substance-abuseDrug abuse takes many lives all around the globe every year. Besides leading to provoke physical and mental issues, it also gives rise to several serious social and economic repercussions on an addict’s life. Substance abuse lays a several risk to the young generation. It has been noticed that several American children over the age of 12 engage in substance abuse. When people prefer drugs, it is believe that they feel an unexpected rush of energy and also experience themselves in a different world where problems fails to reach them. But, they literally ignore the fact the once become addicted to drugs, they will have to confront number of emotional, economic, social and physical complications.

There is an underlying threat of miscarriage or pregnancy complications because of substance abuse by expecting moms. The possibilities are high that infant may born prematurely and underweight. In some instances, it may even lead to infant death. Researches have revealed that drugs during maternity contribute to combined mental and physical issues in the children. It may contribute to disfiguration of the face and body in the infants. Even mothers can also significantly pass on STDs, HIV and Hepatitis infections to the infants. It has been noticed that, when these children mature, their cognitive capabilities fails to build wholly. They may go through from certain disorders like bipolar disorder, attention deficit disorder, etc. The drug is pass on to newborn child through breast milk. As a result, even for addicts, it is mandatory to evade drugs during, before and after maternity.

• Consumption of drugs enhances the heart rate and blood pressure, and narrows the blood vessels.
• It also develops risk of heart disease, heart failures and heart attacks.
• It leads to strokes, brain damage and high body temperature.
• It may also contribute to liver damage and bowel gangrene
• Substance addicts may even face cerebrovascular issues and cancer
• They also go through from irregular breathing, severe lung damage and respiratory arrest.
• People who are into drug abuse go through from loss of appetite which further contributes to unexplained weight loss.
• Seizure, loss of awareness, vomiting and nausea also takes place owing to intake of narcotic substances.
• It may also induce loss of sense of smell and issues related to nasal septum.
• It may also give rise to formation of numbness of limbs, cramping, muscle twitches tremors and arthritis.
• Drugs can change the appearance of a person significantly, and the skin seems bruised and inflamed.
• Hunger for drugs can develop unbearable abdominal pain
• Sometimes battles during drugged shock may also contribute to deadly harms.
• Fatal diseases such as STDs, AIDS and Hepatitis B and C takes place because of replace of infected syringes.
• The mixture of alcohol and certain drugs can even stimulate death.
• Substance abuse can even induce unexpected death as a result of overdose, or a gradual painful death because of side-effects.

• Drugs have worse impact on neurotransmitters in the brain which further stimulates change in moods and feelings.
• They frequently exacerbate the condition of existing mental health issues.
• Most often, drug addicts are in the primary mental state of excitement or overjoyed.
• They confront paranoia caused hallucinations and pseudo-hallucinations
• Going through from panic attacks, anxiety, depression, poor confidence and tiredness is usual.
• Feeling of temper, anxiety, agitation and wildness are also takes place owing to drug consumption.
• Frequently, drug addicts experiences vertigo and insomnia
• They demonstrate weird, confusing and unpredictable behavior.
• They observe deformed perception, confusion and absentmindedness
• Extreme emotional sensitivity can also lead to severe irritability and suicidal thoughts
• Mixed feeling of dependence, lack of involvement and extraction and often noticed in drug users.
• Exposure to drug caused violent condition of parent during their childhood can have a negative impact on the mind of the children.

• Craving not just targets the person but also destroys his family and friends.
• A narcotics addict like to leave an alone life as friends and family maintains a sufficient distance from them.
• Since they are socially dysfunctional, hence highly prefer to stay in contact with other addicts.
• They leave a dispossessed and aimless lifestyle.
• Generally substance abuse people evade taking responsibilities towards their family.
• Many times substance addict issue of a partner takes an unfavorable toll on a relationship or marriage.
• Oftentimes, it also enhance risk of domestic violence and child abuse
• Many time children of substance addicts grow up with mixed emotional issues because of negligence.
• Drug abusers take part in legal issues for their felonious and criminal behavior. Frequently, they enter into car accidents or battles which prove fateful for them and others.

• Substance abusers frequently show poor interest in education or work related task.
• Many times they lose their jobs or quit education due to poor concentration and absence.
• The persistent occurring necessity of purchasing drugs lead to financial problems
• People engage in crimes such as robbery, prostitutions, mugging and even murder to obtain drugs.
• Sometimes they even sell their home to acquire money for drugs.

Though to get rid of drug addiction is not an easy task, but it is not impossible as well. Before beginning with the treatment, the substance addicts must know that he has a problem which is extremely hazardous not only for himself but also for the people around him. Studies indicate that rehabilitation centre or support group plays a significant role among substance addicts to get over their reliance on drugs. There are lots of examples of people who have effectively quitted drugs and are now leaving a healthy and pleased life. Optimistically, knowledge about the severe consequences of drug abuse will definitely encourage people to avoid drugs and motivate many others to stay away from the addiction.

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