Natural ways to minimize the risk of Kidney Damage

Everyone wants normal and healthier life, which is only possible if your kidneys function properly. There are two kidneys, but a person can live a normal life only with one kidney. The symptoms of kidneys damage are not easily noticeable and it may take long time. After a long time, when problem is finally recognized, then you can’t reverse it and can leads to untimely death.

Kidney is an important organ of our body, which has many functions such as blood filtration, produce hormones, absorb minerals and maintain a good balance of acid like alkaline. Kidney damage is a life threatening problem but you can minimize the risk of this problem by improving your lifestyle and habits.

Simple steps to minimize the risk of Kidney Damage

Reduce the intake of soda

A regular consumption of soft drinks and sodas can enhance the risk of kidney damage. Those people who are addicted of soft drinks are mostly deal with the kidney diseases due to the presence of protein in their urine. The presence of protein in the urine is a primary causes for kidney problems.

As per the research results of “Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine in Japan”, people who consumed more than 2 drinks of sodas have the higher risk of kidney’s dysfunction as compare to others.

Avoid smoking

Smoking is an addiction, which affect the blood supply by narrowing the blood vessels and arteries. This condition is medically known as atherosclerosis, in which vital organs of the body cannot receive the enough supply of blood due the hardening of blood vessels. The lack of blood supply due to the damage of arteries in to kidneys is a chief cause for kidney damage. The main artery that supply the blood in to kidney is known as Renal artery, and abnormal supply of blood affect kidney’s function.

Consume Vitamin B6 more

A healthy diet is good for proper functions of kidneys and overall health. But the deficiency of vitamin B6 in your daily diet increases the risk of kidney stones. You need to consume at least 1.3mg vitamin B6 for the optimum function of kidneys. There are many foods which are good sources of vitamin B6 such as potatoes, non-citrus fruits, fish, beef liver etc.

Avoid Unhealthy lifestyle

The risk of kidney stones is always higher in people who are living an unhealthy lifestyle. A daily routine workout is very important for health and also protects your kidneys. A balanced body weight is also prevent the risk of kidney disorders so always eat healthy and exercise daily.

Magnesium deficiency

The overload of calcium, which occurred due to deficiency of magnesium, increases the risk of kidney stone formation. You need to consume foods which are good source of magnesium such as beans, seeds, avocado and green leafy veggies. 

Lack of water consumption

Dehydrated body has more risk of developing kidney stones as compare to hydrated body. Lack of water inside the body increases the risk of many health problems so always drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day. For the better function, kidneys required good amount of water to eliminate the toxins from the body. And if you are not taking good amount of water daily then toxins start accumulating in the body, which normally leads to kidney diseases.

Reduce the intake of sodium

You need to consume sodium in a limit because overconsumption is not only increases blood pressure but also puts extra pressure on kidneys. So you need to make good balance, always try to consume in limits daily to minimize the risk of kidneys damage.

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Natural ways to minimize the risk of Kidney Damage