AutismAutism is a kind of complex brain disability, which comprises a neurological disorder making the person fail to recognize and behave properly. The condition arises in childhood period at very first 3 years of phase, this make the child complicated to speak, think or to learn the language or to understand the language and replies it back. In short, autism is a kind of brain disorder, which stood the child abnormal in understanding, speaking, recognizing, behaving and difficulty in getting social contact. In certain case, you can see the child finding hard to communicate or to get familiar with the normal person. They face complication in playing or presenting themselves in the community. According to the research autism belongs to the family history and found genetic. Well, the causes of autism are not clear, but it is called a type of birth defects, which is incurable and lasts still the death. Some controversies found whispering that, it may get caused due to pesticides or childhood vaccines, etc. well; it’s not an exact report to be believed. According to the report autism found occurring four times more often in boys, then in girls; it affects 1 amongst 1000 group. The symptom of autism gradually arises, which can be notice in the age of 2 or mostly in 3. Well, this is just to make you know that autism is a sort of brain disorder not a disease. The early recognition of the symptoms may help to mend the condition up to some extent. Autism is alleged as highly erratic neurological disorder, initially notice during infancy, gradually getting into effect after 6 months and gets established in the next 2 to 3 years. Further, this condition goes mute in adult period. According to genomic research people with autism spectrum disorder mostly holds the genetic history of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), manic depressive illness, schizophrenia, etc. Further, ASD termed as autism spectrum disorder and also referred as autistic spectrum disorder; both mean the same and cause abnormal function of the brain. Person, suffering from ASD fails to communicate or contact with social people. Genetic issue perhaps enhances the risk of ASD; it is found the key factor of causing autism in child.

Some noticed sign of autism
• Completely undaunted about the menace surrounded by them
• Prefer to stay alone and play alone completely in sole group.
• Fails to manage proper eye contact, egotistical conduct.
• Response strange to normal person,
• Doesn’t react calling by their name
• Doesn’t seek help for anything; fail to explain about the needs.
• Communicate unclearly and with abnormal tone.
• practice the same movement for various time
• Forget instantly the previous deed
• Prefer eating odd meal
• Clamping hand on face, ears and mouth.
• Get indulge in games, which cause self injury.

Well, there are many other habits, which indicate the disorder of autism.

Report of deep studies
The study comprising neuroanatomical links with teratogens sturdily admits that autism is a result of brain alteration in the progress soon after commencement. This incongruity appears to initiate a flow of pathological actions in the brain vitally occurring by environmental factors. Soon after the birth, the sense or brain of autistic children develops faster than the normal one. Well, the fact is still to know; whether, it gets early or overdevelop in autistic children or not. It is known eminently in brain fundamental development connecting to thinking role.

The condition comprising hypothesis cellular and molecular form of pathologic soon overdevelop encompasses the following:

• Surfeit of neurons occurs due to over association in main brain section
• Baffle neuronal migration in early conception

However, connection between the immune system and the nerves function initiate soon during the embryonic phase of life, which further comprises a stabilized immune system, responsible for the successful neurodevelopment. A peculiar immune function at the stage of neuro-growth is likely to enhance the risk of ASD form. Although, it has been noticed that an autistic sufferer likely hold some disorder of immune function; however, it is yet to be confirmed, whether this abnormalities is pertinent or secondary in autism case. Well, this condition is still found unclear and found controversies amongst the people.

Treatment and precautions
Well, there is not any particular treatment alleged for autism case, but some physical concerned practice may aid mend the condition to some extent. The condition doest involve any medication treatments; since, it is a form of disorder not an ailment. One can get indulge in precaution method so that the sufferer could not get any hurt. Any dear one needs to be accompanied with the sufferer of autism to keep watching their deed and safe them from harmful aspects.

How to behave with them
Certain kind people feel lonely, irritate, depressed; they behave as like they are pain one the earth, so in such condition a normal person must give charming response and should get involve with them as like you are so much close to them. Try to play with them, get familiar with them; try understanding their desire, help them out in unspeakable condition. Don’t get harsh with them; you need to be present yourself very calmly and lovingly. Make them understand the thing even though they fail to mind it. Do not present yourself angry in front of them; since, they get scared soon and start doing certain bizarre habit. Autism found 1 out of 5 invasive development impediments, which doesn’t hold any sickness or illness report. It’s a kind of bearing and tolerating habits, which a person needs to hold while facing an autism sufferer.

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