Migraine without headache – An unexpected drift of life

Usually migraine is always interlinked with headache, as headache is one of the most extending leading factors of it. But not always, since around 3% of migraine lenient imbibes migraine symptoms in the absence of headache. Migraine lacking headache sometimes can be perilous, since no indications are noticed during initial stage almost in every case. Migraine is common, it can clutch any one from any age group it mostly initiate and seizes in childhood deliberately. According to a survey held, every 4 in 1 women and every 6 in 3 men are seized by migraine at their early age this is an estimated figure, the real figure is really scary. Eventually, this particular type of migraine imbibes an tendency including all other symptoms except one ‘headache’. Furthermore it is classified into 4 distinct episodes and that accounts for:

  1. Prodrome – It is the most pivotal episode which indicates and triggers migraine in particular person’s life. Every 4 in 1 migraine afflicted person sense prodrome symptoms prior to migraine attack 24 hours before. Symptoms- Mood swing, irritability, confusion are mental indications, physical indications like uncontrollable thirst and diarrhea indicates it.
  1. Aura – In Aura Phase, a tolerant confronts physical health issues pertaining eye vision it is often seen torturing them. Very rare Afflicted persons sense aura which ultimately endures for hours.

Symptoms – Vision discomfort, language discomfort, sensory discomfort, skin sensation etc.

  1. Pain – Pain episode is long lasting say about 3 days {72 hours}, it often strike head by one side hence it is known as one sided head pain. This pain doesn’t subsists alone it continues with nausea and vomiting sometimes.
  2. Resolution – After a migraine attack number of people endures fatigue for at-least 1 day as an aftermaths of attack.

Groundses of migraine that roots and induces their source ultimately in an individual,

The onsets of migraine are still unfixed and unknown, doctors were unsuccessful in uncovering them. But, as per certain presumptions made by the experts it is an neurological disorder whereas according to some it is caused because of food that we intake. But both the reasons are undefined, so either is valid. Even, change in routine venture {activity} of certain nerve cells declination/ alteration is also seem to be one of the ground sets behind migraine in people, but not for sure.

Hither are some of the foods list that are accused for onsetting and sourcing migraine in a person and they accounts for, Sugar substitutes, red wines, chocolates, shellfish,nuts and so on. Even, excessive ingestion of alcoholic drink or caffeine can also evoke migraine in a person. But all this charge-with may or may not have the tendency to ignite so, but are accused on certain indecisive basis and not the offenders directly. On the same side, over exposure to light, heat, noise are also considered as an infer ground-sets adjoined with hypertension, stress, untimely meal and neurological defect {nerve cell deterioration} can trigger migraine attacks in person devoid-of headache and lacking any further indications.

Indications of migraine lacking headache:

A migraine minus headache is term as one of the silent killers, it is the most annoying situation for the tolerant to survive through. It is very unfortunate to judge and determine the valid ground-sets behind it, at times. Generally, when we sense any problem with ears or nose we seek for ENT doctor, but this is not the same case with migraine tolerant. It is very difficult for them to find out what exactly is their problem and whom to seek for it for assistance {which specific doctor}.

Hither are some indicants that exhibits migraine symptoms in a person, slightly

Visual discomfort – when a person tolerates migraine, blind spots and flashing lines {scurvy/spinning mode} are seemed to be appeared. This is referred as aura in medical terms and it endures hardly less than 15 minutes.

Numbness – A following inclined person {migraine tolerant} senses numbness in hands figure that ultimately pass-on to arm in the entire hand with fraction of seconds, unbearably.

Fatigue – Sometimes excessive dizziness and weakness is also noticed In migraine person, a migraine afflicted person is seen tired very often time. A constant sleeping feeling subsists among them.

Amnesia – A person mislays memory of a short fraction of time as an aftermaths of migraine, their exist some difficulty in doing the routine work which was performed earlies by them in previous time. Perhaps, it is not an dementia or neurological disease it prevails hardly for 1 hour and goes away independently as time passes.

Vocal problem – Very often it is noticed that migraine afflicted person also finds strain in vocalizing, expressing and intellectualizing the language later onwards. Other alternate symptoms like vomiting, nausea, confusion, abdominal pain and so on are also confronted by them in mean while subsequent to migraine attack.

Hence, there is need for medical aid but no treatment is available for migraine without headache as afflicted person acknowledge it lately. But you can surely bit this by frequent interval visit to a doctor if you encounter any of this symptom or signs timely. There are certain medicines lined up for regaling migraine instantly and hopefully but one cannot eliminate it utterly form his life. A doctor can only administer it he cannot eradicate completely rather nothing in medical science can do this.

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Migraine without headache – An unexpected drift of life