gty_birth_control_cc_111026_wgThese days’ woman has lot of choices comparing to olden days if she want to ward off pregnancy. The method of contraception includes tablets, injection and vaginal rings comprising synthetic hormones. Every method is filed with its own numerous benefits and side effects. Birth control pills are nothing but well known method utilized for family planning. Still after being familiar with little bit side effects of consuming birth control pill which can vary from mild to severe, most of women give first preference to these kind pills to avoid pregnancy. Many women who incorporate birth control pills are little but unaware that these pills may result into serious side effects. Before moving to severe side effects, have a look how these birth control pills works.

Generally conception takes place once the egg is fertilized with a sperm. In short, when the fertilized egg or fertilized ovum is attached to women’s uterus, she is supposed to be pregnant. The main purpose of birth control pill is to prevent the sperm from coping with the egg. In each menstrual cycle, natural hormones present in female’s body aids in ovulation, and make the body prepare for pregnancy. Oral birth control pills are in form of hormonal contraception which plays a key role in expelling non-natural hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Further the contraceptive pills obtain control over the actual hormones and obstruct them from performing their function. Prevention of pregnancy wit help of birth control pills may arise due to number of several reasons. Contraceptive pills assist to avoid pregnancy by obstructing the production of ovum or egg. Birth control pill is responsible for thickening the cervical mucus found in the uterus. As a result, prevents the sperm from coping with the egg. In addition, it also makes the lining of the womb unfit so that fertilized ovum becomes fails to properly attach.

Without taking gap you need to consume birth control pills continuously for about 21 days. If you discontinue, you will get your period and again you will need to start with same once the seven days completed. So, it would be better if you take regularly. Keep in mind, in case sometime if you forgot to take there are higher chances of pregnancy. Though, birth control pills are well known form of contraceptive pills but come along with several side effects too. Hence, some of them are listed below:

Some of the commonly observed sided side effects related with use of birth control pills include constipation, vomit ting, nausea, blotting and so on. Besides these, women are highly prone to go through spotting as well as irregular periods.

Some time women who are following birth control pills may go through dizziness, fatigue and headache. Apart from these, due to consumption of these pills, women’s are at higher risk of suffering from anxiety, depression and mood swings. Even several studies indicates that life threatening diseases like high blood pressure and risk of high cholesterol may also increase among women because of these pills.

One of the biggest side effects of birth control pills that they do not ensure to protect from attack of sexually transmitted diseases. As like other contraceptives, even condoms one form of birth control pill does not assure you to protect from getting affected by STD’s like genital herpes, HIV and many more. But, several researches have proved that these birth control pills are 95 percent foolproof to avoid pregnancy.

Sometime you may notice most of ordinary side effects linked with use of birth control pills for short period once you start taking these contraceptive pills. But, remember these pills contribute to severe health complications too. The list of serious side effects includes vision impairment, heart attack, cervical cancer, jaundice, stroke, suppression of the immune system and blood clots in legs, heart, lungs and brain.

Most often women’s may notice an infertile period if they stop taking these pills. This situation takes place because body takes lots of time to readjust again to do its task without making use of pills. The time that it takes which is for conception and it’s totally rely on the type of pills and on total time the pills were taken for. Even these contraceptive pills also indicate that the complications may arise in further pregnancies. There are such reports which show that use of birth control pills resulted into miscarriages as well as ectopic pregnancies.

Hair loss is another most unpleasant side effect of birth control pills. Women experience this problem while using the pill or sometimes after several weeks stopping consuming these pills. Besides these, vaginal itching, discomfort, and vaginal discharge are some possible side effects also experienced by women. This happens mostly due to stopping the pill consumption or switching to some other brand of pill. If these symptoms continue for long period of time then seek for medical help immediately.

Some studies say that there is co-relation between breast cancer and birth control pills. But, this fact is still not proved so cannot put trust on it. But, the aforesaid side effects are proven and extremely harmful for the body. Still, if you wish to opt them for family planning, then take it after consulting with gynecologist. Tell everything to your expert medical practitioner about your medical history of health problems and if any allergies. After considering these factors your health care provides will guide you about which birth control pill will suit you and prove you useful to avoid pregnancy. So, consequently the risk of side effects will also get reduced. Women with breast cancer, heart problems, diabetes and any other severe diseases should take this medicine under approval of expert doctor only otherwise it will enhance risk of serious side effects.

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