TamarindTamarind, a well known herb, belongs to the family of ‘fabaceae’ and botanically termed as Tamarindus indica. This herb is used for various medicinal, culinary and ornamental purposes. Each part of tamarind including its leaves, flowers, fruits and bark is utilized in order to maintain healthy health. It is a tropical tree and grows in the Asia and North Africa. Tamarind is popularly used in Indian cuisine to make various sweet and savory dishes, particularly in south. It is known to have hard, brown body and gives sweet and sour taste. It can be consume when the pulp inside the fruit becomes reddish-brown and it contains only 1-2 seeds, hence easy to eat as well. Due to its sweet and sour taste, it is favorite among people of all age groups. The juice of tamarind is generally used as a cleansing agent of copper, brass and other numerous metals. Besides that, tamarind pulp is utilized while preparing syrups, jams and sweets.

This sweet and delicious fruit is loaded with several essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. 1 Cup of tamarind contains 25.1 mg calcium, magnesium 10 mg, phosphorous 5 mg, potassium 67.8 mg, sodium 17.6 mg, vitamin E 0.3 mg, vitamin C 17.8 mg, dietary fiber 1.3g, carbohydrates 37 g, calories 143 and so on. Due to its all essential nutrients, it offers several health benefits and keeps many health disorders at bay. Hence, daily consumption of this fruit is vital to get rid of various health ailments.


1. Tamarind is considered as perfect food in order to treat problems associated with digestion and constipation. Simply consume the pulp of tamarind to get relief from indigestion. Besides that, you can consume a mixture of black pepper, cloves and cardamom along with tamarind pulp. This is one of the healthiest drinks for those who are experiencing the problem of loss of appetite. In fact, this healthiest drink acts a great appetite stimulant. Daily consumption of this fruit is proven beneficial for people suffering from bile disorders and people with dysentery. One of the lesser known benefits is that, it helps in releasing worms from the digestive system, a most common problem related with children.

2. Another well known advantage of tamarind fruit is that, it cures sore throat. In order to get relief from sore throat, simply boil water to create pulp and make use of it for gargling and follow this remedy until you get the desire results.

3. One study conducted on animals has revealed that, this fruit plays a significant role in stabilizing and reducing cholesterol level in the body. This in turn, protects you from host of cardiac diseases. In addition, it was also found that, this fruit is beneficial in stabilizing blood sugar level as well. It entails, it reduces the risk of diabetes at some extent and promotes healthy heart.

4. Tamarind aids in preventing life threatening cancer. This happens because tamarind contains an abundant source of antioxidants. The rich source of antioxidant helps you to fight against free radicals that contribute to development of cancer in the body.

5. Tamarind contains an excellent source of vitamin C. Hence, consumption of this fruit is beneficial for people suffering from vitamin C deficiency and scurvy. Vitamin C rich tamarind is vital for strengthening healthy immune system, for healthy skin and hair and to fight against various common viral infections such as cold, and cough. Simply boil tamarind with the mixture of milk, dates, cardamoms, sugar, cloves and little amount of camphor. Consumption of this mixture is considered beneficial in order to treat common cold and fever. Apart from that, by diluting the same pulp and adding ½ tbsp of pepper and salt for taste and by drinking it steaming hot may help you not only to clear the nasal passage but also support in flushing out unhealthy toxins from the body.

6. Tamarind is considered beneficial for skin as well. since it treats inflammation of the skin. Usually inflammation is very severe skin problem and that affects to internal organs of the body as well, which in turn contributes to severe discomfort and pain. Hence, tamarind is believed to be most beneficial medicine with the objective to treat inflammation of the skin.

7. If tamarind is mixed in herbal tea properly, may be proven useful for treating chronic malaria fever. Besides that, the extraction of tamarind leaves is considered as one of the effective remedy for curing jaundice and ulcers.

8. Tamarind fruit has the ability to treat the disease of piles. You can overcome the disease of piles by drinking the juice extracted from the flowers of tamarind. This juice is quiet effective to get rid of severe condition of piles.

9. The sweet and delicious tamarind acts as blood purifier. Thus, extremely useful if it is included in your daily diet as it keeps number of health disorders at bay.

10. Since eyes are the windows to this world and most important organ of the body hence it is necessary to take maximum care of it. Tamarind seeds play a crucial role in maintaining healthy eyes. As the seeds of tamarind is utilized in the preparation of eye drops and is used to cure dry eye syndrome.

11. Tamarind is believed to be effective cure for bilious disorders. It plays a significant role in controlling the cholesterol level in the body. Huge source of dietary fiber present in tamarind usually binds to bile salts, which are organized from cholesterol and diminishes its re-absorption. This helps in expelling bad LDL cholesterol and promotes healthy heart.

12. One of the lesser known benefits of tamarind is that, it is utilized as an antiseptic in order to cure wounds and to prevent infections from spreading in the body.

13. Tamarind pulp aids in improving bowel movements substantially. In fact, it is used as a mild laxative and few spoons of it work efficiently.

14. This delicious fruit is used as an ayurvedic medicine to get rid of various gastric, digestion and cardiac problems as well.

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