heart-attackHeart wants sufficient quantity of oxygen to run smoothly, and this oxygen is furnished through the blood that moves through the coronary arteries to the heart muscle. Owing to factors such as obesity, elevated cholesterol, diabetes, etc., a content named plaque which may comprises deposits of fat or cholesterol gets collected inside the walls of the coronary arteries. This leads to inspissating of the arteries, and as the deposits inspissate, the passage pegs down. Afterword, there are possibilities that the plaque deposit may break, leading into the development of a blood clot. If this goes on, the blood flow is cut down and the tissue of the heart muscle where the blood is fails to reach, may commence to die. In addition, there are possibilities that the blood clot may wholly avert the heart from achieving the oxygen rich blood. This is the leading reason behind emergence of heart attack.

Heart attack is the reason behind largest number of deaths in United States. And, the symptoms are not similar to those demonstrated in movies and television. In reality, majority of people do not observe the one symptom that for most of us is the image of a heart attack that is chest pain.

According to studies, majority of men after the age of 45 become susceptible to heart attack. Women after age of 50 and mostly after menopause are also at higher risk of suffering through heart attack. However, heart attack can even takes place at a young age. Health experts believe that you should not retard looking medical help at any cost. Delay will only cut down the possibilities of your survival as each minute goes by.

1. Uneasiness or pain in the chest:-
No doubt, some people confront pain in chest during a heart attack. In fact, it has been noticed that in most of instances, a heart attack commences with a minor uneasiness, which may come, continue for a minutes, and then vanish. The discomfort is highly noticed in the middle of the chest, and many people incline to overlook it, considering that cause of upset stomach or anxiety. Conversely, in some people, this uneasiness is also came with a squeezing feeling, fullness, burden, and chest pain, which may be minor or stern in nature.

2. Stomach pain:-
Another usual pain that men may notice is that of pain in the stomach. But most people take this symptom lightly and often evade taking medical assistance instantly. During a heart attack, the burden that is formulating in the chest is led down to the upper abdomen, stimulating abdominal pain. It may also come with stomachache. Most people inclined to confuse this symptom with heartburn or acidity.

3. Breathing issues:
Shortness of breath could be viewed as one of the first indication of a heart attack, which may be noticed even before any other uneasiness like chest pain takes place in your body. You may observe yourself breathless, trying to breathe in intensely, and yet finding it very hard to breathe. This goes on as a result of inadequate supply of blood to the heart owing to obstruction of coronary arteries.

4. Pain in the upper body:-
Facing pain in neck, teeth, jaw, arms and back area appears to be a usual happening. People very easily neglect these symptoms and make them a piece of everyday life. These are thought to be very normal symptoms related with a heart attack. It is sometimes experience that there is no pain in chest, but a troublesome pain in these regions of the body.

5. Drowsiness, sweating, nausea:-
Another most ordinary sign is sweating. One may confront cold sweats, making the skin sticky. The sensation of wooziness, vomiting, and nausea may be noticed as well. Some people also undergo giddiness to a point where they experience they might pale the next moment.

6. Feeling anxious:-
Many people experienced anxious feeling during a heart attack, as if they were suffering through a panic attack. However, it is suggested by doctors that on onset of h heart attack, the person should calm down and keep their activities to a least. When you live in a period where heart attack occurs, the most usual cause responsible for deaths, it is essential to teach yourselves in so far as you can. A heart attack can take place without any notice, or may not have sensed the warning symptoms to be related with it. As a result, health experts advice that even if you are uncertain of the symptoms, if it is a heart attack, heartburn or anxiety, it is wise to look for medical help in any occurrence.

The foremost step must be to call 9-1-1. If someone is with you, then notify them that you think experiencing a heart attack and tell them to take you to the hospital as early as possible. In case if you are alone, ensure that you keep yourself stress free and relax. If there is aspirin with you and you are not sensitive to it then chew on it well till you don’t get medical assistance. In addition, you need to keep your heart calm as much as possible. Also, stay away from driving yourself while going to the hospital. If possible keep it as the final option.

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