Easy-Steps-to-Remove-Pimples1Pimples, one unpleasant skin problem confronted by millions of people all around the world. People try each and every solution to get rid of this fatal problem at earliest. Though one may follow every possible remedy, the possibilities of acquiring hundred percent results will only rely on the size and type of pimples. No doubt, the tiny ones that develop in recent times may get healed with below mentioned remedies. But, in case of severe ones, take a help from dermatologist.

A pimple is a type of comedo and they occur because of excessive oil getting trammeled in the pores. Too much sebum secretion by the oil glands is leading reason behind occurrence of this problem. Shoulder, face, back and neck are highly susceptible areas of pimples. Onset of pimples is not a critical condition. It can be definitely cured if proper measures and some effective home remedies are adopted. Though, it make person feel sad because of their appearance but avoid taking tension. Feel relaxed because there are number of lotions as well as acne medicines are available in the market to overcome this fateful skin issue. Prefer medication strictly after taking approval from a health care professional only. Taking drug without expert’s opinion may give rise to number of health issues. So, to obviate risk of complication take dose exactly as suggested by your physician. Various powerful natural remedies are also there to get rid of pimples within a short period only. Hence, follow below mentioned easy remedies with full sincerity and overcome pimples naturally without risk of side effects.

• Cucumber:-
Cucumber is loaded with essential nutrient like potassium and vitamins like C, A, and E. Plus, it is well known for its calming and effecting on the skin. Take 1-2 cucumbers, then simply cut them into pieces and steep them in water for an hour. The nutrients like vitamin A, chlorophyll and potassium present in cucumbers will get pass on in water. Strain the water and use for rinsing face and can use for drinking purpose as well. Face mask can also be easily made by grinding one cucumber. This face mask may assist you to remove dirt and bacteria formulated in pores.

• Toothpaste:-
This is proven another potent remedy for defeating acne issue speedily. Every individual affected with pimples should try this remedy whether it proves beneficial or not. People affected with pimple must apply toothpaste on affected area before going to bed. Next day wash off properly with plain water to see the results. But, never make use of gel-type toothpaste, it may not prove useful.

• Ice pack:-
Making use of ice is best solution to beat pimples at soon as possible. The best advantage of ice is it improves blood circulation to the affected area. Plus, it plays a dominant role in blocking the skin pores and eliminating oil and dirt buildup on the skin. Use either ice cubes or crushed ice, whichever suitable to you. For defeating pimples, simply wrap the ice in cloth and hold it on the pimples for a few second. After few minutes, again repeat the process. Using ice is helpful because it cuts down swelling or inflammation and instantly provides comfort to your skin.

• Egg white:-
Egg white assists significantly dehydrate the zits and cuts down swelling. Apply egg white over pimples and allow it leave for 30 minutes. Repeat this remedy 2-3 times in a day before going to bed and see the results. Follow this remedy until skin becomes pimples free.

• Garlic:-
Garlic has an excellent source of antiseptic, antiviral, antioxidant and antifungal properties that ensures quick relief from pimples. An abundant source of sulfur present in garlic encourages instant curing of pimples. Initially cut a garlic clove into two pieces then squeeze a few cloves of garlic and then apply over the pimple. Leave it for few minutes and wash off with lukewarm water. Do this remedy several times in a day. This potent remedy is thought to provide prompt results. Garlic is proven extremely beneficial in healing skin infection since long period. Consuming one raw garlic clove on a daily basis may assist you to purify your blood. But, avert overeating raw garlic because it may upset the stomach.

• Lemon juice:-
Another rapid way to cope with pimples is application of lemon juice, which is packed with vitamin C. Make use of fresh lemon juice instead of bottled one. Hence, apply fresh lemon juice directly over the pimples and allow it to dry. Rinse off cleanly after it dries. Do this remedy three times in a day. People with sensible skin should take extra care; they should mix few drops of rose water in lemon juice. Apply the mixture with help of cotton ball and follow same remedy until the skin becomes clear.

• Peppermint:-
It is one of the potent herbs that assist to remove pimples very fast. The key element called menthol found in peppermint plays a crucial role in reducing the irritation and redness stimulated by pimples. Besides, great source of antibacterial and antiviral properties present in peppermint assist to kill bacteria that enhances risk of pimples. Firstly extract the juice from leaves of peppermint and apply same on the affected skin. After 10-15 wash skin with help of cold water.

If you find difficulty in getting peppermint leaves, then make use of peppermint oil. Peppermint oil also holds various vitamins and essential fatty acids in rich concentration. Just use 2-3 drops of peppermint oil over pimples and later rinse with water.

• Papaya:-
Papaya fruit is said to be boon to cope with this unpleasant skin issue. Essential nutrients like vitamin A, and antioxidant are abundantly present in this delicious fruit. Plus, it has enzymes which play a significant role in reducing inflammation and makes your skin supple and smooth. In addition, exfoliating ability of papaya aids in eliminating dead skin cells and assist to clear blocked pores. Hence, apply papaya juice over the pimples and obtain clear skin within few applications only.

In addition to aforesaid remedies, drink ample of water, exercise daily, take a healthy, balanced diet, keep bad habits and keep clean skin always to keep pimples at bay. Keeping clean skin is a key to averting the development of the skin condition. Basic skin care regime is indispensable part to prevent acne.

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