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