The first thing that we do when we are feeling dehydrate is go for aerated beverages, which are commonly known as sodas and soft drinks, some individuals even don’t think about water to satisfy their thirst. Aerated beverages have become a kind of staple food to many individuals. What these individuals do not understand is that aerated drinks though may be attractive to the taste buds, but they are not healthier beverages for the body and they are just including extra calorie to their systems by taking sodas and soft drinks.

If you feel that you need something other than water to satisfy your thirst or satisfy your taste buds, you should opt for a healthier and balanced solution to aerated beverages. There are so many healthier beverages that not only provide you relief from thirst but also are attractive to consume and make your body healthier. Let us look at some of these beverages.

Health expert suggests that one should drink more water than any other chemical beverage. It is a one of the healthiest drink as it helps you to keep alive. Beside this there are also various reasons that may make you to consume plenty water as compare to any other drink.

Water helps to increases energy and relieves fatigue.
It helps to you focus and concentrate better also helps you to keep you mind more alert.
It helps you to remove fats, and increase metabolism as it is a zero calories drink.
It helps you to flush out the toxins and reduce the chances of kidney stone.
Drinking water helps you to moisturize your skin and keeps you skin soft and glowing.
Helps in digestion processes and prevents constipation.
Drinking Water can assist you fight against flu, cancer and other ailments like heart attacks.
It also helps relieve and prevent headaches.
So drink up to make sure your whole body runs properly. Have about 8-ounce glasses a day, more when you have dehydrating beverages, like coffee and alcohol, or sweating a lot.

Green Tea
Green Tea is regarded as the most consumed drink on the globe behind water, however 78% of the tea consumed globally is black and only about 20% is green.
Green tea is made from the leaves of Camellia sinensis that have undergone through little oxidation during processing.
The purpose that green tea has more health benefits as compare to that black tea is due to the processing. Black tea is prepared in a way that allows for fermentation whereas green tea handling prevents the fermentation procedure. Consequently, Green tea contains an abundant source of anti-oxidants and phenols which makes it healthy drink.

Here’s a list of some of its awesome benefits — those advantages that you may not have been aware of.
Green Tea helps to boost metabolism and thus helps in weight loss.
It regulates blood glucose levels thus keeps your diabetes in control.
Green tea works on the lining of blood vessels, thus keep the blood vessels relaxed and control blood pressure.
It also protects the formation of blood clots that are the primary cause of heart attacks.
Regular consumption of green tea helps to reduce the risk of esophageal cancer.
It reduce the levels of bad cholesterol an increase the levels of good cholesterol.
Studies also say that chemical antioxidant of green tea helps to treat the problem of Tooth decay.
Green tea helps to treat the problem related to aging like wrinkles and fine lines.
Green tea contains zero calories thus it is a one of the best healthy drink which is loaded in natural oxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids. All these make green tea a best healthy drink entry on this list.

Consumption of milk and dairy products is linked with numerous health advantages as it is full of various vitamins and minerals. Children’s as well as adults both must drink milk regularly.

According to National
Dairy Council, it is found that milk is loaded with 9 nutrients which are mention below:
• Calcium: For healthy bones and teeth; it also helps to maintains bone mass.
• Protein: Serves as a source of energy that maintains muscle tissue.
• Potassium: For controlling a healthy blood pressure.
• Phosphorus: Helps in strengthening bones and generating energy.
• Vitamin D: For preserving bones health and prevent form osteoporosis.
• Vitamin B12: Helps to control healthy red blood cells and nerve tissue.
• Vitamin A: Boost the immune system and also aid in maintaining normal vision and skin.
• Riboflavin (B2): It converts food into energy.
• Niacin: Helps to metabolizes sugars and fatty acids.

Beside this a glass of milk can keeps you full for longer period of time and thus reducing your food cravings significantly.

Low Sodium Tomato Juice
Research found that drinking low sodium tomato juice regularly helps to prevent from lot of cancers like stomach, lung, colorectal tract, pancreatic, dental, esophageal, and cervical and breast cancers. This healthy drink is one of the wealthiest sources of an anti-oxidant known as lycopene which is said to prevent these cancers.

Fresh Veggie Juice
Fresh veggie juice is full of various health benefits as it is made from various vegetables and fruits like carrots, cucumber, celery and dark leafy greens, lemon, orange and etc. It contains various types of vitamins and mineral that helps you to keep you healthy.

Following are health benefits of Fresh veggie juice:
Assist to detoxify body
Allows you higher consumption of a wider variety of vegetables
Strengthens immune system
Aid with mental alertness
Helps in weight loss
Boost digestion process
Increase energy levels in your system
Best Anti-aging properties.
Best source of liver enzymes
Helps in reducing body odor
Strengthen mood
• Supports the liver
Facilitate with sleep issues
Aid to treat hormone issues

Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate is a warmed drink made from shaved chocolate, melted chocolate buds, or cocoa powder mixed with sugar and warmed milk or water.
Did you know that a cup of hot cocoa may do more than keeping you warm? Chocolate is rich in antioxidants which helps to prevent cardiovascular disease. Chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants which help avoid cardiac arrest and help the body fight against toxins and free radicals that can damage cells.
Cocoa is rich in flavonoids, which are compounds produced by plants that have been shown to have health advantages. Flavonoids prevent cardiac arrest by decreasing hypertension and improving veins. Consuming meals that are high in flavonoids cuts down inflammation and help prevent insulin resistance, which can reduce the chance of type two diabetes.

Ginger Tea
Ginger has long been known to soothe digestive problems and even reduce feeling of nausea associated with motion sickness and pregnancy, so make a cup of ginger tea and keep your stomach problem away.
Ginger also contains effective anti-inflammatory substances called gingerols, which can help reduce joint pain and arthritis pain.

These are some of the healthy drinks that are both pleasant to drink and keep you healthier.

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