14001313401Kamagra Effervescent or Kamagra Dissolvable medicine has pulled attention and become most popular in treatment of erectile dysfunction. This medicine holds same component which its other brads comprises. This tablet is quite different than others and beyond comparison. The most beneficial part is consumption of this medicine is easy comparing to other jellies, soft tabs and tablet. Now men no more requires to swallow those jellies and tablets, just simply dissolving kamagra Effervescent in water and later drinking that water man can get back their manhood. Kamagra Effervescent treats impotence effectively as it takes just 15-20 minutes to become effective. In short gives instant result than other several medicines.

The safe indicated dosage is Kamagra Effervescent100mg and only one time in a day. Excess intake of dose results in several side effects. It is considered safest if you consume the medicine when sexual power overcomes you. One more thing, take this drug 20 minutes prior to indulging in sexual act. Kamagra Effervescent is not so difficult to take, just dissolve its tablet in water and then drink simply to get desire result. But, remember do not take Kamagra Effervescent after heavy fat meal. Heavy fat meal reduces the effectiveness of the medicine and lowers its working speed as well. If possible take this medicine on an empty stomach otherwise with light meal also fine to acquire best result. Make sure that you are taking Kamagra Effervescent under strict medical guidance. Do not take this medicine without taking suggestion from your doctor. Taking this medicine without doctor’s consultation can also prove harmful to your health. As a result, it is always better to take it under proper medical guidance. It is the duty of patient to inform their physician if they previously suffered or suffering from severe health disorders like heart, liver, kidney and other chronic diseases before starting with Kamagra Effervescent treatment. In addition, your doctor must be aware if you are taking any other drugs along with Kamagra effervescent in order to protect you from other possible side effects. If the dosage prescribed by your doctor does not showing any positive result then visit your doctor again and tell him to make changes. It is highly recommended for men not to make changes in dose without consulting doctor. Take appropriate dosage as prescribed by your doctors to ensure safe treatment.

As like other medicine, there are some side effects also associated with use of this medicine. Hence, do not consider them as unusual. The side effects linked with this medicine are common and risk free. The list of commonly observe side effects includes low sensitivity, diarrhea, runny nose, nasal congestion, headache, drowsiness, blurred vision, back pain, stomach upset, color blindness and many more. These are some common side effects which takes place only if you take this medicine for first time. But, once you become habitual to this medicine automatically the onset of effects also gets reduce. Even in some cases if side effects still start showing their result, it is not issue of concern. As these all the side effects are non-toxic and they disappear after short period on their own. Basically men’s don’t needs to undergo any medical treatment to treat these problems. But, if side effects remain for longer time than expected, then in that case instant checkup is must. Since the long stay of these side effects is considered worst for body as well as overall health.

There are some adverse effects as well related with use of Kamagra Effervescent. But, adverse side effects are risky and even life threatening if not treated at initial stage only. If you notice signs of heart attack, persistent penis stiffening, stroke, hypertension, and many more, then it indicates something wrong might be going to happen. At that situation contact your physician immediately and start with treatment without getting much delay.

Most appropriate temperature for storing Kamagra Effervescent is between 15-30 degree Celsius. To maintain the potency of drug neither exceeds temperature nor keeps below above mentioned temperature. To avoid drug spoilage never store Kamagra Effervescent in extreme conditions like Excess hot, cold, dry and wet climatic condition. Follow all the storage tips carefully to keep effectiveness of this medicine long lasting. If you won’t be able to follow storage precaution then the chances of downfall of medicine increases.

Keep Kamagra Effervescent pills securely in proper airtight container or box. Make sure that the place should be hygienic where you are storing that box. Never store this medicine in surrounding where there is extreme heat, damp and moist. As all these three facts affects medicine badly. Never store tabs of Kamagra Effervescent in places like kitchen or bathroom. Keep in mind that this pill is specially design for men suffering from ED. Hence, women, children and teenagers should stay away from use of this pill. One more important point that, carefully discards expired packet of this medicine as early as possible. Store pills of Kamagra Effervescent in such a place where children cannot reach.

Basically Kamagra Effervescent is known to be highly dependable medicine to overcome impotence problem. But, obtaining strong and hard erection is possible only when precautions are followed strictly. Precautions are vital to ensure safeties of the treatment. If any individual is allergic with use of Sildenafil content present in this medicine are recommended not to use this medicine. Once treatment of Kamagra Effervescent begins intake of nitrate should be avoided. As this medicine responds with nitrate and chances of chronic health complication raises consequently. Say no to alcohol while taking this medicine for overall well being of health. Similarly alcohol, avoid consumption of grapefruit or grape juice. After taking this medicine, if possible avoid any strenuous physical activity and mind associated work. Users of this medicine have possibility of occurring accident as it leads to dizziness. Only those men above 18 and affected with ED can take this medicine. If side effects occur after taking Kamagra Effervescent take immediate treatment from your physician and do not ignore side effects. People who have medical history of severe health disorders should take this medicine under approval of their physician only.

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