skeletonPerthes is a kind of bone disease, which mostly affects the child considering the age of 6 to 8. Well, the disorder is not commonly seen in all the children, but yes 1 out of 1500 found to be at risk. One can also pronounce Perthes by the name called Legg-calve-Perthes or calve Perthes or avascular necrosis disease. This generally hit the area of the femur head; an insufficient or shortage, supply of the blood towards the developing plate of the bone located at the last part of the femur causes the impediments called perthes. The process further gets complicated an turn into softens form, which makes the bone sometimes fall down results the disorder called necrosis. Well, the condition is yet to be cleared that why this obstruction of blood vessels linked to the femoral head occurs. Neither the injury nor the issue of blood vessels found reason behind Perthes disease. The facts remain unknown yet, but some say it could be genetic or lack of blood may found liable for this complication. Perthes is a condition, which feeble and breaks down the bone adjacent from the top of the thigh to the hip bone. The bone gradually heals and redevelop as the age of the child mount up. In short, after passing of several months or years the blood brooks get reform and facilitates its supply towards the dead bone tissue results easing the condition of perthes. A formation of new bone tissues takes place, which aids reform and repairs the femoral head gradually. The process is quite similar in repairing the fractured and broken bones after a long period of time. The disease affects the hip joints (femoral head), which is surrounded to the top part of the thigh bone (femur) that’s placed inside the hip acetabulum i.e. socket. Some obstruction occurs with the linked blood brook of femoral head, which restricts the blood circulation causes the snag of Perthes. This further turns the affected section of the bone into the abnormal form, making it feeble and easy to break. The condition generally affects only one side and rarely both sides of the hip.

Well, the Perthes is not exactly stated as a disease, but a complicated condition, which affects the small children in their childhood. The condition could get mend after the gap of some years, but need to go under medication treatments in severity.

Symptoms or indication of Perthes disease
Since, the disorder found common in small children the symptoms seem to be unrecognized and gradual, which comprises the condition
• Worsts of limbs after some weeks.
• Ache in the hip and groin area, sometimes the sensation of ache found in the knee and thigh.
• Inflexibility in the affected area of the hip.
• The affected leg may turn thinner due to contraction of thigh muscles.
• You may notice the affected leg appears shorter comparing with the normal leg.
• The complication gradually initiates from the part of the hip, groin, or a limp.
• Knee pain alleged as the first sign of perthes, but the pain comprises persistent and long lasting.
• It makes the people difficult to walk or move; children may get less flexibility.

How to proceed with diagnosing process
To know the disease or the complication completely; one needs to go under diagnosing process. Diagnosing procedure aids know the exact details about the impediment and facilitates the treatment procedure. The diagnosing procedure includes:

• X-ray: – a ray is used to scan the bone and to know the exact history of it. It may help to know the current situation of the femoral head, whether it is damaged or not. Well, the condition of the bone will keep on changing every month; thus, the x-ray needs to be done such way.

• Bone scan: – sometimes, when the x-ray fails to give exact result the process of bone scan are alleged to be followed. It aids know the current situation of the bone; the procedure takes place to know the exact causes of perthes disorder.

• MRI: – one may also ask to go under MRI process. It helps examine the condition of the bone and give an exact result. The rays deeply study the condition and offer an appropriate result.

• Blood test: – blood test is done to know the abnormal growth of the tissues in the body. This makes the condition quite easy to understand.

Treatment process of Perthes
The condition of Perthes gets healed as the child grows, but in severe condition one need to go under treatment process, which comprises medication, surgeries, physical fitness, etc. One need to keep on going under regular x-ray of the hip or the affected area of the body. Various mediations are advised to intake just to ease down the pain. Well, one need to take this in limitation; since, an excessive intake of the pills like painkillers may find harmful for the health. Further, a physical fitness is found an another treatment to be followed. A hip exercise or the activities, which keeps the hips on moving condition must be followed by every Perthe sufferer; since, it aids ease down the stiffness and pain of the bones. Most of the perthe sufferers are asked for the complete bed rest probably around 2 to 4 months, which mainly comprises the condition. Surgeries are another treatment procedure, which seems to be done at a very severe stage of the condition. The treatment procedure may run for the longest period; hence, one need to keep patience in this manner. Well, Perthes is not a complicated disorder; it could get mend naturally or by the help of the treatment. It doesn’t affect all the children in childhood, found affecting rarely one out of 1000. The treatment also comprises a healthy diet rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamin, etc.

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