yogaforbreastcancerPeople suffering through breast cancer seeking a complementary therapy that assist improve their symptoms can surely depend on yoga, the ancient practice of holistic healing. Breast cancer patient requires going through surgery and needs chemotherapy medication or radiation to stop the spread of cancerous cells. After surgery and during drug treatment, patient find extremely hard to recommence their daily routine. The energy-sapping fatigue followed by anxiety and the chronic ill effects of the suggested treatment, can be provoking for a patient. However, the addition of yoga in the treatment plan has proven extremely beneficial since it has demonstrated to improve the overall well-being of patients.

Yoga is kind of an ancient exercise and originated in India about 5000 years ago. The activity involves wide range of breathing exercises, physical postures, meditation and relaxation techniques, and it has been linked with other health advantages. Several researches have proved that yoga aid to keep blood pressure under control. In addition, exercises play a dominant role in preventing adolescent mental issues.


• Eases stress:-
The disease of breast cancer keeps patient in a complete state of inner agitation. No wonder, it is a stressful situation, but engaging in a session of yoga daily will certainly help you to get over the disease. Daily attending a session of yoga will aid renovate one’s inner agitation to inner peace. Inclusion of yoga in the treatment place can be useful to reduce stress and is an excellent way to cope with emotional disturbance linked with cancer disease. The yoga makes you feel relax and offers you a feeling of calm and peace of mind.

• Promote quality of life:-
Studies have revealed that yoga assists to improve the quality of life of people affected with breast cancer. By practicing yoga, patient feels less fatigued and more energetic. Person gets more energy after performing yoga because it promotes sleep, improves mood, and eases anxiety. Plus, also helps to enhance the efficiency in tackling daily tasks. In simple words, yoga plays a key role in boosting the quality of life and improves the overall health of people going through breast cancer.

• Encourage flow of lymph:-
The several yoga postures promote circulation of lymph, a fluid that that comprises white blood cells. The lymph fluid is an imperative part of the immune system and any interference in lymph flow stimulates stagnation of toxins in the body. In short, yoga ensures appropriate flow of lymph and consequently assisting removing toxins. Hence, the augmented lymph flow boost drainage of toxins, which can also assist improve the overall well-being of people suffering through breast cancer.

• Relieves discomfort of treatment:-
Acquiring chemotherapy doses or indulging in radiation therapy is laden of innumerable side effects. According to studies, people performing yoga during the treatment become enough capable to deal with its side effects. In fact, people who have included yoga in their routine have noticed improvement in joint pain, insomnia and nausea that frequently takes place while consuming chemotherapy medications. In fact, patient who do yoga on a daily basis observe lesser ill effects. Doing yoga breathing exercises is healthy lifestyle options that can helpful people adopting chemotherapy or radiation.

• Promotes muscle movement:-
Soreness, stiffness and muscle aches are usual in people with breast cancer. Only with a daily yoga routine, people can anticipate improvement in flexibility and variety of motion. The range of yoga poses that gives priority to stretching muscles assists alleviate pain and promotes soreness in muscles. Improved muscle movement and lessen muscle tension are some of most common advantages of yoga for people suffering through breast cancer.

Other scientific proof:
Continuously practicing, postures, meditation and breathing for 3 months reduces fatigue in patient of cancer by more than half.

Inflammation, which is associated to health issues from heart disease to weakness and enhances the chances of cancer coming back, was also relieved.

One research has shown that more yoga a women will perform the larger she will notice improved energy level. The best part of yoga is it re-energizes women who have combated breast cancer.

One study suggests that something as inexpensive and calm as yoga could be of vast advantage to people with breast cancer.

According to research, women who participated in 6 week yoga program that comprised of poses, breathing techniques and medication noticed improvement in their health then women who skip the yoga session. Women who participated in the yoga session reported augmented ability to indulge in physical tasks. They were better at accomplishing their daily tasks. The capability to perform exercise like walking a mile gets improved. The participants also reported lessened fatigue, augmented energy, and less difficulty in getting sleep. In short, the overall health of women who participated in yoga was quiet good comparing to their counterparts who did not take part in yoga session.

Radiation therapy is said to be leading treatment for cancer and extreme fatigue is usual side effects of the treatment. But one research suggested that for people suffering through breast cancer having radiation therapy, yoga may fight against this ill effect by controlling sex hormones, promoting quality of life beyond treatment.

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