article-201482396320223522000Suhagra prescribed a solid form of drugs to mend the erectile dysfunction issue in men. It is believed to be one of the most preferable and prominent drugs introduced to improve and facilitate the male reproductive system. It has been seen that men are more likely to face sexual barriers, then the women; since, men tend to follow unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. which consequences low libido level and penile erection while performing sexual intercourse. Suhagra is an oral prescribed drug must be taken with the help of the normal water. It’s an FDA sanctioned and found a perfect solution to overcome the male impotence. It is easily found available in the market and in economical price; anyone can afford to purchase it. The person holding the grievance of erectile dysfunction must try this pill once to see the effect. The drug acts like an anti impotence way, which really works well to beat the sexual obstacle called ED in men. An erectile dysfunction and impotence is one not the same, found affecting especially an old or middle age man. Due to its rare awful impact, people can consume the pills without wavering. The drug holds sildenafil citrate as a key ingredient, which works splendidly to deal the snag of erectile dysfunction. Most of the men across the world found suffering from this complication, which found to be the biggest barrier in sexual performance. The rate of sexual disorder and penile erection is found increasing in middle age people due to excessive smoking. Well, this is not only the factor causes ED issue, but an excessive stress, anxiousness, trauma, irritation, etc. too found a reason behind that. Family history perhaps alleged a reason behind ED snag, but unhealthy and unhappy lifestyle too found responsible for this. Impotence is stated as most thwarting sexual disorders in men, which fails them to disclose with their partners. An ED occurs due to short supply of blood towards the penis, which turns the muscle stiff and the nerves narrow in form. The condition of impotence arises due to sexual stimulation.

Recommendation for an appropriate dosage intake
An appropriate dosage is an outcome of a perfect result. One needs to seek the help of the doctor for guiding perfect dosage intake. Try to consume the dosage according to the prescribed manner; do not try to use your own judgment in this manner. The dosage is found available in various mgs, but one needs to consume one pill at a time. One pill in a day is prescribed to consume, proceeding more than that considering the dosage failure may be harmful for the health. Try keeping 24 hours gap between the dosages. The drugs get easily mixed with the blood and starts reacting within 40minutes. One must take the pill one hour before getting into sexual intercourse; well, the effect of drugs found lasting for 5 hours. One can take full pleasure of their sexual life for 5 hours without any obstacles. The element called sildenafil citrate in drugs aids soothing the penile muscle and widening the nerves resulting efficient flow of blood towards the penis. Do not prefer consuming this pill continuously, intake when you feel an urge of sex. As erectile dysfunction found to be a condition not a disease; hence, one should not be habitual of consuming it daily. Do not break or mass the drug, take it wholly? Initially the doctor advised to go with 100 mg and if it fails to give perfect response, doctor might ask you to increase the dosage. Do not increase dosage without doctor’s guidance.

Some preventive measures of this pill
Precaution is believed to be one of the significant roles in dosage process. One needs to adopt it to get prevented from various uncertainties and antagonistic effects. Suhagra instigate only for ED suffering men, so a normal men or women must not think to consume it; since it might be fatal for their health. Do not over intake the pills; try to consume the pills in the correct manner. A person consuming this pill must avoid taking grapes contained stuff; since, it gets overreact with the alcohol soon. Moreover, a man suffering from some extreme diseases and going through prolonged medication treatment must disclose the doctor about this fact prior taking the pills. Furthermore, a man holding disorder of kidney, liver, heart, etc. must reveal the doctor for the precautionary measure before consuming the pills. A person allergic to citrate or consuming any nitrate contained stuff must avoid taking it austerely. In short, one needs to disclose his whole health history to the doctor, before going under suhagra medication process.

Some negative outcome of the pills
The negative impact is an outcome of every pill in which some goes severe and some found normal. The severe cases commonly hold the circumstances of overdose. The body, abdomen, head, muscles pain; faintness, vomiting, unsettled stomach, etc. leads to some normal side-effect; whereas, chest ache, nasal chunk, hasty heartbeats, short-breath, high blood pressure, etc. found some extreme side-effects, which requires an instant help of the physician. One needs not to fret about; since, the pills rarely hold the history of severe side-effects.

Protection of the pills
Pills protection is the first priority to be adopted. One must store the pills in a safe and secure place. The room temperature found to be a perfect place to store the drugs. Well, storing it in a tight container would be the best safety place; since, it prevents the drugs from the moisture. Keep the drugs away from sunrays and small kids. Try not to keep the expired drugs, dispose it at a safe place.

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