no-eatingAnorexia nervosa alleged as a disorder of eating or inappropriate eating habits, which turns the people into overweight form. People with anorexia nervosa tend to maintain lowest weight, which appears to be more less than the height and the age. It’s a situation where people hold the mentality of reducing the weight some how. Any severity falls in between may seem to be ignored, this is what makes the person weak and the immune system unhealthy to perform. To get rid of obesity or to cut down the weight people with Anorexia nervosa seems to be starving or exercising mostly. They just hold the mentality that they need to reduce the weight by any fail. Anorexia nervosa stated as one of the obstacles of the life, which comprises self starving and weight reduction that results inflexible and inactive body. The condition encompasses cut down of daily meal or the quantity of meal, which you used to eat daily. It actually includes a condition, which makes you feel very hungry, but restrict to have anything. It means Anorexia nervosa is a condition where a person goes under dieting or starving stage to reduce the obesity or to get prevented from excessive weight. The term actually alleged totally false; cutting down the healthy diet or starving for a long period, turns the immune system unhealthy and inactive form. People, follow this diet due to the fear of excessive weight and obesity problem; get indulged with starving and over exercise to get prevented from such impediment.

However, the liability factor of anorexia varies from persons to persons; since, its occurrence depends on several behavior; it comprises environmental, social and cultural factors; it may found genetic too. For some person starving (avoiding food, even in Hungry stage) found to be socialists or personal. Stress, depression, hopelessness, unhappy frame of mind, etc. Make the person on starving stage, which completely affects their health turning unhealthy, weak and inactive in form. An unhappy frame of mind, stress, excessive work, personal issue, etc. may turn the person in Anorexia nervosa stage. This either turn the body completely under weight or over weight. Most of the people consuming an unhealthy diet are likely to get over weight issue, which makes them joined gymnasium, exercise, starving or dieting process. Amongst this man feel comfortable performing gymnasium; whereas, women tend to follow the habit of starving or dieting. Anorexia nervosa, commonly affects the female than the male, well, it further depends upon the situation.

Anorexia nervosa is exactly can be known in three ways:
1) Scare of taking any nutrients or energy rich food due to overweight issue.
2) Fear of getting overweight or obese.
3) Maintenance of body figure or body shape, to promote an attractive look.

These are the factors, which force the people undergoing Anorexia nervosa stage. One may also practice this habit to maintain zero figure shape. In return, you might get this, but may get the risk of weakness and unhealthy immune function. People practicing Anorexia nervosa generally avoid consuming calorie rich foods.

Physical appearance of Anorexia nervosa
When you get into the practice of anorexia nervosa, you may likely to go under certain ups and downs in health circumstances. Most of the people believe that going under anorexia nervosa may aid reduce the body weight and shape the figure, but it in fact turns you weak and unhealthy in appearance.

Certain symptoms, which may turn the body in disorder form are:

• Tremendous weight reduction
• Appearance of thin and slim body
• Inappropriate count of the blood
• Soonest exhaustion or fatigue
• Feeling of insomnia
• Giddiness, faintness and wooziness
• Appearance of blue fingers
• Weak hair, which turns easy to break or fall down
• Nonappearance or shortages or late duration of menstruation
• Risk of constipation and unhealthy bowel function
• Dry, rough and parched skin
• Fail to bear the cold
• Improper heart beats
• Destabilization of blood pressure
• Dehydrated body
• Unhealthy and weak organ function
• The risk of bone disorders called osteoporosis
• Appearance of body on malnutrition stage
• Turn of arms and leg in engorged form

Risk factors
Any age groups and gender may get the risk of anorexia nervosa. Well, it depends on their lifestyle, environmental factors, social group, personal issue, etc. The risk may lead to spoil the whole appearance of the body.
One may get the risk of feeble bone, unhealthy organ function, unhealthy skin texture and many more. Risk of anemia, osteoporosis, organ failure, low blood pressure, fatigue, improper bowel function, decrement in electrolytes, kidney stone, improper filtration of the liver, an unhealthy eyes, rough, parched and dehydrated skin, etc. are found some other related disorder of health occurs due to anorexia nervosa. One may also face the disorder of brain function; it might possible that you get an unhealthy or an improper brain function. People undergoing the process of anorexia nervosa are likely to hold an unattractive and unhealthy skin.

Precautionary steps
It has been found that people due to anorexia nervosa damages almost over all the health turning it weak and unhealthy to perform. If, you really wanted to reduce your weight, try reducing your meal by a bit amount, do not cut down or skip the meal; since, it leads to weak health. Yes, you can add daily exercise in your schedule to reduce the weight and to keep yourself healthy and fit. But starving or cutting down the meal may aid you face many health impediments. Try not to get indulged in such practice, get appropriate guidance from your doctors in case of reducing weight or keeping an optimum health fitness.

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