Awareness About Common Nutritional Deficiencies

Lack of nutrition that causes fatigue and muscle aches is medically termed as Malnutrition. The Health complications that observed by human due to the nutritional deficiency are Pellagra, Beriberi, Rickets, scurvy etc. There is no doubt that health problems associated with malnutrition is mostly observed by the teenager as compare to adults. Our body needs essential nutrients to work properly, but deficiency can alter the body function and processes. It is necessary to reverse the malnutrition for the optimal growth, function and development of body. The processes that affect due to lack of nutrition are nerve singling, digestion, metabolic rate, enzyme function and hydration.

The safest way to get rid over the malnutrition is to get enough nutrients from the foods. It is necessary to consult with a dietitian to make dietary changes and also about the supplements that are rich in nutrients and vitamins. Remember one thing that our body not produced the micronutrients like vitamins and minerals. You can get these micronutrients from the diets and supplements (consult with doctor before the intake of artificial products). There are many other diseases that linked with the nutritional deficiency such as bone related disorder, skin diseases, dementia and indigestion. For the quick recovery from the malnutrition, dietitian will suggested you the amount of nutrients according to your age.

5 Common Nutritional Deficiencies

Iron Deficiency

Iron is a vital mineral for the body because it increases the red blood cells count and also carry oxygen to cells. Iron deficiency is very common nutritional deficiency around the world that associated with health complications anemia, weakness, impaired brain function, weak immunity system and fatigue. As per the research results, 30% people around the world are suffering from the health problems associated with this malnutrition. There are various foods that minimizes the risk of iron deficiency and increase red blood cells count such as dark leafy greens, egg yolks etc.

Iodine Deficiency

Iodine Deficiency increases the risk of abnormal production of the thyroid hormones that participate in the many processes inside body. It is cleared that iodine mineral plays a crucial role for the normal function of the thyroid gland. Hormones produced by this gland are responsible for bone maintenance, brain development and easily regulate metabolic rate. There is huge population around the world that suffering from the enlarged thyroid gland caused due to iodine deficiency. This condition is well known as goiter, apart from that it also enhance the risk of abnormal heart rate, shortness of breath and weight gain.

Vitamin A deficiency

According to the WHO, vitamin A nutrients are playing an important role for healthy reproductive health and eye health. In addition, it is a group of nutrients that boost the immune strength and prevent the risk of infections. Deficiency of vitamin A increases the risk or permanent loss of vision in children and leading cause for maternal mortality in pregnant women. Mother’ milk is a good source of vitamin A for new born babies and there are many other sources of this vitamin like eggs, milk, green vegetables, reddish fruits etc.

Deficiency of Vitamin D

There are limited resources of vitamin D, which play a crucial role for health bones. The Deficiency of this vitamin linked with weak bones, fatigue and muscle aches. It is well known fat soluble vitamin which is produced out from the cholesterol inside body during the exposure of skin in the morning sunlight. It is hard to recognize the early symptoms of vitamin D and its Deficiency increase the risk of fracture, soft bones and reduced immunity strength.


There are many life threatening diseases associated with the calcium deficiency such as weak bones, osteoporosis, abnormal heart beats and other health complications. Calcium is an important mineral for the health growth of bones and teeth. For the overall function of the body, calcium mineral play a crucial role. Deficiency of this mineral is easily reversible by choosing foods that highly risk in calcium like milk, kale, broccoli, fish, grains, yogurt etc.

There are few other nutritional deficiency like folate deficiency, Niacin deficiency and thiamine deficiency that are also linked with serious health complications. There is no doubt that malnutrition is caused due to the poor diet that contains less nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Apart from that, there are few medical conditions that also increased the risk of malnutrition such as colon cancer and gastrointestinal conditions.

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Awareness About Common Nutritional Deficiencies