ginger_teaNo doubt ginger tea is a refreshing beverage but best advantage is it offers miraculous health benefits as well. Nothing is best than drinking a hot cup of ginger tea in cold and wintry days. This tiny brown spice is known to have immense number of healing properties. Ginger is extensively utilized since ages in eastern cultures, particularly in India and china. Later Caribbean and east African people also stated using this brown spice. It is extensively use to treat common health ailments like cold and flu for centuries, particularly in India and china and countries from East. Even People from China also make use of gingerroot to treat nasal congestion, sinus pain and sore throat. Ginger tea is powerhouse of essential nutrients like zinc, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and copper together with sources of vitamins like D, C and B. Since ginger tea is packed with all such important nutrients, you can drink it often and could enjoy numerous health benefits.

• Ginger tea is proven excellent remedy to get relief from nausea. The chances are high that nausea occurs because of morning sickness, motion sickness, naupathia and some other reason. Drinking a cup of this beverage in the early morning helps a lot to avoid vomiting, if one needs to travel long distance. Even pregnant women can also prefer this drink if they feel sick but after taking advice from an expert physician. This becomes possible because of the existence of ginngeroles in ginger which successfully hinders the chemoreceptor trigger zone where the feeling of the necessity to vomit is originated.

• Ginger tea is one of the excellent solutions to get relief from pain and inflammation in the body. The great advantage is, it not only relieve minor health ailments like stomachaches, muscle strains, headaches, migraines, lower back pain and stomachaches, but it also plays a key role in reducing stiffness, muscular and connective tissue swelling and pain. It is also believed to be magnificent reliever of discomfort and arthritic pain. This again is happens due to presence of gingeroles that suppresses Cyclooxygenase-2 and Cyclooxygenase-1 isozymes. This in turn leads to suppressing the activation of chemicals that induce inflammation known as prostaglandins.

• People having athlete’s foot can soak their feet in ginger tea to get rid of persistent itching and burning sensation.

• Some studies have disclosed that ginger tea assist to prevent and heal cancer. On the other hand one study indicates that ginger effectively delay the development of colorectal cancer cell, as a result the risk of developing colon cancer reduces considerably. One study says that this small brown spice plays a leading role in killing all ovarian cancer cells. Some research has found that potential of ginger aids to minimize cancerous tumors.

• Ginger tea is proven helpful in improving digestion and enhancing assimilation of food. Ginger tea can reduce bloating after eating excessively.

• Ginger tea can assist alleviate congestion related with common cold. Have a cup of ginger tea to cope with respiratory symptoms linked with environmental allergies.

• Presence of minerals, amino acids and vitamins in ginger tea can aid regenerate and improve blood circulation, which may further assist to lessen the possibilities of cardiac problems. Ginger may avert fat from stuck in the arteries assisting to prevent risk of stroke and heart attacks.

• This benefit is for all women going through menstrual cramps. Simply soak a towel in warm ginger tea and then apply it to lower abdomen. It will definitely assist you to get rid of pain and relax the muscles. After following this remedy, drink a cup of ginger tea along with honey for getting fast relief.

• Ginger tea helps to keep the bad cholesterol (LDL) level in control and promote the good cholesterol (HDL) level.

• Ginger tea is one kind of a thermogenic beverage which efficiently means that it buildup sufficient heat within the body to inhibit fat deposits and thus promote instant weight loss in people.

• An abundant source of antioxidant present in ginger tea helps to strengthen immune system. This beverage is even fully capable to cure viral infection like herpes genitalis, cold sores, and influenza. One can get over these viral infections instantly after intake of this drink.

• This potent drink is also said to be an excellent stress buster. It’s calming fragrance functions like a relaxant for the brain and alleviates the body of emotional strain. According to health experts, ginger tea holds a powerful antioxidant called gingerol, which aids to purify the destructive chemical that your body generates when you are in a stressful situation. In simple words, ginger tea helps to alleviate psychological stress too. This significantly helps asthma patient who frequently becomes vulnerable to heightened stress and anxiety.

• Ginger tea offers fast relief for people suffering through allergic conditions like hay fever.

• It is also said to be a potent appetite enhancer. According to dieticians, ginger can aid as it induces the taste buds, activating digestive secretions.

• Ginger works dynamically to prevent destructive substance like alcohol to disparaging affect the liver.

Though ginger tea offers innumerable health benefits, but people with diabetes should put limit over consumption of ginger. Since ginger lowers blood sugar level among diabetes patient and give rise to condition of hypoglycemia. Even studies have proved that, drinking this beverage excessively on an empty stomach gives an open invitation to gastrointestinal disorder. Patient of gallstone should keep distance from this beverage as it aggravates the condition. Health ailments like acidity, heartburn, indigestion, belching because of poor sleep stimulated by restlessness can be an outcome of too much intake of ginger. As a result, to obtain vast benefits of ginger tea drink it in moderation and enjoy its advantages.

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