Mobile phones and its overdo impact on health

In today’s strong growing and speedy lifestyle mobile has become one of the imperative aspects of survival at moment. Besides most of us keep the mobile with us even while sleeping, as we have obsessed with it. But the fact and according to an ongoing investigation held, it has manifested certain substantiation that bear out destructive for pregnant women and baby too. The most destructive part of the mobile phone is the “buzzing” the ringing sound of the mobiles can disrupt the routine schedule of babies asleep time which might consequently hamper the development of child in stomach as per certain Authority’s and Experts.

Since we are so addicted to it, no ways we can step out without it.  We have been leaning to it by one or the other, the addiction of such has become so strong and firm that we don’t even realize how and how much we are using it rather there is no limit for it.  In simple language, overuse of anything is described as “dependence syndrome” in a person this is stated by “WHO” a term to substitute addiction. It is also found that individual associated with frequent usage of mobile phones is frequently associated with several health disquiets like headache, fatigue, diminished attentiveness; mess up memory, bothered sleep and certain radiation skin complications at time. There is also a report about the same that a few people tend to develops electro-sensitivity due to overdo or exposure of mobile phones in a mean while.  But in factual we are not walking we are running towards the danger and intimidation caused by overdo of mobile phones that adversely impact our health in many ways in a short period of time.

Today not only working people or adults but kids and children too are very fond of distinct mobile phones that are way better than each other in comparison. Today the technology market s grooming like anything, there is a monopoly competition growing strong in this field. As, every day there is new revolution shaping in technology world which gives birth to “Newer Electronic Gadget” including mobile phones with more sophisticated feature and with a reduction of price. Even a secondary school going youngsters has their own mobile phone, as it has become a need because of obvious reasons and the incidences all over in the world. But if the fact is to be said then excessive use of mobile phones or addiction can make obvious and provide evidence of threat to health at the forefront including all not only children or pregnant women.  According to a ongoing investigation  held long back, demonstrated that prolonged use of mobile phone can cause and root sources of brain cancer in a person who do to excess it in while plus this can also influence the perceive sound system of the same person.

The same incidences turn out with the pregnant lady but in and all somehow in different way here what happens  the child in the stomach gets bothered to a certain extent the sleeping activity of the child gets more bothered by it and as a result it impact the progression of child within stomach too. Actually, not only the buzzing of the mobile phone disturbs the child in the swathe but the vibration that go on with the ringing of phone too influence the child’s sleeping cycle and other routine along with it. The most outrageous report about it is it not only affects the child in the stomach but also the mother.

According to a second ongoing investigation , a bunch of doctor said that women’s expecting a baby or pregnant lady’s have developed an issue with blood pressure and premature delivery by the time regarding the overdo activities of the mobile phone. And even some women delivers a baby on destined time but the weight of the child is not up to the mark or as expected, they are by birth feeble or scrawny which is bit risky concerning their survival.  Even though all such thing has been manifested, there is no such clear report enclosing the same as far and no one has articulated surety about it yet.

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Mobile phones and its overdo impact on health