Eventually blood pressure and our health is co-related very deeply, slight amend in both will manifest their aftermath on each other in an adverse manner. To know more about it lets see it in detail.

What is blood pressure?

Blood is a vibrant component of our consistency (body). It proceeds through several nerves and channels in the intact body. Eventually, it is a fluid that is pumped mainly by the heart solely in the entire body and this flux of fluid (blood) has distinct velocity during proceeds through diverse organs and miscellaneous tubular structure or blood veins in the body. However, this Flux of blood imbibes and travel through certain velocity during proceeds down-by discrete organs and veins initiate pressure/force on the wall of same is cited and mentioned as to a pressure in the blood, ultimately.

In medical terms, to determine and define pressure, a proper process/measure analyze cited as systolic blood pressure and the reverse position of it when measured is cited as systolic blood pressure which is followed to calculate it prudently. Initially the calculations indulge the amount and force exerted by the blood on the walls of vein and certain organ internally during proceeds is counted hither as the heart tends to drain (pump).

The reference range (normal range) of blood pressure for human being (both men and women) 120/80 mmHg- which is millimeters of mercury an unit of BP which define as systolic should be beneath 120 and diastolic should be beneath 80 in every health state. Actually, BP range is distinct for distinct age group people it varies from each age group. But, now the actual fact is scary, because more than the adults – children are seized by this grievous health condition.

Fluctuation pressure in blood is cited and determined differently pertaining the current situation and health condition of a person. BP Slightly Above than the normal level is referred as Hypertension and the reverse situation rather vice versa is referred as hypotension similarly. Hypertension exert extra pressure on the heart and veins, it stresses the heart and veins evenly at time which ultimately lead to high Blood pressure in a person. Hither the heart needs more strength and power to exert pressure to drain predetermined quantum of blood in a particular time precisely. Hypotension is exactly the incompatible condition.

Factors that influences Blood pressure in a person are distinct and varies from person to person and time to time, at every single minute our blood pressure keeps on changing. Our bodies blood pressure mainly varies following to height, weight, Age, Sex and all comprehensive element pertaining health condition of a concern person.

Stress – Stress is one of the most leading and extending factor that augments Blood pressure in a person’s body at time. Both emotional and physical stress imbibes the propensity to impact and distract it from its routine. During emotional stress our body becomes reactive and starts discharging stress hormones in the blood alike adrenaline and cortisol. This stress hormones are tends towards constriction of blood veins in the body that induces and stimulates heart beat which ultimately increases rise to blood pressure for short period of time.

Wrong diet – A person with high sodium diet and body fats can eventually head for intense blood pressure in the body. In normal cases 2300 mg of sodium in a day, whereas in exceptional case it urged to take around 1500mg per day. The amount of sodium intake in people keeps on revolving but this not good for health. The sodium intake should be as it is, as urged by the doctor no auto changes must be made in that without consulting your doctor as this can be peril pertaining your wellness.

Smoking and alcoholism – Smoking can impaired the tubular structure that carries blood in the entire body adversely, it imbibes the capacity to do so. Because the chemicals incorporated in tobacco constricts the blood veins which eventually impedes the blood flux in it and in the entire body that causes and induces intense blood pressure in a person consequently. Similarly, alcohol beyond risk guideline can cause intense blood pressure in the body of a person.

All this are the major factors that impacts and impairs the blood pressure level beyond its guideline. So other alternate factors that aids augment it is obesity, pregnancy, excess caffeine intake, frequent kidney disease, adrenal disorder, thyroid disorder, Age, lifestyle and so on. All this can root or induce blood pressure sources inevitably. Keeping all such in bound or cutting down them in size will definitely work in your favor. Blood pressure transfers in-accordance to various element in person’s life for example its mood. If a person is passing through anger, depression or stress the pressure in the blood will accordingly transform and modify, when all this happen the blood pressure independently gets fluctuated by inducing other heart associated disorder like stroke, heart attack etc.  

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