worried-man-in-bedToday, most of men are experiencing the problem of lack of sexual desire at certain point in their life across the world. Loss of libido is one kind of medical condition which induces severe issues like erectile dysfunction. Excessive stress, depression, lack of sleep, excess intake of alcohol, addiction of smoking, use of certain medication, lack of self esteem, hormonal imbalance, lack of time, problem in relationship are some of the leading causes responsible behind occurrence of loss of libido in men. Generally it is believed that sexual health is a fundamental element of overall mental and physical health of every human being. Poor sexual performance is closely linked with self esteem. If man is unable to perform sexual functioning properly, then he may suffer from depression and consequently may emotionally withdraw from the partner. Lack of sexual drive in men over 50 is generally common and natural because of growing age and lifestyle changes. But, if middle aged men or young men are suffering from this condition, then it is an issue of big concern. Young men strictly need to undergo clinical treatment before any severe complication occurs. Hence, listed below some of the causes associated with loss of libido in men:


Excess intake of alcohol is extremely unhealthy not only for physical health but also for sexual health as it results in impotency in men. As a result, put limit on your intake of alcohol and enjoy good sexual health.

• Calming and peaceful sleep at every night is essential for healthy body as well as an active libido. Having inadequate sleep promote cortisol level, this contributes to low sex drive. One recent study has disclosed that, men suffering from restless leg syndrome (neurological disorders associated with sleep) may develop erectile dysfunction, probably because of low dopamine levels.

• According to studies, certain medication utilized to cope with high blood pressure, depression and other common illnesses can also affect sex drive and contribute to sexual dysfunction. Besides that, medications used while prostate, testicles and reproduction associated treatment may also lead to low libido in men.

• Many physicians say that, depression is the condition which is responsible for changing the body’s biochemistry and consequently lowers libido. Generally, in our society it is believed that men have no emotions, but it is totally wrong. In fact, they are extremely emotional but they never admit it like women. Depression may take place due to several reasons such as severe accident, bad sexual experience, past trauma, failure, childhood trauma, lack of self esteem and so on.

Problem in relationship is also linked with developing risk of poor libido in males. Relationship problems such as lack of communication, frequent disputes, anger, resentment, low physical attraction, mutual understanding, homosexuality issues, deep emotional connectivity, and boredom in relationship and sometimes disputes in opinions relating to sexual desire may also result in loss of libido in males.

• When person experience excessive stress body releases stress hormone called cortisol and adrenaline. Generally severe level of stress interrupts with body’s hormone level and contributes to low libido. Besides that, the arteries also constrict and interrupt blood flow in order with stress, which also result in male impotence. Normal stress is fine but if it is serious then it spoils and affects your ability to concentrate on your personal life.

• The proper functioning of brain is vital as sexual desire includes brain also. It is believed that brain’s chemical messaging system is associated with sexual desire and dopamine and if one of them is not functioning properly then problem occurs severely. Most of doctors say that Parkinson’s disease is tackled with help of dopamine stimulating drug as that drug has the capability to enhance sexual desire.

Estrogen is one form of hormone which promotes the urged to have sex in both genders. Low testosterone level is major reason behind low sex drive. Studies indicate that low testosterone occurs due to inflammation, injury and tumors in the testicles. Other causes such as cirrhosis of the liver or pituitary diseases are also responsible for hormone imbalance. According to studies, sudden loss of libido takes place due to lower or excessive production of hormone influenced by the pituitary gland.

Obesity is known to be biggest culprit behind poor libido in men. Due to obesity the testosterone level diminishes and contributes to poor libido. Major health disorders such as uncontrolled diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiac diseases are also closely linked with obesity and these diseases is tend to have major effect on libido.

Due to busy schedule of daily life most people are finding difficult to find time for intimacy. Remember, for healthy relationship both partner should spend quality time with each other. With communication various conflicts between partners can be easily sort out and can keep several disputes at bay. In short, just because of lack of time also the problem like poor libido may also occurred.

Sedentary lifestyle is another major cause which stimulating innumerable mental and physical issues such as stress and feeling of discomfort in the body.

In order to cope with the medical condition of loss of libido you needs to follow a holistic treatment methodology. If low sex drive is related with psychological issues such as lack of self-esteem and depression, then in such cases counseling works tremendously. You can treat psychological issues easily as there are various therapies are conducted which helps significantly to get rid of mental trauma. Medical issues can also treat effectively by the experts. Therefore, visit expert physician and tell him everything about your past health issue, medications and about your unhealthy habit (if any). This information will help your physician to come over exact conclusion and which will prove beneficial for your health as well.

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