Swimming – Best Exercise for health

Most of us find it very boring to do exercise or any type of workout daily. In fact going to the gym is also not so much enjoyable for many people. But if you want an entertaining and full body exercise then swimming is one of the best options.

Swimming is just like a water sport which provides you aerobic as well as anaerobic exercise that helps you in burning lots of calories. It does not affect hard on your joints or muscles. You get a good endurance, strong cardiovascular fitness, and the muscle strength when you do swimming on regular basis. There is no age foundation for doing the swimming exercise.

List of Reasons for Choosing Swimming as the Best Exercise

The following are the important reasons that show us that the swimming is one of the best exercises which you should include in your daily fitness schedule:-

  • Burn calories

If you do swimming for at least one hour in a day then that means you can easily burn around 500 calories. During the swimming, all your muscles of the body are used without putting any strain. In fact, lots of studies also show that the chances of getting the injury at the time of this exercise are very low as related to the other types of exercise such as weight lifting, jogging or running. It is a safe form of exercise for the overweight people also. Swimming decreases your body fat, increases your metabolism, upsurge the capability of the body to use fat and helps in building lean muscle tissues.

  • Provides Aerobic training

In the swimming, you use your big muscles like legs and hands a lot which results in your aerobic training also. It makes your blood pressure normal and keeps your heart healthy for avoiding any problem like heart attacks. You can begin this exercise at any age without any problem. If you want to increase the intensity of the exercise then just simply wear some weights in your arms or legs.

  • Increase the body’s flexibility

While doing exercise inside the water, the flexibility of your body also gets the increase. You must be thinking that how it can happen? Well! Due to the water resistance, buoyancy and water temperature your body gets used to getting flexible. You do not have to put much pressure on your muscles which ultimately stretch and lengthen them for looking healthy, toned and strong.

  • Get Asthma cure

It is one of the top exercises for curing the lungs problems like Asthma. When you do swimming, the capacity of your lungs also gets increased. As you know the water is heavier than the air, so for providing adequate oxygen to the blood, your lungs have to do the lot of hard work. It results in the workout of the lungs which make them quite stronger in the end. Your capacity of the breathing gets improved which helps in curing asthma. If you start doing swimming from your young age then the chances of getting asthma also get decreased.

  • Controlling diabetes

Most of the doctors recommend the diabetic patients do regular exercise for controlling their diabetes. Thus, swimming is a good form of exercise for such people which are not only entertaining but also keeps you engaging for the longest time. It also improves the insulin sensitivity, helps in controlling the amount of glucose in the body and also decrees the fat content. If you have a good healthy heart along with the optimum weight then it becomes very easy for you to control your diabetes.

  • Improves Psychological Health

It is also a good exercise for the well-being and the mental health of the people. You feel very relaxed and calm after doing swimming in the water. It offers you a very soothing effect afterward. Swimming is a kind of meditation which makes your feel very cool and stress-free after dipping inside the water. You get distracted from your daily life problems to some extent which improves your mental stability.

  • Benefit for the Pregnant Women

If you are an expecting mother then doing swimming is very beneficial for you. It strengthens your heart and improves the blood circulation and level of oxygen in your body. It is one of the safest exercises for the pregnant woman which is very low impact and mild for the body. You get rid of your back pain or any ligament pain in an easy manner. In fact, dipping yourself inside the water eases the arm’s and leg’s swelling which is one of the most common issues found in expecting mother.

All things considered, swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for any person’s body. It not only works for your heart or lungs but also strengthens your entire body muscles. You can do this fitness activity alone or with your family and friends in a group. Kids just love swimming and it is a good thing if you make them learn this exercise in their young age.

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Swimming – Best Exercise for health