nopalea-juiceNopalea juice is extracted from the nopal cactus fruit. Nopalea juice is a wellness juice comprises of anti inflammatory compounds which is highly beneficial to health. This juice also made of many essential nutrients needed for the body. Nopal juice is extracted for many medicinal benefits. In early age nopal cactus was used by tribes of the desert named sonoran. From this we can clearly observe in the medical field nopal cactus holds a very high importance and a long history. Nopal cactus fruits obtained from its plant are popular for the effective property of healing and rich nutrition. Regular consumption of nopalea juice can make wonderful health benefits. Such health benefits are discussed in this section.

Nopalea is a fruit of color reddish pink which blooms only once a year. Squeeze the fruit pulp to get the nopalea juice which is a perfect health drink as it consist wide range of nutrients, antioxidants, anti inflammatory compounds which are highly beneficial to health. The juice has a natural nectar taste, pleasant taste. Such beneficial compounds are extracted carefully and stored in bottles aseptically. This extracts are usually made in North America as it contains huge nopal cactus plants in its sonoran desert. Nopalea has many potential benefits such as relieving inflammatory pain, detoxification, breathing benefits, maintains supple skin, boost up the energy in the body. Benefits are mentioned below thoroughly.

1. Inflammatory pain relief:
In today’s busy life we experience variety of health problems like pain in the joints, knees, severe muscle aches due to injuries, pain due to inflammation are the general health issues observed. To cure such health problem consume nopalea juice on regular basis, it can make wonders. Swelling in the body can be reduced drastically by having nopalea juice every day. For a life of better quality one must consume this juice.

2. Rich in antioxidants:
Nopal cactus fruit consists of natural antioxidant named betalains which highly restricts the inflammation characteristic. The juice obtained from the fruit is also of color reddish pink, which is because of the existence of the pink pigment betalain. Till date there are 24 varieties of betalains are discovered. All type of betalains are available in juice only. Betalains acts best in the reduction of unwanted cholesterol, cures the blood clots. Along with antioxidants this juice comprises of building blocks of nutrients nothing but 18 amino acids, rich vitamin B, and bioactive phytonutrients.

3. Best Detoxifier:
Toxic elements from the body can be eliminated by regularly drinking nopalea juice. Toxins existing in the cellular level can also be easily eliminated with the help of nopalea juice. The best quality of this juice is its very best working even at the cellular level. Detoxification of organs of body such as kidney, liver, urinary tract is done by the bio flavanoids which is a very important nutrient in the juice. Detoxification process brings back the very healthy status of the body cells and it can also resolve many health problems. Nopalea juice is used to treat chronic swelling. This juice does not show any adverse effects of any toxins as it neutralizes the toxins entered into the body.

4. Offer healthy and supple skin:
It helps reducing aging of skin as this drink consists of high antioxidants. Wrinkles and sagging can be reduced drastically by regularly consuming nopalea juice. Skin appearance will be improved and skin looks supple and healthy. To look young with glowing skin one must include nopalea juice to their diets.

5. Supports respiratory function:
Nopalea juice has a property of anti inflammation which helps in resolving respiratory problems caused due to swelling problems like asthma, allergies due to seasonal change.

Allergies caused because of variation in seasonal inflammation the respiratory tract which can be relieved by this juice. In Asthma conditions in and out easy air flow is improved.

6. Energy levels boost up:
Drop of energy level shows the residence of the toxic substances in the body. To rise up the energy in the body detoxification is mandatory. For the detoxification and energy boost up consumption of nopalea juice is beneficial.

What research says about nopalea juice:
According to the research the compounds which acts for anti inflammation restricts the C – reactive protein presence in blood which flowing all over the body. C-reactive protein influences the swelling. Percentage of CRP protein shows the range of inflammation in the body. Fluid Supplements supports the restriction of inflammation. Regular intake of nopalea juice shows considerable reduction in CRP percentage. Nopalea health drink shows very positive benefits and Researchers says the people who took it daily experienced elevated health improvements like reduced respiratory problems, diminished joint pains during the mornings, younger looks in the skin, relieved muscle ache.

In the beginning regular consumption of nopalea juice of 90-180 ml, one can experience health improvements, stress will be relieved, better stamina. Later one can reduce to 30-90ml for the nutrition balance. Antioxidants present in the juice builds up strong immunity power in the body to fight against illness. Nopalea fruits are raw edible, used in manufacturing of jellies and candies, milk shakes, desserts and pies. Nopalea juices are widely available in the market so anyone can get it easily. Say goodbye to carbonated, caffeinated drinks by replacing them with healthy energetic nopalea juice.

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